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  1. fps drops

    Same here,,,,,,,,,, Blue Hole at work for your gaming enjoyment.
  2. fps drops since tonights update

    No Guys,,,,,,,,,,,, This is an improvement just read!!!!!!!!! It`s just another update that had time in the test servers and they just throw it at us for our enjoyment! Players,With this patch, we are bringing various optimizations to our server and client. We have mitigated lag and stutter instances and alleviated frame drop and lag occurrences happening when players are pushed together, starting from the second half of a match, or in dynamic situations, like intense firefights. This has allowed for a smoother environment to play in, than before.
  3. Same here,, I`d say another successful Blue Hole update..
  4. I`d like to see the game work better period and less hackers please. Ping prioritizing helped but was not the cure all for early map lag issues. Personally I`m getting tried of shooting at people that are not where they seem. Trying to pick items up 3 or 4 times at the start really sucks ass. Upgrade your servers and Fix what ya got 1st Blue Hole
  5. Can someone explain this to me?

    At the end there you can see his helmet looked glitched into the floor???? wierd
  6. So.. ping matchmaking

    Our groups game play was vastly improved. Best update so far. Alot less frustrating for damned sure.
  7. Is that normal?

    Gosh yes... Hours of playing... SKILLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  8. Is that normal?

    It looked like a normal day on PUBG to me.
  9. Lagging PUBG

    No improvement here either. Same crap as always but lag is worse since update.
  10. Horrible

    Fix???? slight improvements maybe.
  11. Crossbows

    I know lets add knives add throw them 200 yards with no drop wtf... stupid fucks never shot one in the lives
  12. Crossbows

    As far as I`m concerned the crossbow blows ass and needs completely taken out of the game.
  13. "Servers too busy" after update 1 #3

    Servers are updating
  14. Servers are too busy, please try again later

    It`s update time they are all down