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  1. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    I was wondering about this as well and how does it work. For me it just comes on sometimes and doesn't, I don't know what the markings mean.
  2. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    These kinds of sniper shots at close range is luck. It isn't skill. Every now and then you will get a shot like this.
  3. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Just wanted to complain about the weekly missions. Getting 18 kills with a DMR is almost impossible within in a week. Getting a chicken is easier than this. Anyone who actually has gotten 18 kills with a DMR I congratulate you within a week. 18 kills with a DMR within a month or 2 is reasonable. Ever try to fight someone with a smg or assault rifle with a dmr closeup I guarantee you the DMR will lose everytime. Also take in the fact that when your shot you flinch while your trying to aim with a dmr so know you can't aim because your flinching and with no target assist you will never win against your opponent. Also, finding a Dmr on the floor is hard enough. It's almost impossible to win any fight with a DMR even with in 100m against someone coming after you with a full auto weapon. Without target assist of any kind actually trying to get 18 kills with a DMR within in a week is impossible. Dmr is a weapon to use 100m or more to win fights. Does dev team ever play pubg themselves?
  4. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Wish their was a horizontal sensitivity setting like the vertical sensitivity has in the controller settings. Just do away with aim acceleration and add a horizontal sensitivity multiplier setting. I have problems aiming at opponents when they are running sideways at close range to me, I cannot get the crosshair to move fast enough towards my opponent when I am trying to aim at them when they are running sideways. Aim acceleration fixes this problem, but brings it's own set of problems, sometimes I over aim or aim too fast past my opponent when aim acceleration is on, this is a huge problem in aiming with aim acceleration even if it's on 1. If I increase 1X optic sensitivity higher to fix this problem it makes everything move generally faster when I aim so it becomes harder to aim. Then my gun moves too fast when I aim overall. So either in a new patch get rid of aim acceleration and bring in horizontal sensitivity multiplier or just have the dev team make a standard aim settings 1-10 for everything like most 1st person shooter games are for console. Only PC needs lots of aim settings because every mouse is a little different.
  5. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Finally a update that I like. Few key issues would like to mention that need to be fixed when playing in a custom match if a timer can be seen immediately when game starts, sometimes i have to wait 20 seconds before timer appears. If a custom game becomes full with players if it could start by itself immediately because sometimes the host is afk. My favorite is 8-10 players in a single team vs 8-10 other teams in a custom match with no more than 50 total players. War mode is absolutely terrible once again. I got so bored after a few minutes I just left and never played war mode again. If dev team can't make war mode fun stop wasting your time with it, just wasted energy.
  6. hidenseek

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    Just terrible, not fun. I am done with giving feedback to pubg dev team as their is no point anymore to do so as they never listen to any of my ideas anyway. I havent seen a single idea of mine implemented into this game.
  7. that is a simple question and you already know the answer to it. Once this comes out i am probably no going to play pubg anymore because the balance of the game is not balanced.
  8. hidenseek

    Can pupg survive all these new games

    Nope, at least not on console systems. All the other BR games on console have superior graphics, much better detail in map design. the 3D character dimension and size and shape are much better than pubg's design on console, way better framerates. Also on other BR games on console you don't have crappy graphics on xbox og and much better graphics on xbox x. Their is simply a standard 1080p graphics on all console systems which makes the game more balanced so you don't have to worry about some other person having better graphics on a better console system. Also the 3d character design and size is much more realistic than in pubg. In pubg even characters at 10 feet away are as small as a rabbit, so fustrating to have to shoot at players this small.
  9. hidenseek

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    I prefer solo, but it gets boring because your playing by your self. I like playing squads but the problem with squads is that people camp way more. I think anyone who camps is a turd in this game. Only the last 20 players should aggressively camp and I don't think their is anything wrong with this. For those who camp non stop, you know who you are you filthy camping coward turds you make this game boring for everyone one else.
  10. Don't really like it. It would be better if only snipers were allowed no pistols, no frag grenades. Why, because when your trying to find a nesting spot you just immediately get killed by someone wielding a pistol at least make it hard for them to try to take my nesting spot, that is why only sniper rifles. Also add a first aid by default. Their is nothing more annoying then having to use bandages to heal.
  11. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Make last 5 circles kill you very fast. After some recent patches the blue circle doesn't kill you as fast. A new tactic has emerged from players that they will camp in the blue circle and wait for other players to run and shoot them down even though they know they can die from the blue circle. Basically who ever runs first will die first using this tactic. Their is no way to defend against this. The blue circle camper may or may not survive running out of the blue circle. This method shouldn't even be considered a strategy or tactic it is just plain chicken by campers who do this. I noticed this only happening with in the last 15 players or less. Dev team needs to fix this problem and stop allowing campers to camp more then ever before. Seriously it's like the dev team don't want any other strategy, but camping to win in this game.
  12. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    New anti camping idea. New game mode. Due to all the camping in this game it can be very difficult to know where you being shot from. Even the gunshot sounds aren't helpful and can still be difficult to locate your shooter. By making the minimap smaller up to a maximum of 50 feet. If you are shot within this 50 feet your minimap will glow red from the spot in which you are being shot from for exactly 1 second to notify where your being shot from. So you have to pay special attention to your minimap as it will only glow red for 1 second. This should help out alot as to where your being shot from. I would like to even see this method of playing in it's own game mode. Call standard mode or non-hardcore mode or training mode. This mode should help out the non camper.
  13. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    I never had overheating issues. Since I already had the XBOX apart to replace the fan I figured that I would replace the thermal paste as well. Yes it did help. I did the same thing to my sons PS4 that constantly sounded like a blow dryer and it fixed his issues immediately. They use such crappy thermal paste(more like a pad) that's why the XBOX 360 had such a terrible fail rate Of course your gonna have overheating problems if you play games 8 hours a day everyday straight. Shutting off your Xbox even for 10 minutes in between 8 hours of gameplay can really help cooling of the Xbox.
  14. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    And then you get a chicken and all is forgiven lol. No this game is still disappointing and I have had enough chickens of my own.
  15. hidenseek

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Camping in TPP is the reason why I play FPP but getting in a FPP game can take a seriously long time sometimes. Besides this thread is about how to make pubg better.