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    stuttering in menu / game?

    no one here will since this is the xbox forum. anyways, I play on an amd 8370, 32 gigs ram, ssd, and gtx760 and I have no stuttering. You might want to see if you have the latest video drivers for your card. I play with view distance on ultra, textures on high, and med on everything else and get a solid 35-40 fps with some slight dips into the 14 fps range when on mirimar map.
  2. LaRock O no Lie

    Anyone else?

    hold the trigger and you stay looking down your scope. once you let up it then cycles the bolt on the kar98. not sure if the same function works on the sks or mini 14, but it works for all the bolt action snipers I have used.
  3. LaRock O no Lie

    Xbox One X settings?

    My one x will run smooth after clearing the cache for about 6 games, then it will become the slideshow fun house whenever anyone is near me or I try and drive a vehicle. Hopefully the next patch will get the one x to be a stable 30 fps.
  4. fail I stink at driving.
  5. LaRock O no Lie

    Xbox One X settings?

    depends on your tv's implementation of HDR. I have read that some peoples' displays are very dark when using HDR. I have mine turned on, and it is fine without any tweaking.
  6. LaRock O no Lie

    Xbox One X settings?

    Make sure you plug the xbox one x hdmi into a port on your tv that supports 4k. My TV only supports 4k on 2 of the 4 hdmi, and they are hdmi 3 or 4. I would of thought hdmi 1 or 2 would be the hi-speed ports. once you get it connected go into your settings on x1x and go to display and you can select HDR and color depth for your 4k. Your tv you want to set to game mode and possibly mess with contrast and brightness,