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  1. People like you amuse me, it's not how many times you shoot the person, it's what type of gun and ammo your using.
  2. WorldSkill412

    Getting Naked and Teaming

    Did any of them have afros?
  3. WorldSkill412

    New Cosmetics?

    I'm still rocking my afro and underwear since day one lol, I still like unlocking new cosmetics.
  4. WorldSkill412

    That's It I'm Done! Game Over Everyone!

    My whole team was with me shooting the a hole and he never diverted from shooting me, getting himself killed by my team in the process, what pisses me off was he still had his whole team also.
  5. Usually if someone downs and kills one of my teammates, I will do whatever it takes to down and kill one of yours, even if it means getting myself killed, but tonight on two separate occasions I down someone's teammate and leave him for a chance too live, then I get downed and as my teammate is shooting the guy that downed me he just keeps shooting and kills me getting himself killed. From here on out I am going to train myself to down and kill every person I see without hesitation.
  6. WorldSkill412

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    I thought their would be more customization features like what type of weapons spawn in the game, vehicles or no, stuff like that?
  7. WorldSkill412

    Pubg free on Ms Store right now

    Proof? Source? Fake?
  8. WorldSkill412

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    These event modes are great and all but it would be awesome if you guys could add a scoreboard showing how many kills each teamate got or something like that.
  9. WorldSkill412


    Git gud. And no, I'm not a camper
  10. WorldSkill412

    How is TPP competitive?

    Tpp has its own challenges, coming from a person who came from gears of war. After playing this game for 8 months I find Fpp to be very disorienting.
  11. WorldSkill412

    Follow the example of Rockstar!

    Learn too read I never said that
  12. WorldSkill412

    Follow the example of Rockstar!

    All I know is this latest update has been the smoothest update yet, I am more than happy. The only thing I'm upset about is not being able to blame the game everytime I die and realize I got outplayed, before I was blaming it on lag and dysync but I rarely see that anymore! :p
  13. WorldSkill412

    Missions coming back soon?

    If they brought back missions, I would complete them.
  14. WorldSkill412


    Servers are up.