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  1. Took a month off from this game, just played it today again hoping for some improvements in game play NOPE!! Same O`l shit, probably worse actually. This game will always be a P.O.S. as long as they allow latency mismatches at a wide range. Capping it would help but that will never happen. If they would add some new servers that were region locked and a choice to play normal servers as is or a region lock server just to give it try I think there would be a great improvement in game play on the region locked servers.
  2. LoL nope been playing since early access. It very`s sometimes Tuesday sometimes Wednesday. .
  3. It's the same time every week.. get used to. I call B.S. on that...
  4. Lagtastic.. Lets worry about the game play and quality of play before any more B.S. tournaments. Banners and all they other crap shit ideas you come up with before fixing this P.O.S game. I don`t think you are capable of it Blue Hole..
  5. Damian777

    Why are you so Incompetent

    Well Said.................
  6. Damian777

    Invisible Parachutes

    Been on that boat quite often. That has happen from the release of this seemingly unfixable game. Lots of kinda sorta partial fixes with shiny names and new content with ways to extort more money have been released .. But I still love to aggravate myself with this game when she runs clean I just think they went the the wrong studio to develop it.
  7. Damian777

    Frequent server lag

    Same Here,, game still has not improved much at all over the last year. Lag spikes. not being able to open doors until about the 4th try, getting 2 feet from someone and the game goes all herky jerky, teleporting past doors , not being able to pick up shit the 1st attempt and getting knocked down 6 feet into a room around the corner well out sight of the shooter from my end.. but yet I still seem to play this aggravating some of a %U%*(.........................I need my head checked I guess. They just cant seem to get it together.
  8. Damian777

    Lagging PUBG

    No improvement here either. Same crap as always but lag is worse since update.
  9. Damian777

    "Servers too busy" after update 1 #3

    Servers are updating
  10. Damian777

    Servers are too busy, please try again later

    It`s update time they are all down
  11. Damian777


    Same problem here..cant matchmake.. But I always say 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards seems to fit better on the Bluehole gang to me... ..
  12. I agree! Fix the current issues before adding more crap that usually messes things up even more. New ideas are great but if you cant figure out the screwed up crap and add a fix after 6 months of the same issue why add more screwed up crap. I know lets add this and lets add that !!! WTF !! Fix what ya got first.. 1 step forward 2 steps back. Off topic but Anybody need a ball cap? I got like 20 of them.. Crates seem to be joke I can BP buy 6 crates back to back all at once and get 4 ball caps and 2 gray tank tops. That`s a fair amount of time played to receive crap every time.
  13. Well the reinstall got me out of the error code for now. Good thing I got 500 mbps DL or this could get old fast.
  14. So the test server must be a joke.. Patch has clearly caused this problem. Took no time at all for it to totally shut the game down for me. Played like 4 or 5 rounds then it started freeze ups, restarts and now won`t even load game. Same error as everyone else. Trying reinstall for the heck of it.
  15. Yep same here, but now my game will not even start. Goes to that error when loading the POS game. Just about ready to put this one in the waste of money bin.