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  1. OOokvltoOO

    Has the game gotten easier?

    All the laggy wall hackers have moved on to a new host game. Now you’re playing the real pubg.
  2. OOokvltoOO


    Ya blew it
  3. OOokvltoOO

    10+ things

    Aim punch is fine with me the way it is. Let’s me know if I power through the fight when it’s time to take cover till I’m properly medicated n such.
  4. OOokvltoOO

    Server issues and 3x issue

    I don’t get shot through friggin walls n shit like that. Tell your service provider you need ideas to lower your ping and figure out your down and up loading speeds. I used to have a “wtf just happened how did I even die” situation.... not anymore. use a wired connection too. Customer service helped me figure out that my own old equipment was barely rated for 100mbps... also my modem was outdated. I just swapped out modem/router and decreased my ping by half.
  5. OOokvltoOO

    Server issues and 3x issue

    I got better internet service at home and my experience is so much better. Online games require it usually.
  6. I think it’s how you use these settings together in a proper combination to find what fits for you.
  7. OOokvltoOO

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    I mean.... you could use a potentiometer or a light sensor to trigger it or adjust amount of lag to be an absolute god at pubg. I’ve done a little circuit bending when I was doing analog electronic music but I wouldn’t stoop to it. That shit is on par with sexual relations without consent.... sleaze.
  8. OOokvltoOO

    Standing still, yet moving

    I adjusted my dz before the update i thought it was fine @ 27 for the left stick. Last game I had experienced drift slightly again. Could be my controller contributing a little but I can deal with it being so slight.
  9. OOokvltoOO

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

  10. 😞 ive tried at least 3 times and am waiting well past ten minutes each. Last night there was no problem at all. Is it match health? Something more or less?
  11. OOokvltoOO

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    I keep on imagining that people could have one rigged through an old efx pedal or other contact point to make it practical. I just hate hate to think about this.
  12. OOokvltoOO

    PTS Strategy

    I’m just not interested in cod after playing pubg. I left cod for pubg. I might zombies but but still I regret it after inserting the disc to reinstall and back out then just mayyyybe go outside or something.
  13. OOokvltoOO

    Helmet skins incoming?

    New vehicle