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  1. I like war mode, so not sure 'majority' is correct. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many people complaining about BR games not being full
  2. Dreamcleaner

    How many hours a day do you play PUBG?

    Too funny, I kinda feel the same about his family
  3. Dreamcleaner

    How many hours a day do you play PUBG?

    My advice, opposite, cause if you spend all your time playing games.......you won't have a house, job, partner, kids. At 50, no one is going to tell stories about the time they had a 15 kill chicken dinner
  4. Dreamcleaner

    How many hours a day do you play PUBG?

    Ok sorry, but I have to say, this sounds seriously unhealthy for a lot of you. Not that I haven't done 12 hrs in a day, not that I don't love this game. It's about the only one I've played all year. Read a book, take a walk, talk to a real person
  5. Dreamcleaner

    How many hours a day do you play PUBG?

    Holy sh*t!
  6. First game I played was great. Nearly everyone talked, call outs revives, I'm a lousy shot but I still got 3 kills and several DNO from a distance. Won before the time was up. Only one other game I played did anybody work together, was a kid, we stuck together revived each other. Other games crawled behind a fence beside a team mate......he ran off and left me to die. I mean how hard is it to talk? Yes, I know, not everyone has a mic, but I just don't believe a hundred people don't. I like War but found it frustrating.
  7. Dreamcleaner

    My Playing Style

    lmao, but shouldn't he be running around in a duster and underwear?
  8. Dreamcleaner

    Event Mode Hype!!!!

    Well, I'm excited. I play as a survival game. I do some hotdrops to try and improve my aim which is horrible, so I figure this is a good way to improve my killing, or dying as the case may be.
  9. Dreamcleaner

    Play FPP or TPP... Why?

    I think this is probably an accurate statement. In the excitement of getting the game, I just started hitting buttons. As you know it defaults TPP. When the game started I thought "weird, it's not FPP" That's how I started and it now feels most comfortable to me. I do switch it up sometimes. But FPP seems kinda weird to me, I feel way to close to the ground. I do think it becomes what you get used to. I can't imagine COD/Battlefield etc or dying light in TPP, and God of War would be strange in FPP. We are creatures of habit, we sit in the same place, drive to work the same way, play a game the same way. Just my thoughts
  10. Dreamcleaner

    Temporary Bans For Rage Quitting

    I'm going to say depends on situation. No mic.....massive d*ck... quit. How far into the game? Is it a good rapport? Want to play with them again? Also, I think it's just kinda rude to bail at/after a certain point.
  11. Dreamcleaner

    Anyone else NOT got a Solo win?

    I've got one, but only because the other 2 committed suicide. It's nice not being the only one lol. I'm hoping war mode will help my aim
  12. Dreamcleaner

    Today’s 1.0 Maintenance

    I'm in the same time zone as you. Don't have it
  13. pfft, solo never killed anyone,......oh wait
  14. Dreamcleaner


    I just skimmed through the announcements (again). Does anyone know if the training/practice section will be in 1.0?
  15. I've always felt I belonged at Hogwarts (would have to use anti aging potion). And I think I've proved it. I've been getting pretty brutal loadouts lately, so I changed my GT to "Accio Gun" (for you heathens, Accio is the summoning charm). Boy, I had incredible loadouts all day yesterday, where I would stand over a gun, "do I want that one?" "I really don't need to keep all these scopes" "I can drop all these attachments, my guns are loaded" Oh, I still died, but ppl looting my body would have been happy dancing. Damn, just realized, I should have gone with Accio Chicken