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  1. DirtFarmer

    Specator mode = hax

    I was killed in a squad game yesterday. When spectating I was able to see all the character models in the El Pozo. None of the buildings rendered in. I was able to switch between different teammates still alive and see from multiple perspectives. Being able to see the enemies location is absurd... game breaking crap. I was able to see everything from location, to actions like healing and reloading...
  2. In my opinion things like this should get you banned. It's is an addon that gives a player more info than another player. If the game developers wanted it in the game they would have added it. PUBG was designed to be competitive in nature, with that comes rules. Follow them or get banned.
  3. Our team always lands at North Georgepol for this reason. We land anywhere else and its either a struggle to find loot or there is a ton of people there. The TSM stras work great when you're not playing against a server full of pros.
  4. DirtFarmer

    black box when aiming!

    this has been around since alpha... still not fixed.
  5. DirtFarmer

    This makes me sick...

    i think its the zoom into the door when he opens it..