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  1. DexVicious

    Small freezes when moving the camera

    anyone noticed the same lag today?
  2. Today i got a lot of freezes and sometimes sound cut when i was moving the camera and the game was unplayable while the other days i was having stable 70 fps avg with competitive settings on GTX 9602GB ryzen 1600 and 8gb ram ddr4 my friend had 1080ti and 8700k and he was seeing enemies guns floating in the air firing on the ground you guys need to do something really fast in the next patch the game was completely unplayable today and think that i made clean windows install with fresh drivers and i still had the same problem today.
  3. Dude i threw a lot of grenades in the military its so easier in real life really, the red line for throwables doesnt work i dont know if it is a driver problem or client problem
  4. i have the same problem throwables are easier to throw in real life than in game
  5. Is it possible to have a throwable system that works well? i mean the red line doesnt work right for me all the times,you should make it go were our crosshair is because right now it feels a lot easier to throw a grenade in a window in real life than the game
  6. DexVicious

    The end of FIX PUBG

    im really waiting for a big patch at the end of october that will minimize all these issues, also waiting some info about the snow map but they dont seem like they are going to fix all these issues soon, i waited the patch #23 for 10 days like crazy and i only see that they just added a pistol, i just hope they made good job on pixel flickering.
  7. Hello, i would like to ask a simple question, my rank its 1700RP (Diamond on solos) how is it possible a player with better KDA, Avg survive time, average win rate, average damage higher than mine has lower rank than me? i mean isnt that ridiculus? i tried to calculate hows that possible and it seems that the more you play the more rank you are getting even if you cant get a kill in 50 games...
  8. yeap something need to be done with leaning, sometimes you can only see 1 line of pixels of the enemys helmet when hes picking you and its impossible to aim on him with any scope. I mean when someone can look and aim on you, you cant even see his eyes sometimes
  9. yeap i just suggested this in a different post the lobby is horrible.
  10. DexVicious

    [Suggestion] About Gameplay.

    Well you have a point on that but i think suggestions should be made for making gameplay better and fair for everyone and not because the dev team is bad, yes it will take them more time to make it work better but all players will benefit from that. Now im like upgrading my 60 euro headset to a 100 euro one with a USB or buy a sound card because my mobo has no amplifier.
  11. DexVicious

    [Suggestion] About Gameplay.

    I would also like to suggest to adjust the volume sounds to become higher, in almost all games i almost damage my ears if i select high volume on the game settings, and on PUBG i feel like i need to spend money on a more expensive headset with higher volume so i can hear my enemies coming with control pressed. BTW i run a stereo headset and have no problem to understand when they are coming from but i just need a little bit higher volume.
  12. DexVicious

    [Suggestion] About Gameplay.

    I think you didn't get the point, if fast paced animations is a thing on CS:GO that has 100x100meter maps, why it isn't on pubg were the map is really bigger and your enemies have the option to prone in the grass looking exactly like it? I cant count how many times i was scouting with my DMR with a high scope on it when a proner was near me and the slow animation got me killed...
  13. Hello, here are some thoughts of my perspective to make the gameplay feel better and more fun. 1. Character animations. In most competitive FPS games (like CS:GO) when you press a key to change the equiped weapon it almost changes instantly, on PUBG there's a small delay, if you make that delay smaller it could be really helpful for some fights than leaving this like this. Also making vaulting faster and less laggy is definitely going to help on some situations that you really need to change position fast since the zone is random because now it takes like 1 to 3 sec to vault sometimes for me, depending on the terrain. 2. About Boosts and bandages. I believe that you should let us use bandages and boosts without interruption while in a vehicle, not everyone has to use a vehicle because some people are more lucky than the others with the zone, so if for example i take a vehicle to get from Primorsk to Stalber with my squad why don't u let us apply our bandages and boosts in our road to Stalber without interruption and talking about how nice it was our day chilling than interrupt our bandages and let us cursing the driver or the game? (also speaking about realism, i don't think someone cant drink an energy drink or take a pill on a moving vehicle, iv'e done more difficult things in my life). 3.Lobby. I believe that the lobby's grass now is kinda pixelated and it looks kinda bad and feels bad no matter the settings you are running the client, so why dont you add one like the old one? (i really liked the old one btw) or make something new like Panorama menu and a good looking static terrain background, also the lobby menu and character animation is a little bit unoptimized in my opinion i have a lot of fps drops when im trying to spin my character to check out my clothes on wardrobe.
  14. DexVicious

    Issues post October 11th, 2018 update Megathread

    i have that problem too, first you die then you see enemy peeking
  15. DexVicious

    About graphics

    guys with 120 scale its really performance hungry plus it seems to have no difference on 1080p screen DSR same thing too.. i run a gtx 960 2GB