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  1. ScottEasykill

    Xbox one x slow rendering

    Seems slow rendering all round.
  2. ScottEasykill

    Pubg xbox one original

    When was the last time you uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I had issues with rendering real,bad until I started to reinstall the game. It fixes a lot of issues for me.
  3. ScottEasykill

    Potato Buildings on test server

    Xbox one myself
  4. I never have an issue with building loading on the game but for some reason the test server causes atleast a 30 second wait for buildings to actuall load. Anyone else having issues with with the test server?
  5. I crashed once in 5 hours of game play, every game update I reinstall the game and that helps crashing and rendering with me.
  6. ScottEasykill

    Open up the test servers again!

    Yes I had an Osteotomy just under 3 weeks ago
  7. ScottEasykill

    Open up the test servers again!

    Might be a little difficult
  8. ScottEasykill

    Pubg test server being taking down..

    I love the statement of Some issues lol
  9. ScottEasykill

    Network Lag

    We’re taking test servers offline to address some server and matchmaking issues...... SOME?
  10. ScottEasykill

    Miramar runs much better

    Found a 4x scope then got network lag, errored out of game. Maybe I’ll see next time lol
  11. ScottEasykill

    Kar98 bullet damage wtf?

    Now this pissed me off. Lol https://t.co/sEeq4UDp2A
  12. Every time I exit a game and it loads the play screen I always get the region select screen, anyone else have this issue.
  13. ScottEasykill

    I wont load

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling if you haven’t done so yet since the last patch. See if that helps
  14. ScottEasykill

    Solid Building Update

    a full uninstall and reinstall helped me a lot with the rendering issue, its quite rare now a days that I land without a building not rendered, sure the furniture hasn't rendered yet but that doesn't matter really. Xbox OG user without SSD