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  1. WorldSkill412

    Blue Zone Changes

    Would be cool to see different types of blue zone, maybe a red zone that closes in representing fire instead of shock, or on a more extreme level maybe the blue zone is ice/freezing and will slow you down, and their can be a green zone that will poison you depending how long your in it and so on. Any thoughts?
  2. WorldSkill412

    Finally got to play PTS

    Fixed the ADS bug, finally, but rendering is still crap and lag/desync is horrendous. Other then that all is well... I play on a wired connection xbox 1 x
  3. YES! Considering they obviously don't play their own game...
  4. WorldSkill412

    Magician's Challenge

    I offer you The Magician's Challenge, Collect nothing but smoke grenades and health and try to win the game :p I have not tried this yet, just something that popped in my head.
  5. WorldSkill412

    What guns do you use in the final circle

    Crossbow, because it's silent and deadly.
  6. WorldSkill412

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I immediately turned the game off, freaking ridiculous, devs should be embarrassed.
  7. The ADS is gamebreaking! That and the rendering is terrible! And the Lag is terrible! If the devs just played the game for 2 minutes they could realize these issues and fix it before releasing it to us and relying on us to help them fix it, i feel that we should be getting paid to do their job for them! this crap is getting old!
  8. WorldSkill412

    Bullet Penetration through light materials

    You can shoot through doors.
  9. WorldSkill412

    No PTS Notes/details for this weekend?

    Nothing yet.!.!.
  10. WorldSkill412

    Red Zone Should Be...

    Haha you would be doomed if this were the case then lol
  11. WorldSkill412

    Red Zone Should Be...

    ONE BIG BOOM! I know this would screw a lot of people over but it would be funny :p
  12. While running and then strafing left or right brings my character to a standstill... Basically if I'm running and then start getting shot at I bring my left stick to the left or right to quickly get behind cover and my character comes to a stop for some reason, this also happens when I'm trying to loot a building, I run up some stairs or down a hallway and I try to strafe quickly through a doorway or down another hall and my character comes to a stop unless I face my camera straight forward I can start moving again. This issue has caused me to die several times in the 5 games I've played, please fix asap!
  13. WorldSkill412

    Hotfix drop times?

    I agree, this to me is a gamebreaking issue yet they fix everything else first! I don't get it.
  14. WorldSkill412

    Hotfix drop times?

    Didn't they promised us a solution for the desync with this hotfix? Or is that coming later this week?
  15. WorldSkill412

    Jump Crouch

    Will they ever be implementing this feature?