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  1. Perry1015

    Parachute distance

    Yall ruined squads for everyone. We now all have to drop right in the flight path. Please fix
  2. Perry1015

    Parachute distance

    Squads isnt even fun because yall ruined the parachuting. Ive no longer found the will to play squads anymore. Please fix, back to normal?
  3. Perry1015


    FPP is not recording my wins, kills, time played; nothing
  4. Perry1015

    Help streaming

    What camera should i get to stream on my xbox1 X? Cheaper the better comment below thanks!
  5. Perry1015


    I know that.. lol
  6. Perry1015


    The white cross hairs make them darker or let us customize the color for xbox1. Cant see them in the sun