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  1. These stupid things are death traps I do my best to avoid them. last night driving on a paved Road then all of a sudden I'm flying 100 feet through the air.
  2. Players team killing for loot

    Killing your teammate should put you on everyone's radar for the remainder of the round. Problem solved.
  3. Future GameModes

    Custom game modes is all I want, where you can customize your game how you want like take out certain weapons or vehicles, or change the speed and damage of the blue zone, or disable jumping or going prone, or turn on anti gravity, lol.
  4. Patch #10 Map marker doesn't move in Plane

    I've noticed the same thing this should be posted in the bugs section
  5. Throwing rocks for disractions

    I like it! but you would have to be able to find the Rocks as loot.

    That's the point!
  7. Got stupid lucky or did I

    Yup, my very first chicken dinner, dropped in at Mylta and stayed their the whole time, got 3 kills and hid in a shack till the last 3 died in circle.
  8. Is part of it because we get to play as the game is being created?
  9. Footsteps

    Really? I've got some good headphones and only notice it every once in a while, and when theirs an enemy nearby, I'm smart enough to distinguish the two..
  10. Xbox controller has been disconnected.

    I get the same thing, happens at random, and sometimes after it happens I can't hear my squad or any sound and my squad can't hear me either, I have to do a hard reset just to fix it everytime.
  11. Can’t aim down sights

    Perhaps you have to switch back to type b aiming in the settings, I also had to do this.
  12. So low loot

    Did you create an account just to tell us you can't find any weapons?
  13. What’s new ?

    Read the patch notes.
  14. What’s new ?

    Go away
  15. Has the damage taken from vehicles been noticeably reduced or what? Still working, still wondering