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  1. Possible new map?

    I like the erangel map.. and I can’t wait for the Miramar map to come to Xbox. with that said, I notice that there aren’t any weather maps for Xbox and that’s ok. But I would really..really LOVE to see..get this!..... you ready??? A NIGHTIME ERANGEL MAP!!! And if that is a possibility some new attachments could be things like flashlights found uncommonly with limited battery use... thermoscopes.. you guys at bluehole could really experiment with the possibilities that come with a night time map. That brings so many ideas just thinking about it.. it would be a new kind of challenge for everyone. Please consider this. If anyone else thinks this would be neat upvote and comment your ideas and opinions or start a new topic about this. Please and thank you
  2. Ideas for pubg

    to keep us busy for a bit while you work on other updates maybe you great developers at bluehole at could add some things like weapon camos, a new weapon, new clothing items, more adjustable settings, a new menu screen background, A new menu screen soundtrack, some new attachments, more customization options, a new way to spend bp, a zombie mode for Xbox? I said it once and I will keep saying it..great game!! People will always complain about something even if everything was already perfected. that’s the sour bunch..the group that dislikes the most sincere videos on youtube xD. If the developers could give us a little something new between updates, the road to pubg perfection wouldn’t seem as slow. But I know a game like this..you cannot rush.. especially if you have a vision for the final product. But Just something to think about. Thanks to any who reads this. good day
  3. bp loot crates

    I spend a good amount of time playing this game to earn bp and buy loot crates but no matter what crate I buy I end up getting the same items. The price increases but I get the same items. Ik it’s supposed to be difficult to get rare items but it would be nice to not get the same common items so frequently.. I spend 4,200 bp and get shoes I already have and have to exchange them for 30 bp..it takes a while for me to rack up bp. It would be nice to exchange them for at least 100 bp. At least. Or maybe add another kind of item. It be could be like common items, epic items, rare items, pro items. This game has a lot of potential. I enjoy it very much and I appreciate your great work! and also.. just throwing this out there😆..it would be wonderful to have some in-game features exclusive to Xbox players.
  4. pubg accessories

    Protective glasses should reduce the amount of sunshine a player sees! I notice when I’m playin there’s often a lot of sun shining through my scope when I look up a hill or something. And their called protective glasses so I think that would make sense🙂👍🏽