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  1. May sound weird, if you notice things are too dark, turn off the HDR on your X and, for me anyhow, the game looks really vibrant.
  2. Not to be that guy, but the eurogamer articles actually proves, in terms of fps, OG Xbox is running better. Now render distance, 4K upscaling and faster loading times will be better than OG, however, in CQC the OG is currently out performing the X. If I had the link off hand I would paste it.
  3. Screenshot your best loadout

    Call me crazy but... Dual M16’s 1. Comp, red dot, exqd - burst fire always. 2. Silencer, 4x, exqd - single shot. I like the M416, however, finding the stock sometimes is a pain and seeing as its lower ROF over the burst M16 just makes me avoid it if I have two of the M16’s already. Lastly, I feel the M16 often easier to find so I can gear up quicker in squads.
  4. This is what you get when you outsource your game out of the country. Cheers, Brian for modding a game and making it into a revolution, but when you take your game and ship it overseas, say goodbye to quality. This is a disgrace to X owners.
  5. 2018 Road Map Discussion

    The “roadmap” that was just released was underwhelming to say the least. Expectations for the Xbox roadmap are very low for me at this point. Honestly, giving us a preview of what is to come is honestly pointless until they stabilize the game they have already built. New feature development needs to be on hold until this game can hit FPS targets it was promoting pre release (meaning 30 FPS on all consoles). A smaller map was the only intriguing thing I saw out of that post. Optimization of of this game is critical for its longevity. Even with a smaller map, that doesn’t instantly relate to better performance because of less “stuff” to render. With that, I remain cautiously optimistic about what we will be presented with on the 10th. Hoping the upfront message and goal number 1 is for optimization of this game at 30 FPS, crash free. Any other side candy they attempt to sell me is bullocks in my mind. Final note: heres to hoping our “roadmap” has some dates. Black dates (hard dates) that their team, who had a very recent and long vacation, can now commit to and get back to working on.
  6. Good luck. Tried that the other night, no luck on my end with moving it out into and open air environment or with the removal of the surge protector. Hopefully next big patch brings more improvements in the FPS realm.
  7. Some other comments for the OP. Talking to some guys at work who game a lot as well, ensure your Xbox is not in an enclosed space. Obviously a drawer would be fully enclosed but even in an under compartment may be heating up your Xbox and dropping performance. I’m trying a bunch of crap out after work too. One thing I’ve done twice already with patch 9, was a factory reset of my X1 and fresh install of PubG. I deleted the game, hard reset (unplug the power cable and prsss the power button a few times, each a few seconds apart), factory reset, repeat hard reset, game install, hard reset and then squads still with no luck. Finally late last night hearing cases of folks who DONT get the same FPS drops like I do, in my squad mind you, has me looking at other options. Like my shitty old surge protector and placing my X1 on a separate table in open air. Call me crazy but if it works I’ll be so god damn happy. If it doesn’t, welp “game preview” lol. 17 days worth of playtime says $30 well spent
  8. I notice it for the drop in and for like 20 seconds after touching down. Then once the 3rd/4th circle hits it usually goes to shit if I’m near a condensed city (north George for example) or if we are engaging another squad. From there it varies. I have another thread about if people are using a surge protector and if that hinders the CPU’s performance. If others are having this same issue, specifically in late squad games, and are directly plugged in, please let me know.
  9. I tried googling around to see if anyone has done any tests on this issue. I’ve got nothing. Remind you, my surge protect is old AF. I have no knowledge of how those surge protectors and power supplies pump out electricity to the Xbox. Wats, Amos, Voltage, not my ballpark in terms of nomenclature or area of expertise so I can’t explain shit in that realm. Fuck, I hope this works tonight though.
  10. Tonight when I play squads I’ll report back my findings. My power strip and surge protector is crazy old, one, and has two TV’s, my Xbox and my cable providers 4K DVR box plugged into it. No idea the output / throughput of that old thing but at this point, it’s worth a shot for me. I’ll let you know.
  11. I googled Xbox One X surge protector and a bunch of results came back. Hard to decipher what is what. Was hoping other folks could say “hey frames in squads are great throughout the match for me and im directly plugged into the wall”. Cause from single sample size it helped but I can’t play any longer tonight.
  12. I just checked my power strip before the last game of the night to find it was a surge protector. Can anyone else confirm that keeping your Xbox plugged into the wall is the only way your one X or S will optimize performance? I only had time to play one last game of squads and i didn’t get that FPS during the mid game (last 40-25 people) like I normally do. Even post patch 9 I was still experiencing problems. Will try and report back tomorrow unless someone already debunks my theory. I really hope this seals the deal for me. I was talking to a few other X users today while I was having issues and they said frames weren’t chopping like I had described. Ill definitely know more tomorrow as I’ll be able to play a couple games in squads. My apologies in advance if this is bad info but im praying it helps.
  13. Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    Solos “feels” better but I bet that is due to less people in a single area. Also, if you have a consistent squad I’d love to hear if using in game chat helps any of this. Solo, I’m not in a Xbox party, and I wonder if that is affecting the X somehow. Im sure people will refute or flat out deny that, but it’s worth a shot. Don’t have a group, sadly that was willing to try that out.
  14. Undercomitt and over deliver. The theme of software development. Sometimes the latter is unwanted / causes issues, however, love the new horns and the bad ass jet ski which is lit. The footstep sounds are a step back though :-/ . That being said, I wish the notes correctly stated all of the additions appropriately.
  15. I was going to attempt to test this out tonight before seeing this thread. I noticed more issues in squads (don’t really play duos often) than when I drop solo. Even in Pochinki and other highly condensed cities the game “feels” better when I’m in a solo. Could be placebo but I don’t know as of now.