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  1. The ability to hit the broad side of a barn
  2. Dreamcleaner

    War Mode

    Did I see that right in the trailer? Are we getting it, or is just PC?
  3. Dreamcleaner

    Worst time you crashed?

    Oh this one, not sure how many left, but getting to end game. Duos. Driving to the blue, drove thru the circle back into the blue. My duo partner giving me running commentary. "you made it! You're in the circle. I'm trying to block you, oh no, you drove into the blue" I died.
  4. Dreamcleaner

    Worst time you crashed?

    This, and I knew where the other two were. https://gameclipscontent-d3004.xboxlive.com/xuid-2535435071770432-private/4126c4a1-5619-4ae9-bea0-9d2a04790f87.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=f246Tmhart3DFTVDSsZmv0bcOdcANkdh64TcVXdcnbc%3D&__gda__=1528291419_3e3bd1f0efe88d15609a4c7c676189ac
  5. Dreamcleaner


    lmao, happened yesterday, I had a pistol 8 bullets and a frag. Guy was chasing me, would not give up, I shot at him a couple of times, no more bullets. As he went to loot my pitiful pistol BOOM. Petty revenge
  6. Dreamcleaner


    I've got to ask, with the sarcasm, where you born knowing all the tips and tricks? Or did someone tell you?
  7. Dreamcleaner


    I might have worded it a little differently, but, yeah, was disappointed by some of the responses. Thank goodness most are polite and helpful
  8. Dreamcleaner


    Right! I'm still being shot at before buildings render on Miramar more often than not. Erangel is now not rendering either. Weird thing is, I land Georgepool and I see buildings in the distance, hospital, but nothing in the town
  9. Dreamcleaner

    So I was just reported for...

    BTW, impressive. I could watch that several times
  10. Dreamcleaner

    So I was just reported for...

    So I checked mine. 4Xs I've been called a cheater. Me?! Prob. one of the worst players in the game. I would love to know why
  11. H'uh, I get it I do. But I would have thought 'fan' meant enjoying the play
  12. Yup. Landed Georgpol, and got this, other buildings weren't there at all. (xbox1) To reset you just turn it off at the console?
  13. Dreamcleaner

    M16 burst firing issues

    They seem to work fine when ppl shoot me.
  14. I've got to go with Proximitty as well
  15. Dreamcleaner


    Here's the problem. Xbox one release Nov. 2013 @ price $499 Xbox one s came out 2016 $499 before dropping to $299. Xbox 1X came out a few months ago @ price $599. I don't know about anyone else but $1500 in 5 years is alot of money to game. *note* one year between 1S and 1X, 1X will be outdated in another 2 years if not sooner. Most people point blank, cannot afford to upgrade like that. IMHO cost of and speed of new tech, should be considered, and games be playable on systems that really aren't that old.