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  1. Name tag still on pre-match island after reconnecting.

    The same thing happened to me yesterday in a Duo FPP match. The "funny" thing was, that my mate and I ended up being both knocked out and were then sitting next to each other to see ourselves bleed out. Even though this probably is a server-sided problem here you go: Date Seen:16.08.2017 Server: Live Error Message: Yes there was but I unfortunately didn't copy it. Other Information: (Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Troubleshooting Attempted: Wasn't necessary since it wasn't fixable right ingame and didn't happen again. Launch Options: nope System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1070 CPU: i7-4820k @ 3.70GHz Ram: 16 GB
  2. This game needs chopper !

    I feel a sudden urge to invade poland.
  3. Pistols are useless

    A friend and I have discussed this a while ago and cam to the conclusion that it might be a lot more fun if everyone could only carry a single main weapon. The fact that everyone can carry a sniper and still have an AR/SMG/Shotty for cqc makes pistols useless. Also in squad games there is no need to "play in roles" like someone gets the sniper but needs a mate to defend him in cqc cause he only got a pistol as a sidearm. Everyone can do everything by himself... Well I am not saying that I don't like this system but I imagine this game only offering a single slot for main weapons could be a whole lot more fun.
  4. Salt inside

    Well I also played several games tonight with 3 different mates, everyone with different setups. Every single one of us who joined in mentioned how well the game is running. Not a single lag or stutter, no problems with picking up items at the start of the game. The only "problem" we encountered was, that some of us couldn't get into the main menu and had to reconnect a couple times but it never took more than a few attempts.
  5. The fact that such an incredibly high amount of people enjoy the game as it is, with all it's RNG factors compared to a few people complaining in the forums about it shows that they're on the right way. Yes, sometimes you might experience some very unlucky rounds and they will probably keep on adjusting it as they already have in recent patches. But still, RNG will always be a huge part of the game which is completely intended.
  6. @Robjw Thanks, I am actually enjoying my games a lot. The fact that you start insulting me in such a childish way is actually a really poor statement of yours and will be reported, no need to keep this discussion going mate.
  7. And in the same post you literally say: So what do you actually want them to do? Fix everything before adding anything in? Adding some things in but not as many as they currently do to reduce new sources for problems? This indeed makes you sound very smart but it's not as perfectly thought through as you might think. The game in it's current state eat's performance a lot more than it should (as you might know) for example, therefore one possibility for me experiencing these issues less often might be that my rig is stronger than yours. I am not assuming you have a bad computer or saying that mine is top tier but one of my mates does have a less good build and experiences many of these problems a whole lot more often. Now I do know that this problem must be fixed by them, I am simply saying that this might be one out of X possibilities why we experience some problems more or less. No need to become rude. The fact that I interpreted your post like you were saying they should stop adding anything new (as you didn't specify how much less or whatever) into the game while there are still buggy things, led me to the thought that you aren't "in the industry" since it is a normal procedure to keep on adding new content while the product is in a development/test phase and said bugs aren't "gamebreaking" for the majority of users (which seems to be the case as the amount of people playing/testing is so much higher than the amount of people not being able to play satisfyingly. Of course this isn't helpful at all for those who suffer from it right now, but that's how it goes in an EA phase. Btw I never said that I am an expert myself, I just said that I am currently working in that field and see some parallels.
  8. Campers that Play to Lose are ruining the Game

    So you either are a massmurderer in real life or you walk around in PUBG trying to talk to people?! What exactly are you trying to say with this (sorry) dumb comment. Seriously, you talk about nuking people (honestly there is nothing ironically or funny about it) and state that you hate "all these people" you don't even know. I don't know how old you are but mentally you don't seem to be an adult at all.
  9. Agree 100% with this statement. RNG can also simply be the fact that the final zone in a 1v1 situation is on the opposite side, there is an edge and you can't know where exactly he is, he can wait, you gotta run, you die. No matter how well you position yourself, no matte how many smokes you got, at some point even the most skilled player may die due to RNG.
  10. Yeah, thank's, I'm working in web-design myself and know how things may impact the project. But i can also tell you that whenever something isn't working out as intended, the whole project won't stop until taht one problem is fixed. We know that problem exists, someone works on it while the others keep on completing the project. The reason why this isn't bad at all is because the website won't go live until it is perfectly functioning. Same goes for PUBG, except for the fact that it already is accessible for the public regarding the fact that it is in "early access" state which means that everyone who plays it already simply is a tester. If we, as web-designers or the devs of PUBG would stop the whole process just because of some bugs it would take a huge amount of time to complete the project. You should start having trust in the dev's knowledge about their job instead of trying to explain it to them while obviously not being an expert. And once again i can tell you that I am not having ANY issues in at least 50% of my games. I am by far not saying that problems don't exist, but the fact that you experience these problems in every single round while others tend to have these issues a lot less often shows that part of the problem must be on your side. Maybe try asking for help describing which problems you get all the time. List your components and so on and maybe someone will find a cure for at least part of the problems you have.
  11. RNG is killing games

    After all these replies I guess we can agree that no one agrees with OP so this topic may be closed as the discussion is pointless.
  12. No Communication = No Teamplay

    Oh ok, let me see. I'll just get myself a wallhack and my role will be a superhero who is able to see through everything. I'm breaking the rules but hey, I AM IN CHARACTER. I hope you now see how invalid your argument is. -.-
  13. Thoughts on another 7.62 weapon?

    I am pretty sure that EVERY crate has got either an M24, AWM, Groza, M249 or Thompson (+ ammo and some random attachment/ghilli/adrenaline syringe). In case you find a UZI in a crate you know someone else was faster than you.
  14. When I talked to my Duopartner about the different weapon "Tiers" I came to the idea of a "gamemode" that could look like this: The Map is seperated in different areas like this: http://baumrasen.de/modules/icontent/inPages/drudel/bilder/ch15_3.gif The main thing that makes this mode unique is that you start in the outer ring which might be a more urban cqc styled area and only find pistols and crossbows as weapons and tier 1 clothes + bandages for example. When the first zone starts some sort of barrier opens so people can access the second area while the zone pushes them in. The second area offers a bit more open field and you are able to find tier 2 stuff, smgs and shotguns. The same game, the zone starts and people get into zone number 3 which then obviously has tier 3 stuff + AR's and as rare loot some snipers + the usual airdrops. Another possibility for the finale that I could think of is that snipers aren't available yet in zone 3 but there's another final zone in the middle which is like some sort of arena with a few hidden snipers in it for the last few survivors. As this has been a spontaneous idea I haven't thought of many details but I do think that the core of it offers a pretty fun alternative to the main game, as it kind of forces all participants to fight through the different stages of equipment. Feel free to share your thoughts about it and maybe even add some ideas to it.
  15. Kar98 Headshots

    that's just an assumption without any evidence. he might have been hit into body parts which aren't protected by vest/helmet such as legs/arms. This is pretty much it. A Kar98k is always a 1-hit headshot except for when you're having a lvl3 helmet. At least that is my experience after giving and receiving tons of these with all helmet types. Might be that it becomes a 2-hit on really long range, can't confirm that 100%.