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    Solo Chicken Dinner

    Appreciate the response. But i am aware of this. Almost 600 games played between all 6 variants. So i've become accustomed to switching between them. Either way my xbox stats sheet shows 11 Solo wins. The career page for Solo TPP shows 1 win which is correct. The career page for FPP shows 9 which is incorrect. Either way add those together and it's surely not 11. I should have 10 solo FPP wins. Xbox picked up on the win but my career and leaderboard stats in game did not. A pretty scary bug for anyone that cares about ranking.
  2. I got a solo FPP chicken dinner a couple hours ago. About 10 mins after (victory smoke), i started a duo and got a chicken dinner. The duo has already registered and my rank/rating adjusted. The solo win however has not. I'm still at 9 solo FPP wins according to career. It should be 10. My rank and rating didn't change either. The win DID register on my xbox achievements stat sheet for the game. It shows 11 solo wins. One of those was in TPP before FPP came out. So if xbox recgonized it, why hasn't the pubg leaderboard. My rating before the win was 1770 which put me at 29th. That win would have helped me get all that much closer to that top 10. A bit disheartening. My xbox gamertag is the same DeathKing26. Keep up the good work. This game is awesome.