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  1. XmasTeaTowel

    Training mode. Kills idea

    What was said in my OP would in turn be better training sim. As you could have meaningful engagements with other players, without anyone dying, or influencing what you want to do. A simple graphic to say you WOULD have killed the player. With a 30 sec health cycle. K.
  2. XmasTeaTowel

    Training mode. Kills idea

    It's big enough to go and do/train as you wish. You know what it's not big enough for? Your superior killjoy attitude...
  3. The training mode is pretty neat. And I get why you can't kill people... But What if the health reset every 30 secs..... And there was a harmless indicator that you killed another player. So you don't actually die, letting you enjoy the training ground as you wish... But if you hit the 1% health as it is currently, instead of just remaining on this health, CONFETTI shot out of your helmet (or similar indicator) that you have ( or would've been) killed if in a real game. Would make a shoot out with another player SOOOO much more worthwhile. 30 secs... Health reset all, go again. It would simulate a sniper fight, running someone over, CQC, everything. Kill them in that 30 secs window and 'poooof' confetti head + accompanied sound. Just a thought. Then if my head pooped just before your head... We would know who one that engagement. You could even have it so the popped head/dead player kept oozing confetti and is unable to do damage until the 30 sec timer cycles. Would be great fun having repeated battles against players.
  4. If it's on the OG/S it's because of low framerate after playing a higher framerate rate game.... If it's on the X1X - it is DEFINITELY because they REMOVED MOTION BLUR in the last patch (when they downgraded the textures/lighting etc) Motion blur isn't what's giving you a headache... Its because it's absent. With 60fps it's not needed. With 30(sub30)fps games it helps a lot. Motion blur was, and always had been active since launch. It helps smooth the panning motion on 30fps content. Without it, depending on your display (if it's not a gaming monitor with freesync your screwd) you are now experiencing JUDDER. Every time you move the camera... JUDDER. Before it was only distant scenery. NOW it's every freaking pixel on the screen. If you don't understand judder, it's the effect that happens when the tv/display shows both the current frame and has a hangover image of the previous frame. This is what you are seeing. Only on every tree, fence, player, car, wall, piece of grass. GHOST IMAGES when something moves. Judder. And if you aren't noticing it directly. Your brain is = nauseating. Just pan slowly left/right in the game. Watch a tree trunk. And then accept that the game is unplayable until either Motion blur is added back or hope performance mode has higher frames. Note : this doesn't effect 100% of people. Some players literally don't notice it. And if you just focus on your crosshair, you can ignore it. But for some.... (like me) The brain can't ignore it, and makes it unplayable.
  5. XmasTeaTowel

    Pts Performance mode

    This is common knowledge. If you turn interpolation on, the tv needs to insert frames in between the native frames to create motion flow. Some 2018 tvs have 'game motion plus' or similar which add the effect with very minimal input lag, but these just create artifacts on screen... As a rule. Motion interpolation on a TV while playing games should always be OFF. This is why, if you put your tv in game mode, you are simply unable to enable motion flo. Because it takes up tv cpu resources = input lag. Not to be confused with 'motion blur' which is on the game/client side. This just blurs moving pixels to help judder (which pubg disabled the X1X last patch and now all motion is nauseating) If you want 'proof'... There's plenty of info on the net, because it applies to every TV. If you have a recent TV, search it on rtings.com But since.... Arh. Never mind. Here. Look at this. This is my tv. A ln LG C7 OLED. With interpolation/tru motion ON, input lag increases significantly.
  6. .... Its not a lock. Its a soft lock. Looks and matches nearby players. If nothing, then expands. Its not a debate... Its being implemented in November. The only absurd thing is this post. A more constructive thread would be debating whether pubg corp can implement a successful algorithm for this. The rate at which a server is disbanded, the wait time before players search is expanded, the logic in which high ping players are kept together before merging with low ping players on an oor server.
  7. XmasTeaTowel

    Pts Performance mode

    A deliberate stunt to one x performance is the biggest load of steam pile ive ever heard. They are trying to keep the game looking as good as possible on the X. They can't optimise very we'll for console. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. When the game was in early days... It ran lower textures, and worse aa, and different lighting. Then as they found optimisations elsewhere, these graphical features were turned up. As 30 fps was all the target ever was. Did they over compensate? Yes. Did performance drop? Yes. Was it deliberate to stay in line with the OG/S? Hahahahhaha no. Should this game be 4k? No. The game is cpu heavy. The X1X strength is not its cpu, its gpu. CabbgeG corp cant optimise for the console very well. And MSFT keep pushing this un needed 4k agenda. These are the reasons for bad performance. Its not a parity issue. And your conspiracy theory is just that. ... A cooker thought.
  8. XmasTeaTowel

    39 people matches?

    Event mode/Sanhok/pts/ all make a normal 99 Erangel solo match a struggle..... It's like theres event or Sanhok sqauds only. Everyone would loathe it, but this game should have seasonal maps. 1 and only 1 map that changes every 6 weeks. (2 summer, 2 autumn, 2 winter, 2 spring) It would do wonders for matchmaking. (and piss everyone off sure) but the more maps they release... The more 30 player games become the norm.
  9. XmasTeaTowel

    Pts Performance mode

    Yeah I want this big time. Also. Both schedule for November... So why not BOTH tested for PTS in OCT. Roll out your dodgy code! Never stopped you before pubg corp... Send it!
  10. XmasTeaTowel

    Pts Performance mode

    If you use Aim Acceleration.... Turn it OFF! it's active at 50% stick input. This is disgusting. Aim acceleration should only be used to turn around fast at 100%input. If you already have it off. Or use it because sensitivity 10 is too slow... . Wait for pts settings to go live, can set sensitivity up to 20, then you should be able to be fast enough without AA. Input lag, Just some obvious points incase anyone is unaware. On a new TV, look for game mode or pc mode. This will remove all post processing and give lower input lag. NEVER play with motionflo/trumotion/dejudder etc ON. This will send your input lag thru the roof
  11. Next pts should ve something that actually needs testing and feedback. Forget content. We need/want performance mode on the X on the PTS. We want to suggest options that should be available. We want to see proof that you can code for the X. We want to TEST something on the TEST server. Next pts please.
  12. XmasTeaTowel

    Crossplay? Why not?

    The two versions will never be the same. Ability to push updates whenever on PC and via cert on console is enough to make this untenable. Fortshite + new Sony ceo + player pressure has led to crossplay for them. Rocket league is pushing the same agenda hard as its always been a goal for them. Minecraft crossplay with sony hgas always been on the table. Hopefully within a year or two console crossplay becomes the norm. BR games are the perfect candidates
  13. XmasTeaTowel

    Crossplay? Why not?

    Xbox crossplay with PlayStation would be more worthwhile. Controller v Controller. Would help matchmaking times and low pop areas. Hopefully next year, Sony sees a release. And pubg sees crossplay
  14. XmasTeaTowel

    Oceania Server?

    Solo is dead. Player numbers, plus player hate, plus players playing out of region because couldn't be bothered waiting. You can play squads each night between 6 and 10pm. That's about it. This weekend there's pts (it's shit I'm on it now, hitching, play doh while driving again 1X) So there will be less players in Main client again. Play squads/1/2 man squads. Sanhok. You'll find a game. Other than that... Wait for Novembers region ping /soft/Lock. That will help. But now it needs to whether the read dead 2 storm, and blackout storm (fuk that games boring porridge shit) OCE, November, +performance update... Maybe we can have a solo match again.
  15. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS (When can we download client?)

    It's been up for hours. You can always preload it. And then like now... Once it goes live (server connects) No one is online because no one cares anymore.