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  1. I got messages from a guy the other day telling me - good job and I missed his suppressor when I was looting him. Also told me that I would have dinnered if I had waited 20 more secs till the circle moved. Positive. Never salted me really. I could have won with the suppressed sks I feel. buton the other hand I could’ve fucked my whole game from the distraction with the notifications. It was refreshing though.
  2. OOokvltoOO

    PUBG Got it!

    My buddy asked me why my 150$ monitor looks better than his 4k$ tv 📺. Its also less eye stress as well if you implement the blue light filters.
  3. OOokvltoOO


    It would make a motorcycle ride thrilling
  4. OOokvltoOO

    PTS chicken dinners

    Online stat tracking websites such as pubgdetective.com developed by third parties
  5. 3x on m16 is like shooting blanks
  6. OOokvltoOO

    New guns in the future?

    Full auto .22 caliber lr
  7. If you got drop and play conservative you will catch all the ppl trying to run around like we used to. They lock up. You pop em. I scaled back to 50 sens. 100 is easy to correct a fuck up or lock up but it can create them more often.
  8. OOokvltoOO

    Reloading with Holding "X"

    At least now after you reload 50-75% of the way through the animations then open a door the reload isn’t canceled.
  9. Right. Then you can also count on your opponents having the same issues. Just use your left stick sparingly to cut your fancy maneuvers back a touch.
  10. OOokvltoOO


    Straight up I’m sure that Xbox won’t let any action with pub G happen until this black ops four nonsense has blown over
  11. OOokvltoOO

    Spectating teaming in solos

    I had a great ride from a bug bounty guy and another player in a uaz a few days back. They dropped each player at a vehicle.
  12. Y’all must be shroomng.
  13. Forget about it if someone is using Snapchat and two xboxes on your home network. Fudges everything.
  14. I’ve been superstitious and never turned it back on.
  15. Would you guys like to be able to click down on right stick to strike with the butt of your gun while not ADS?? i used to think I’d like it but it would keep me from punching a player with a shotgun to death in hot drop situations.