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  1. Who is considering quitting/ taking a break from PUBG

    im going to give them until the next patch to do something useful...if they don't. i uninstall forever
  2. Cheating- teaming

    i agree it feels like nobody is watching. ive reported team killers in the past then checked a month later and they are still playing no problem.
  3. Found superman

    until PUBG encrypts its network traffic, they will ALWAYS be able to use packet sniffer radar to know where everyone is. pubg knows this, yet so far as done nothing.
  4. yes thanks you! i want this PUBG Radar packet sniffer stuff to stop!! you're making it so easy for them to do it.
  5. no. strange as it is to say, looting takes practice. its more about the type of building and location, ive noticed. the small random houses scattered around the map usually don't have anything really worth while.
  6. Bug or hack?

    they are exploiting a "bug" for their own advantage. report them.
  7. alot of people in the very highest tier of all sports do cheat, making it much harder to detect because they are already so good. examples of bicyclists, baseball players, football, and so on in the highest level of competition. just because you are really really good at something, doesn't mean you cannot benefit from a bit of cheating here and there.
  8. i don't really like this idea, you'd be able to see the player before you'd be able to see the tiny glare off the lens from any real distance.
  9. i think its funny they call a crate you have to pay to open, a "reward". what what a great gift i have to pay $2.50 to get some useless clothes like its a fashion show. i wish they'd just take the crates away and offer real rewards.
  10. Found superman

    this game is so broken. i hope some day cheaters stop ruining our games..
  11. So many cheaters on cheating websites are commenting that they were caught cheating, only to receive a 24hr ban and then be allowed to continue playing. While others say they successfully had their bans reversed even though they were cheating. Stop letting these people back in the game, they are laughing in your face because of the incompetence of your "anti-cheat" team.
  12. Asia is a bigger market for them than NA
  13. all numbers i quoted have already been converted to US dollars. i agree things seem to keep getting worse. clearly bluehole doesn't care about Africa.
  14. Knocked players take way too many shots to kill

    would defeat the purpose of the knock mechanic if they died too easily while downed. the bleedout time speeds up people can't be knocked more than 2 or 3 times without dying super fast the next time.
  15. 5.56 vs 7.62

    i agree, this guy had no interest in the real answers we gave him. just wanted to talk about his "buddy" the whole time.