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  1. Ganjiek

    Who is considering quitting/ taking a break from PUBG

    im going to give them until the next patch to do something useful...if they don't. i uninstall forever
  2. Ganjiek

    Cheating- teaming

    i agree it feels like nobody is watching. ive reported team killers in the past then checked a month later and they are still playing no problem.
  3. Ganjiek

    5.56 vs 7.62

    i agree, this guy had no interest in the real answers we gave him. just wanted to talk about his "buddy" the whole time.
  4. the shooting range is in northern erangel, same place its always been
  5. Ganjiek

    5.56 vs 7.62

    this thread needs to be deleted
  6. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    one thing i know is people are using a packet sniffer cheat, what simply reads all the traffic the game sends/receives, it generates a real time map showing where all the players/loot is. its apparently very easy for people to do this because all game traffic is sent unencrypted. i also believe it relies more on client side, because if a player can see you on his screen and shoots you, its going to register as a hit regardless of if you think you just ducked behind a wall on your screen. this is the cause of much of the desync/getting hit behind walls stuff we see.
  7. Ganjiek

    5.56 vs 7.62

    what? like we just said, 7.62 does more damage in PUBG, which is what i thought your original post was inquiring about?
  8. the best thing you can do is go on the test server, get guns and drive away from everyone else and just practice all you want. you can do this over and over and over, its how most of us had to learn, and it wont count against your rating. i spent quite a few times auto spraying a wall, working on learning to keep a really tight pattern. another pro tip - the one thing about recoil you can predict is its upward movements, so a steady pull down on the mouse while auto firing is usually all it takes.
  9. Ganjiek

    5.56 vs 7.62

    kar98 will 1 shot headshot anything except a lvl 3 helmet, 5.56 can't do that. if you body shot someone with a kar, of course they will mow you down with M4 by the time you reload. saying a bolt action single fire rifle should kill "faster" than an M4 automatic weapon, is comparing apples to oranges, the kar is for headshot. also groza and ak are both 7.62 and do more damage per bullet than any of the 5.56 ARs. your post is simply not true, hope this can clear things up.
  10. Ganjiek

    Server selection

    thats basically a region lock without calling it that
  11. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    How are we able to have a real discussion about the rampant cheating if we are not able to post videos/photos of what these cheats look like in action. There are so many good suggestions here but none of them are being listened to it feels like.
  12. Ganjiek

    Makes you wonder

    its new way for them to cheat. that last patch made it possible and its blown up over the past week.
  13. Ganjiek

    Last man standing - 2nd place ?

    its a new exploit that the last patch made available. while i don't know how they are doing it, its certainly being done on purpose.
  14. There is a new exploit being abused as you can see one main forums, people are losing games to people that are not in the last circle with them. this is already being discussed on cheating websites, and they are for sure doing this on purpose. While I have now idea how they are performing this issue, people claim the last guy has zero distance traveled, they may be doing this exploit even before leaving the plane. This clearly needs to be figured out and fixed immediately before it becomes more widespread. Now the cheaters don't even have to really play a match to get guaranteed wins.
  15. ive died to it twice in 600 hours. its not even dangerous.