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  1. GonzoPsk

    Tpp is unplayable

    TPP makes for a million times better video. That is the main reason i play it. I like to see what I have on.
  2. GonzoPsk

    Tpp is unplayable

    Oh boy here goes all my reacts for the day.
  3. GonzoPsk

    pts live in 24-48 hours

    At the start of the game, the loot has a load in delay of a couple seconds from render. this was a fix released a while back to make it more fair of OG and S users. In regards to the mid-game part. First, that sucks, I have it happen, but not all the time. Thats usually just a render delay from all the data being sent to the server and received back by the xbox. I imagine that data (when moving fast and working with other player data) fills up the processor creating a bottleneck when coming in from high speed.
  4. GonzoPsk

    Stats reset, AGAIN?!

    In fact the reset give you more of an advantage with skill matchmaking. Not to mention mid skilled players have a chance to ride on top for a second while the new stats build out. OP, its gonna reset all the time, it does on PC as well. it will probably move from update based to seasons based at 1.0
  5. GonzoPsk

    In depth stat tracker

    Das nice
  6. GonzoPsk

    Pubg is dying!!

    They just dont know it seems. too used to getting fully polished releases from launch, even when there are still a million bugs and a day one patch (I'm looking at YOU Bethesda).