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  1. Specator mode = hax

    I was killed in a squad game yesterday. When spectating I was able to see all the character models in the El Pozo. None of the buildings rendered in. I was able to switch between different teammates still alive and see from multiple perspectives. Being able to see the enemies location is absurd... game breaking crap. I was able to see everything from location, to actions like healing and reloading...
  2. Just sucks, its like when you want your significant other to get healthy and lose weight, but instead they put on new spandex and fancy shoes... may interest us for a bit but its getting old. IMO since the last patch the game feels a bit better, but its playing terrible. Replays showing amazingly bad stuff, its just terrible. Enough with the band aids and lets get surgical up in here!
  3. Any plans on ever removing red zone?

    the red zone is a skill... you get out skilled too much!
  4. 1.0 is f..ced

    agreed, never should have pushed 1.0 Seems like a terrible idea to say the game is ready for release when it plays like it does.
  5. Can I Play PUBG with GeForce GT 630

    What about the Nvidia Quadro M2200? Just curious if my new work pc will run it. i7 7700, 16gb ddr5 ram, ssd. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-we-series-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-512gb-solid-state-drive-aluminum-black/5807102.p?skuId=5807102&ref=17&loc=11&CampaignID=879774&SubscriberID=520697570
  6. The end is near... for me.

    Armor means nothing when the Doc had slow reaction time and took a bit to get on target! I could have been naked and wasted him. But I see your argument, anything to support "the game is fine" mentality. I will argue that the DOC is the GOAT! And We Ain't Gonna Argue About It!
  7. The end is near... for me.

    I'm not looking for your approval, I'm sharing my story. The point is players see very different things, which is a huge problem. I don't need evidence to prove that, if you're not aware of the issues then either educate yourself with the current state of PUBG or just trust in the community to giving feedback as they see it.
  8. The end is near... for me.

  9. Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to come across the 2x Back to Back Blockbuster Champion on the test server, the face of the online gaming community. I was given a chance to take him out!!! Lets be honest, ain't nobody taking down the Doc. Once I realized it was the Doc that killed me I was instantly filled with joy. Such a cool moment. Immediately I opened up Doc's stream and went to watch our engagement. It about broke my heart to see it from his perspective. What a difference from what I saw. I don't have my point of view, I don't stream, but I clipped his for reference. When my teammate hits Doc, you can see the blood, Doc Takes zero damage. When I hit him at extremely close range he takes 20% damage. Add in Docs reaction time was pretty bad, he took a good bit before locking in on me. Plus it didn't look anything like what I saw, I never pushed out from behind the rock like it shows, I Just don't get it. I knew exactly where he was at all times, I was peaking from behind the rock and lit him up as soon as his head showed up, but I fell over dead. He was dead on my screen. For him to kill me and have so much health it just eats me up on the inside. These servers and game experience are absurd. It was quite an eye opening experience learning just how bad the game is. I tend to not engage in CQB knowing its an issue, but this really hit home for me. I love this game, but I feel like knowing what I know now I can't be bothered to go thru this again. Here's to hoping a AAA company can get this genre right sooner than later. https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringGoodOrangeTheRinger INB4 stream sniping comments, go ahead, check tape. You'll never see my name come up on Docs stream before yesterday. We met up at a care package drop.
  10. funny, doesn't look like any gym i've ever seen.
  11. Fortnite is BETTER

    It might be better for kiddos... PUBG has been a little stale lately due to issues and lack of updates, but thats about to change. At least for a while. I don't understand the "better" argument... seems silly when everyone likes different things.
  12. Is this a Good Enough Build for this game ?

    Will my pc run this game... sorry newb herer >.<
  13. Do you think they can do it?

    I don't think it will hit the milestones they said they would, but there will be improvements and exciting things coming.
  14. Enemy spotted key.

    Don't think its needed. This isn't Battlefield.
  15. The Twitch charity tournament

    where are the results for the event... im feeling like my google skills need a refresher course.