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  1. WorldSkill412


    lmao yeah what is with that? Why does this happen every single time?
  2. WorldSkill412


    Sanhok tonight? Please tell.
  3. WorldSkill412

    More clothes please

    We need more underwear!
  4. WorldSkill412


    Just wish they had a middle finger emote
  5. If I'm the last one alive early game what I do is grab a vehicle and drive it through popular areas until someone shoots at me then I'll hop out and try to kill them, I usually don't last too long lol
  6. WorldSkill412


    Camo Undies Ftw!
  7. WorldSkill412


    Forget the bloody sneakers! I want bloody underwear! lol but it would be nice to have different choices for underwear for those of us that like to run around half naked. Any thoughts?
  8. WorldSkill412

    Rocket Launchers

    Only time will tell, I sure hope they don't add rocket launchers.
  9. WorldSkill412

    Rocket Launchers

    I thought nothing happens when you fire the flare gun down, only when you shoot it up in the air?
  10. WorldSkill412

    Rocket Launchers

    Is it just me or in that new video that got posted today at E3 was there rocket launchers being shot around? Can somebody confirm this?
  11. Also in the video was it just me or did I see a rocket launcher get fired off?
  12. WorldSkill412

    Excessive queue time's

    Mtn time Between 8:00 pm-2:00 am North America Usually 1 minute 30 seconds queue.
  13. How come after every two to three matches one of my team has to restart their game which means everybody in the squad also has to restart their game in order for anything to work?
  14. WorldSkill412

    Why are they removing buildings?

    They should remove all the buildings you can't enter in miramar.
  15. I sure as hell wouldn't. And I bet the majority doesn't either.