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  1. Allow a maximum of downs in a period of time...

    I take exception to this statement. Some people think there should be limits on revivals. I find these people are the ones that the revival system interferes with their playstyle. So instead of adapting or changing their playstyle, they propose changes to the revival system to better suit their needs.
  2. Allow a maximum of downs in a period of time...

    Apparently not, you only downed them 5-6 times. Next time, loot some smokes, once you down them, smoke, retreat, live to fight again. Next excuse in 3, 2, 1........
  3. What actions are taken against hackers?

    I am pretty vocal about the cheater issue that plagues multi-player games. These kiddies ruin the experience for many of us because they are selfish, lacking in self-confidence, and have a poor moral compass. Most developers don't care enough because they see these cheaters as a valid source of income. It is a short-sighted viewpoint IMO. I haven't purchased a COD game for several years due to this lack of caring. If a developer is going to let the cheaters run rampant, I am not going to purchase future games or DLCs. COD is the perfect example of this. They haven't received a penny from me in years. Thankfully, PUBG is going a admirable job, they at least are using a brand-name anti-cheat in BattleEye. They also seem to be taking a firm stance with cheaters from what I can tell. I don't see 2nd chance rhetoric and deeply discounted game keys (at least not yet) so cheaters can snatch up the game once they get banned. I hope this doesn't change. I'm all for doing as much as possible and I hope they will stay on it, but what else can they realistically do?
  4. top ranked player = hacker?

    Yes, case closed.

    Exactly. I find these posts funny, but that is what it boils down to. Whatever playstyle kills them, that is what they complain about as being unfair, or somehow unskilled or the lesser playstyle. I think it is better summed up as the player who is complaining is unwilling or unable to adapt. It is their lack of skill that is at fault. There are ways to deal with campers, but they can't find the solution, and/or they won't adapt. Either that or their ego is so small that they can't stand getting killed by players who use tactics to kill them. Take your pick, not sure why the need to come in here and complain about something that is obviously a legit playstyle.
  6. Animation / Looting / Vaulting serious discussion

    I think that is a legitimate concern. Hopefully it will be done correctly, it sure had the 'cool' factor in the video. The only one that looked bad is the one where the player was climbing up on the wall. That seemed way too slow in my opinion. If you started getting shot at the start of that animation, you'd be dead by the time it ended. Only time will tell.
  7. implement a reward system for winners

    I think you should get a permanent body tattoo a-la the show 'badlands' for every chicken dinner. Something you can show-off in the pre-game lobby if you want. Who needs another crate full of 'dirty tank top' or 'white t-shirt'.
  8. Can I play?

    Do you have a laptop or a desktop? If you have a laptop you are probably out of luck.
  9. Team Killing Penalties

    This seems like a fairly easy solution. Give the aggrieved player the ability to punish or forgive. If you punish, then the guilty player is killed and their team killer reputation counter ticks up 1. If you forgive, then the guilty player can continue on and nothing else happens. Not sure if you would need anything further than this (other than maybe an ability to kick a random person from your team in the pre-game lobby). If you are in a lobby with random people, as long as you can see their team killer reputation, then you will know whether to kick that person or not.
  10. Interesting idea.. I still think movement would stick-out like a sore thumb, but it would be better than nothing.
  11. Can I play?

    Your processor and RAM are sufficient, but your graphics card is way underpowered. Even a inexpensive dedicated graphics card would do you wonders. If you ever have the opportunity to upgrade, that is where you should invest.
  12. A way to fix hacking

    When I see people coming in here and say they played a lot, but have never encountered a cheater, I get very suspicious. While I agree that PUBG does an admiral job, much better than most games, the game is hardly cheater free. That leads me to believe you are most likely one of them. It is literally impossible that you have played that much and have not run into a cheater. There are a few other possible explanations, but I imagine you won't like those reasons either. PUBG is a great game, worthy of the praise it receives. But you aren't doing anyone any favors by coming in here with your tall tales of a cheat free game.
  13. Hacking and Cheaters

    Agreed, if you play games for a living, I tend to think you would get pretty good at them. Most, if not all of them, are certainly better than I am :(.
  14. Hacking and Cheaters

    FYI, just because you watch someone's stream, doesn't mean they aren't cheating. I would say 'most' high-ranked streamers probably don't cheat, but cheats don't show up on streams unless they slip up and make a mistake. There are a few high-ranked streamers out there where you think 'there's no way people can do that", and you'd be right.
  15. A way to fix hacking

    I tend to believe you when you say you aren't using cheats....... call it a gut feeling. I also understand your delineation between teamers and hackers, but I make a point to not use the word 'hackers' very frequently. Hackers suggests that there is some sort of skill involved. That may be true for the few individuals that create the program, but it isn't true for the rest of the script kiddies that push the download/install button. They are in the truest sense, purely cheaters, they couldn't 'hack' into a can a beans if their life depended on it. I understand what you are trying to say, it is so hard 'prove' esp or aimbot in many instances. We've all had our amazing and lucky shots, that had you just not pulled it off yourself you would never have believe it. I've never used cheats either, but I have seen many a video on them and have a general sense for how they work. Players act differently when they are using esp. I've seen numerous players and groups of players using it. I didn't need to see their screen, I didn't need to any other proof than to watch their movements. I shouldn't need to explain this any further. It's very obvious when you see it. It doesn't happen much, but when it does, you know it. Aimbot is difficult to know unless they just use it on your whole team in rapid succession. This has happened a few times over the course of the game, but not very frequent. Again, PUBG does a good job managing cheaters. I'm not coming down on them, I am just being realistic. I still have a very hard time believing you haven't seen any signs of cheating (other than teamers). I like this game very much too, but I still can't help but think you are falling prey to a little too much fanboy (even though you say you aren't). It reminds me of a saying... Look around the poker table; if you can't see the sucker, you're it!