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  1. It’s a common issue to be honest. I’ve read tens of these threads over the course of the games lifespan, always optimistic someone has figured it out. HDR off for now, at least on my TV. Every other game, I flip it back on... although I don’t play many others at this point lol
  2. XSpazzX

    Any word on xbox release date ?

    PubG made the switch to Azure for at least the console dedicated servers, from what I just read. This backdates to late October 17 articles. Check it out. I use Azure as well, although AWS supports so much I’d be hard pressed to agree that bandwidth limits coming from MS are going to be better than AWS simply because of the market share Bezos controls. The “fast lane” has already been implemented and you can pay to get on from my understanding
  3. ... waiting for the barrage of messages that say to read the forums and stop with the same posts over and over.
  4. XSpazzX

    Freezes (FPS?) on Miramar

    I just started and I saw this too. Weird. It was also right at the drop so 95+ people. Wonder if it smooths out as the game progresses? Anyone know?
  5. XSpazzX

    BP not adding after each game

    Wonder if the PTS is being awarded BP? Gotta be separate servers but interesting this happens the first week the PTS is live.
  6. Since the servers are extended until 8am PST, will they come back online 9 hours later? Or has the originally planned 4/26 @ 5pm PST start date been delayed / canceled?
  7. XSpazzX

    Network Lag

    Most likely due to the massive amount of people creating a new account on the servers. Just my guess
  8. Damn this loud ass background music! FFS! Lol
  9. It’ll let you pick solo, duo or squad then. Cheers
  10. XSpazzX

    Miramar - test - squad only

    Restart your games y’all
  11. Or else you will not get any menus to play solo, duo or squad.
  12. Honestly, proximity chat would be semi fun for about .56 seconds when you hear the screaming 12 year old yelling profanity and racial slurs into the mic at full volume. The console community is overwhelmed by little children / adolescents who are by nature immature and therefore toxic to other players. Referencing another game is not always the best example (and even more so the game I’m about to mention), however, take into account the Darwin Project. PC from da 1 had prox chat and most fights you’ll hear people say GG or good fight even when they lose. Yet has that game, to my knowledge, opened the door for prox chat on Xbox. Game devs know the populous on Xbox, just by in game reports and data from Microsoft could be really bad. The PC community seems to be an older and more mature (toxic too in some instance) than the console community. TL;DR: mommy and daddy’s money will allow shithead children to scream profantity into the mic making it horrible to play. Alternatively, immature adults could cause problems yelling at smaller children exposing them to improper behavior and nomenclature they should not be subject to. Console populate is too widely varied in age for prox chat to be effective without verifying each persons age, with certainty.
  13. Good for reporting. Don’t post his gamertag as that sometimes is seen as witch hunting. If you haven’t yet tried it, check out the PubG gamehub and use the multiplayer / LFG page on the gamehub to find a group. I’ve found less toxic people that way. Most of my experiences with just queuing and hoping for compentent teammates with mics has been not as bad as yours, however, I’ve often found they don’t have a mic, wonder on their own, and you are less likely to win. Again totally bias opinion here but LFG is a lot better in my opinion than in game queuing.
  14. May sound weird, if you notice things are too dark, turn off the HDR on your X and, for me anyhow, the game looks really vibrant.
  15. Not to be that guy, but the eurogamer articles actually proves, in terms of fps, OG Xbox is running better. Now render distance, 4K upscaling and faster loading times will be better than OG, however, in CQC the OG is currently out performing the X. If I had the link off hand I would paste it.