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  1. Thorello

    Best headset for PUBG

    i had the Astro A40 and now A50 great sound quality for both, before these i had turtle beach (don't remember wich one but priced around 100-120€) not bad bad sound quality was way worse than astro. wich preset do u use on pubg?
  2. Thorello

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    well man i got a warning due to a joke about dildos against a guy accusing me of using m&k....
  3. Thorello

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    not a problem...we'll play for 1 month with a broken live version with the usual hotfix for the hotfix that screwed the hotfix that screwed the hotfix...
  4. Thorello

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    same for me fix it pls, show some dedication to us sometimes....we're dealing with your bugs and poor choices for months and we deserve a little more respect.
  5. pure gospel my friend, pushing live a broken test environment wich force ppl to play in a completly different way as they used to and claiming "we'll fix later....or sooner....maybe" hahahahahaha so ridicolous
  6. considering that PTS is already broken for Type-B players (i think the vast majority of players base) they suggest to play type-a cause they'll fix it on official release......
  7. ok ok... btw i use an elite controller devs stated that the new movement system will allow a wider range of movement...it's just not true and it works worse after last hotfix plain and simple
  8. Thorello

    PTS This Weekend

    can u please specify wich headset etc. are u using? ty
  9. Thorello

    PTS This Weekend

    i have Astro A40 TR mix amp m80 and the A50, my friend turtle beach with superhuman blablabla sometimes ppl just appear out of nowhere without any sound and this is gotten worse with latest patches
  10. until u stop for no reason while moving....and trust me it happens
  11. because it's a highly addictive game wich attract highly addictive personalities.
  12. there's a problem wich didn't exist before last "hotfix", as stated by other ppl in certain situation moving the left stick result in your character not moving (or quit moving like hitting an invisibile wall) it's doesn't happen all the time but enough to become very irritating, for sure it made the game worse.
  13. Thorello

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    same shit happened to me and my friend yesterday
  14. Thorello

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    Smokes still cause frame rate collapse near to zero and looting become a pain in the ass.
  15. Thorello

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    after a decent weekend yesterday was something really terrible, inconsistent in every aspect, lot of desync, hit registration fucked up and ppl laggin all over the place. and the cherry on top of the cake, while driving the bronco not even at full speed the car roll over his side....instadeath 👎