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  1. I wont load

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling if you haven’t done so yet since the last patch. See if that helps
  2. Solid Building Update

    a full uninstall and reinstall helped me a lot with the rendering issue, its quite rare now a days that I land without a building not rendered, sure the furniture hasn't rendered yet but that doesn't matter really. Xbox OG user without SSD
  3. Fix the game from dropping!

    when was the last time yo uninstalled and reinstalled? I was playing Pubg on my wifes Xbox which never had a reinstall and crashed every second game and went back to mine before patch 10 and was perfect, much less crashing. Then patch 10 came along and shit took longer to load in and was crashing more often, did a reinstall and everything seems better. I can go a few hours without a crash.... yes crashe still happen but they have become less and less every patch
  4. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    yea a friend of mine was having the same issue and the only difference between him and I was I reinstalled after the patch because I noticed that buildings were taking much longer to load in than before. so I reinstalled and everything was good again.
  5. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    when was the last time you did a full install of the game? and not just an update? because I was having issues with stuff loading when I landed and I did a delete and reinstall and everything seems better again.
  6. So Pubg came out Dec 12th, and he got a refund on the 11th? so he got the refund before the game came out? that's not surprising
  7. Confession

    Reminds me of this
  8. Road block on bridges

    What makes you think bikes are op....... https://t.co/gjBtwemlSB
  9. Ok explain

  10. I was in the far southwest apartments main floor, the kitchen southwest where there are mattresses, it gives you the option to climb up but then immediately downs you from falling..... either fix that or remove the option to climb on it please.
  11. Wait.... a WHOLE 1 in 3? I remember when it was every game. Twice a game at times.