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  1. Game crash

    I will say that after the hot fix I’m crashing once every other game or so, and really have had no crashing problems since the first month of release (not sure what patch it was but after early Januaryish I had no/minimal crashing). It’s frustrating but not game breaking for me. Usually get back in without dying.
  2. Post-a-Clip

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iTTz A Trap/video/45888999 decent team wipe

    No. Do it like everyone else. Wall Hack.
  4. Thats it....

    1600 games with 787 kills and 3 wins...I would read that book on gitting gud again. <3
  5. Remove Friendly Fire.

    For the love of God just have better communication with your teammates and for the guys that squad with randoms, stop squashing with randoms. There, problem fixed. Really not sure how the hell people think that changing a core aspect of a game is the first step that can be taken to fix something they don’t like. If you don’t want friendly fire play Fortnite.
  6. No Release date, go back to your PS4 and wait patiently.
  7. 3 man squad only

    No. Can’t handle yourself in Squads with only 3 guys? Probably need to not play a man down then.
  8. GT 1: iTTz a Trap GT 2: ElaboratexxRuse Not phenomenal but pretty decent and can usually hold my own unless I have major desyncs like last night *cough* NA Server.
  9. Quieter game after recent updates?

    I thought everything was a bit low tonight while playing. Glad to know it’s not just me.
  10. Something else broken

    There was no point. Can’t compare two unlike things.
  11. Something else broken

    So what you’re saying is.......no you don’t code. Don’t compare coding to an electrician that works on your plumbing
  12. Something else broken

    Do you even code bro?
  13. Fix FPS dev team

    I’m sure that’s the last thing on their list of “things to fix”