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  1. Banned For No Reason

    you're right, lots of cheaters got banned. Happy that Blueballs is doing something get rid of the blonde haired punk kids!
  2. Thoughts on IEM Oakland?

    Overall it was disappointing, watch the full cast both days. But I feel the Pros got a much better experience than we did. Seems like it ran ok for them. But for us we mostly got Map simulator with the kill feed on the lower left. So sad when you see your favorite players killing people or dying and the spectator just stayed on the map or was with someone looting and hiding. It's felt like 60% map view, 15% looting/hiding cam, 5% kill/action cam, 5% POV, 15% commercials. I think for me, it really sucked because when you love something you want to see it do well. This event did a lot of things right but you have to wonder where this game will be in a year. I imagine it will be better, but how much...
  3. do not remove crouch jumping

    stand in the window frame... maybe if you're my height.
  4. Our team always lands at North Georgepol for this reason. We land anywhere else and its either a struggle to find loot or there is a ton of people there. The TSM stras work great when you're not playing against a server full of pros.
  5. I just hope hope it plays well shortly after release. If we have to wait a year after release to be playable then that'll suck.
  6. dam the thread title just makes me want to punch kittens...
  7. people with terrible mics, and also punks who say really vulgar stuff.
  8. I think the ago old system of giving fake internet points and ribbons is lame. Whats the point? I've never been one to be excited from a ribbon or tag for playing a video game. I find value in playing good games and getting better as a player. I do like the systems in place to ensure people have a basic understanding of play before entering competitive play, like overwatch. You have to play a while before you can even do competitive.
  9. you should be able to dive thru the window, breaking the glass, and looking badass!
  10. Never heard it before... I like... going to start using it now!
  11. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    overall I've been happy with the vehicles, and the changes that have been made. What I don't like is -3 person motorcycle, its clunky and does not do well when the wheels leave the ground. Maybe thats intended, but still don't like it. I feel its auto death when you get on one. -collision issues, vehicles insta blowing up when they contact weird spots of buildings. Losing a whole squad due to a bug is very upsetting. -Spawn rate, I get you don't want H1Z1, but maybe the maps shouldnt be so big or the circles be so crappy. If you land in North Gerogepol and the circle goes to the military island you are screwed if you don't find a vehicle. More than once we've excited lobby due to not finding vehicles. Better to leave then to run and die to the wall doing a marathon. Poor design IMO.
  12. Don't care if it does or doesn't, we leave it its raining... it's 50/50 with fog, depends on how we feel. Ranking doesn't matter, resets, cheaters, etc... so play what you like.
  13. New Gametype: Full Metal Riot

    It's about gaming experience... you could win with just a pan... how fun would that be with everyone running around with pans all the time. people want gear, people want to fight back against others who have optics. If all you have is a red dot and someone is peaking you with an 8x from far off you literally have no way to engage and survive if they're anything but a potato.
  14. New Gametype: Full Metal Riot

    I think a couple things would make this game huge. Binoculars... being able to spot people even if you don't have the optics to shoot them would be a game changer. Allowing people to spot would let them change their path and actions knowing they had to avoid other people whom they could not shoot. Start everyone with a gun, I'd prefer something like all shot guns or UZI's. Just something to help combat RNG... Increase loot a shit ton... why do we have to spend 10 minutes to get decent gear. hell sometimes I loot for 10 min and still don't find a 4x... I like what the OP said, new game modes would be fun.
  15. The standard for the gaming community is zero communication until things are complete. Then patch notes are released to the community. Any game that offers more than that is exceptional. Look at the twitter feeds.... its literally apologies for issues... just over and over and over... Pubg is over their heads, but at least its a good problem to have.