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    Just sort of surprising to me that a test environment would be more stable than the base game. You’d think the test environment would be janky
  2. Mjrask


    When are we expecting that? I’m actually enjoying this game right now playing the PTS
  3. Mjrask


    Why is the CTE in so much better condition than the base game? It runs way better
  4. Mjrask


    100% agree with this
  5. Mjrask


    I understand what you're saying but if they have the financial resources available, why not hire devs and people to make this game what it can be? It would be beneficial for them to hire more people to not only pump out updates to make the game better, but also build themselves up as a company. It's unbelievable how much income this company has made and mimicking Fortnite would be beneficial in hiring a big enough team to get this game moving quicker.
  6. I really don't care that this game is in "Game Preview" and isn't finished. This company is pulling in millions and millions of dollars and they neglect updating this game. Fortnite is free and they just sent out a 7.5G update yesterday and here I am checking these forums trying to get SOME idea of where this game is going and it's silent. This game is borderline unplayable. The damage output is shit, the frames are awful, the driving is ridiculous and the lag is something else. I have every reason to be upset with this game because this company has the resources to make this game great and they are being neglectful about fixing it. I really want to play this game and get good at it, but it is impossible when it's in such a terrible state.