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  1. Blankface182


    Ok so we have red bull.. but every good drink needs a snack. What if you guys added a new booster in the form of a snack; like a protein bar that that gave you the strength to hold your weapon more steady while aiming down sights until it runs out like the energy drink does🤯.. omg I’m sure we all would love that. Please consider. Thanks🙂
  2. After the optimization patch I believe the latest one or the one before I played one game where all the buildings were loaded in before I landed and it felt great. I thought it would be permanent but then I played the next game and I had to wait for them to render. I still enjoy the game. It’s one of those games I can play forever. I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any plans to fix this any time soon? thanks in advance.
  3. Blankface182

    Ideas for pubg

    to keep us busy for a bit while you work on other updates maybe you great developers at bluehole at could add some things like weapon camos, a new weapon, new clothing items, more adjustable settings, a new menu screen background, A new menu screen soundtrack, some new attachments, more customization options, a new way to spend bp, a zombie mode for Xbox? I said it once and I will keep saying it..great game!! People will always complain about something even if everything was already perfected. that’s the sour bunch..the group that dislikes the most sincere videos on youtube xD. If the developers could give us a little something new between updates, the road to pubg perfection wouldn’t seem as slow. But I know a game like this..you cannot rush.. especially if you have a vision for the final product. But Just something to think about. Thanks to any who reads this. good day
  4. Blankface182

    pubg accessories

    Protective glasses should reduce the amount of sunshine a player sees! I notice when I’m playin there’s often a lot of sun shining through my scope when I look up a hill or something. And their called protective glasses so I think that would make sense🙂👍🏽