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  1. I have the same issue. Im rubberbanding more often and Im teleporting like crazy since last patch
  2. Since the last update im lagging so hard, i get teleported during 10 sec. I also see some dudes teleporting in front of me. Before patch 11 i noticed some lag but less often and crazy like this Ps: it does not come from my internet or my provider Im on the Eu servers
  3. Input lag

    Nobody talks about input lag. I know they already patched it but its still here. I think its a huge problem when fighting, especially at close range. I hope they are aware and working on that issue
  4. I never have game crash ( try this )

    Well... many things to do and money to spend to run a game Mmmhh... its seems ok
  5. So we cant play like we want that what it mean. The other solution would be to fix the game instead of adding new horn and other stuff who are useless right now. By the way even if you Land on the ground the buildings takes about 1 min to render so you cant deal with other player and have to wait for the loot. By this time the other guys are already armed. So hot spot are unplayable and its crazy how optimized this game is.
  6. SSD hard drive. Do they work ?

    Buying an ssd just to run that game 😅. That says a lot about the quality of this game. Keep your money and buy a better game.
  7. But its a game preview... no i joke this game is a total shit
  8. Where's our update?

    Soon, soon soon soon. Soon! Soon.
  9. Salty community

    Try to play with 15 fps or constant lag and other rubberbanding and tell me Whose fault is it. Us? I dont think so.
  10. How does Pubg expect to compete?

    "Let the adult play pubg" so i guess you are playing fortnite... You cant even understand that the passion can go away when you make millions every day without doing anything and sell the worst game ever made with the worst technic ever seen. Welcom in the adult World...
  11. How does Pubg expect to compete?

    Fortnite BR is free you get acces to all updates for free. The micro transaction is Just for skins just like R6 siege and it work pretty good so yeah its free plus its way better optimized. Maybe blueballs gonna step up one day. And maybe they gonna hire someone qualified This lack of competence is unbelievable for a company Who has bilions of dollars and millions of gamers playing to their "game"
  12. Yeah but when you look at the current state of the game just say nothing
  13. What was the point of this live? Just looking a dude playing? Just pathetic And when i hear Riggs saying this game runs great on xbox one...
  14. Switching sight

    It takes to long to switch sight especially in a fight. I would love you to add an control like on the dpad. Press 1 time for the holo or the red dot, 2 times for acog and 3 times for 8x
  15. Im totaly aggree with you. When you have 30 millions player playing your game I think you can skip some holidays and work on ur unfinished product. Thats the way a company work. Bluehole company gonna fall if they dont wake up. You cant rest on your achievments