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  1. 2 wants. Am I crazy?

    I think drones would be cool, but not helo's.
  2. I need help

    There are two mic settings. Muted on and off, but also who you can hear, teammates/all/none. Just in case you didn't see that. You could have chat turned ON but set to NONE so you won't hear anything. If you fat finger "ctrl+y" while trying to change "ctrl+t" it could be an issue. One is in game chat, one is what type of in game chat.
  3. updates need to stop until the game is fixed

    Yes you posted in the wrong area. You need to make posts on private forums with adults only. Otherwise you will feel the wrath of a child when you make them spill their milk! I'm all for adding items like this and also RPGS, but I think we need to be realistic with how many rounds you can carry. More than 10 grenades or 3 rpgs would be to unrealistic/OP to me.
  5. FPP needs some work

    sounds like you went up against someone who had the drop on you and you didn't like it. Why did you let him/her have the advantage on you?
  6. View of weapon in 1PP

    height looks right to me <-------
  7. Crouch Jump Gone?

    I dunno, I always jump then spam "C" and get thru them just fine. I do miss some of my jumps but it works for me.
  8. Whats with all the Asians in NA servers?

    Whats with all the Americans in the AS and SEA servers!! get out of there, my teammates need their kills. Every time we get in top ten I end up killing Bob, and Joe...
  9. I think once you are knocked down you should be killed on the very next shot no matter where it hits you. So if you have cover you should be alright to get revived, but if you're exposed you die.
  10. Why does this game not have a Quick melee?

  11. Please let us choose weather

    I'd like to see rain 1 in 20 games Fog 1 in 10 games sunset 1 in 5 games Also, add a night time mode that's 100% night time!
  12. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    it's alright that this game isn't for you. Nothing wrong with that. Hope you find games you do enjoy!
  13. This argument is like "I told you there are dumb people on the planet, I knew it. You guys are dumb."
  14. it would be like stealing in the countries that chop hands off... crime would go way down! But I'm sure some little snowflake would defend the rights of a thieves hands.
  15. I think your PC should self destruct if you get banned!