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    Tpp is unplayable

    TPP makes for a million times better video. That is the main reason i play it. I like to see what I have on.
  2. GonzoPsk

    Tpp is unplayable

    Oh boy here goes all my reacts for the day.
  3. GonzoPsk

    pts live in 24-48 hours

    At the start of the game, the loot has a load in delay of a couple seconds from render. this was a fix released a while back to make it more fair of OG and S users. In regards to the mid-game part. First, that sucks, I have it happen, but not all the time. Thats usually just a render delay from all the data being sent to the server and received back by the xbox. I imagine that data (when moving fast and working with other player data) fills up the processor creating a bottleneck when coming in from high speed.
  4. GonzoPsk

    Stats reset, AGAIN?!

    In fact the reset give you more of an advantage with skill matchmaking. Not to mention mid skilled players have a chance to ride on top for a second while the new stats build out. OP, its gonna reset all the time, it does on PC as well. it will probably move from update based to seasons based at 1.0
  5. Legit question as I’m just figuring this out and will now actually pick up the kar and other bolts (not too great with a sniper in this game). Does it rechamber the round while you’re holding rt?
  6. Exactly. Plus you have to think about what mobile does in development. It scales down graphics, overall blocks required for rendering, clutter, actionable items (doors windows etc), and buildings as a whole (ever notice why none of them have doors inside and the layout is a little more basic than the full release?). All of this plays heavily into optimization and the overall assets needed to create a complete game. All of these reductions should absolutely allow for tencent to push the map copy out faster than on the Xbox or on pc. also, tencent is extremely experienced in mobile gaming and optimization. A more experienced team will be able to make a faster port to mobile, especially with the extremely reduced assets.
  7. GonzoPsk

    So H1z1...

    Pubg hadn’t even polished it’s engine fully for pc before it released for that. H1 has had that optimization to its engine making it run smoother on console. H1 is made by a AAA Game studio while bluehole only recently entered the pc and console market. experience plays a lot into optimization as well, so a AAA team will be better able to make a port for console than one that hasn’t made a single console port before. also, they had 9months to port to Xbox from announcement, which at the same time had also coincided wiTh PC 1.0 launch halfway through. H1 has absolutely had more time, overall resources from beginning (pubg is basically crowdsourced if you think about it), and experience than bluehole/pubg Corp. So go enjoy it! When it comes out I’ll probably play again too (it was bad and only on pc last time I touched H1). But I won’t come here to make a post, even if I like it more because posting like this is relatively pointless seeing as it’s the pubg forum and not the h1z1 forums.
  8. GonzoPsk

    In depth stat tracker

    Das nice
  9. GonzoPsk

    Melee & Sidearms While Underwater

    Because this game is for masochists so why not?
  10. I forgot they were on it tbh
  11. GonzoPsk

    Rain and fog.

    Savage has moving weather patterns on the PTS
  12. GonzoPsk

    Rain and fog.

    One part i noticed reading online too was that the rain was just too loud and drowned out steps way beyond what it should. I also remember reading that the PC kids hated the fog because they couldn't see long range.
  13. I really think the best route to take would be a standalone with multiple maps at launch. Too bad their best developer for that is tied up in at least one BF(WW2) potentially another Batllefront, and potentially BC3.
  14. GonzoPsk

    Pubg is dying!!

    They just dont know it seems. too used to getting fully polished releases from launch, even when there are still a million bugs and a day one patch (I'm looking at YOU Bethesda).
  15. I would spend varying levels of BP from 700-5000 for color unlocks. First color is 700, second color is 1400, and so on.makes you have to save BP to get them all, and it never resets the BP counter. That way if you only want one (say blue) then thats all youll ever spend BP on. And the next color will never cost 700 again. add like 5 or 6 and its golden! upvote this shizzzzzz however possible