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  1. Thorello

    Terrible Game

    arguing with you and ppl like you is just pointless bye kiddo
  2. Thorello

    Terrible Game

    the fanboy train is awesome
  3. take a look here and be amazed.....
  4. it will never be addressed because they have no idea how to fix this game, make peace with it this game is broken and beyond any chance of being fixed
  5. i feel you man....this shitty game has gone from bad to really terrible in less than a year. nothing work as it is supposed to work, basically is a major failure under every aspect, everything they implement it's broken or just doesn't work properly.
  6. Thorello

    Thanos Snap in Pubg

    arguing with a fanboy is just pointless bye kiddo
  7. Thorello

    Thanos Snap in Pubg

    the game is already dead, 1.0 was the final blow
  8. Thorello

    Why does pubg auto correct my region?

    because this game is a gigantic pile of trash
  9. Thorello


    the state of the game is the same since day one.... shit
  10. it would be nice but i don't trust them anymore...we have a game that need seconds to fully renderize weapon skins in the skin preview section and this should give you a good measure on how this game is broken
  11. Thorello

    Game is still running fantastic

    don't worry the will look in to this and into that.....achieving nothing as always
  12. c'mon guys just tale a look at the jokes Weekly Post.... Lost Connection to Host: we're very sorry, with our incompetence we created this annoying and very frustrating situation wich we're trying to fix for a long time now but we're just uncapable....don't worry we'll fix it...... eventually! Desync: weìre looking into this, we're looking in to that... as stated before in another post full of jokes we will do this and do that....in the meantime we're still investiganting the problem a we're still finding shit Xbox One X Performance: the X sucks! everybody knows that! we're exclusive to XBOX and especially enached for the X but we're incredible devs! we managed to fuck up the game on the rig where it was supposed to be enhanched! but don't worry...we're looking into this and into that and for this month keep sucking....maybe in november we'll deploy somethig to fix this and to screw something else! October PTS Update: since we're uncapable of doing something right we managed to screw the deploying of PTS and we're postponing it....in the meanwhile keep buying g-coins, thank you! Weapon Skins: we steal you money with this and we're keeping it working the best we can!!!! fuckin A!!!!!
  13. Thorello

    COD vs. PUBG

    as brutusbr said...cod works pretty decently, PUBG has always been shitty and after 1 year is still pathetic
  14. Thorello

    COD vs. PUBG

    it's your opinion and i respect that man, but despite personal taste COD beta was a decent experience without major problems offering a game running smooth 99% of the time and 1000 times better than PUBG (after a year of "developing")
  15. Thorello

    COD vs. PUBG

    yeah with absolutely unrealistic gunfights granted by a nice touch of desync and inconsistent hit detection pubg on console is always been crappy but transitioning to 1.0 made everything way worse