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  1. Trap Itens on game

    exactly, like a tripwire that activates some cans like in fallout or something. the only trap tehre should be would be to make a noisemaker at a door (for late circles in cities) so that when it opens it makes more noise than it already does. best would be if you can set it up behind you when your near edge and listen for sneakers
  2. What’s the back story?

    battle royale was a book before a movie even
  3. FLARE GUN!!!

    It's also about a 1% drop rate I've heard
  4. Thats it....

    RIP OP
  5. You gotta make it count! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/BeaverSalesman/video/45857788
  6. Potentially, though id be fine with having a hard button on dpad to shift between 4x and iron/red dot. I feel i can still realistically peek with my gun angled for that sight, though maybe I can only peek one direction with the side sights? So like the extra sight is on the left hand side of the gun and it twists when activated off dpad (like BF4 angled sights) and since its on the left hand side i can only peek right. if i peek left ill have to look down the straight sight in order to get it to line up. Hope that makes sense. it's easier in my mind eye than it is to describe online
  7. That way you can map it to the d pad as well
  8. I don't know man, battlefield did a good iteration with the angled sight, maybe you could build out a secondary rail. but it would only be irons or red dots you can attach. that would let you shift from a 4x/8x to a red dot for cqb, provided you find one of both for a railed out gun that can take it (SCAR/M416/SKS)
  9. New Weapon - IMBEL IA2

    nice. I would like the SR-25 if possible
  10. Slippers

    sweet. thats what i thought. I checked but couldnt confirm if it did or not (probably shouldnt have been jumping in hot zones while doing so though)
  11. It looks like a rusty potato http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/BeaverSalesman/screenshot/8376292
  12. Hi team! I poked around looking for another topic on this but did not find any so if it's already noted sorry! I noticed that when i would equip helmets/backpacks/armor that the icon would disappear on my HUD, which has lead me to grab a lvl1 forgetting I had a higher level vest on. I took a screenshot the first time I noticed it but ti has happened a few times since as well. Just a heads up for future patches!!! Having trouble attaching the SC directly, but here it is via a link: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/BeaverSalesman/screenshot/8375921
  13. Game crashes post patch 9

    I have had a couple "Network Lag Detected" but zero crashes so far on my OG with a 7200 rpm external HDD (bought before pubg for storage purposes I want that SSD). And I played a lot this weekend, Gf had to work. Did have a match where only 18 joined by the time the plane took off though, and that was fun.