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  1. OOokvltoOO

    What makes you most frustrated?

    Dante. Dante frustrates me.
  2. OOokvltoOO

    Cooling options?

    Looks 👍🏽 great! I wish they were all produced so clean
  3. OOokvltoOO

    Cooling options?

    I saw this post once. but I saw a sleek cooling stand that sat the Xbox vertically.. it might have been an object the user made? Am I imagining things? thanks in advance. any info appreciated
  4. OOokvltoOO

    how many knew about the 8x zoom?

    I’ve had issues with this past update but never before. late game I’m usually a red dot guy. I find that the ads is much quicker than iron sights. Or any scope.
  5. OOokvltoOO

    how many knew about the 8x zoom?

    Do you have any issue with hitting a to accept changes during gameplay in the settings? In my experience it doesn’t accept during the match.
  6. OOokvltoOO

    Clothing Presets Please...

    Like fable 3. Has outfit sections.
  7. OOokvltoOO

    how many knew about the 8x zoom?

    If you bump up the sens on the 4x the zoomed out 8x should track faster.
  8. OOokvltoOO

    4X AKM?????

    How are you sure that you aren’t the “bad guy” kudos to single fire
  9. OOokvltoOO

    new update/patch??

    I meant to screenshot or take a pic to remember your settings.. sorry for being unclear.
  10. OOokvltoOO

    new update/patch??

    Dont give up! or you may just git gud at default settings? either way good luck 👍🏽🍀
  11. How about when the player model looks like they’re stroking.
  12. OOokvltoOO

    new update/patch??

    If you change sens during a match the confirmation may not “take”. do so before you start the matchmaking thing
  13. OOokvltoOO

    new update/patch??

    It’s a biznitch but screenshot it next time or take a pic? exp.- happened to me
  14. OOokvltoOO

    new update/patch??

    You might have pressed x and reset to default. Also you need to press a to confirm your changes.
  15. OOokvltoOO