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  1. Onequick68


    It's how it should be every day.
  2. Onequick68


    Think of how it is for the people that aren't very good. You are always matched with top players right now, always being destroyed by them is no fun at all. All you are saying is you would rather play bad players rather than have a challenge
  3. Onequick68


    Are they ever going to implement a matchmaking system based on rank and skill?
  4. I like the game but there are still so many issues with it. I used to play every day and now I'm down to maybe 1 day a week. One thing I wish they would implement is a good matching system. The one they use now is absolute shit when it comes to being fair
  5. Onequick68


    Not sure. I'll have to look lol
  6. Onequick68


    Man I must really suck then. I play a couple of hours a night generally and I'm in level 3 lol. Now I didn't buy the pass I figured it was a waste. But hey at least I still get to play against people that wreck me all day long instead of a better matching system to make it really fun
  7. Onequick68

    COD vs. PUBG

    I have not played cod yet but I know it will at least be a finished game with minimalor no issues. Pubg is awesome but there are just too many issues with it. Just like the last hotfix was to fix the achievements. Imo who cares. I would rather them fix the issues with the performance.
  8. Onequick68


    Why not complain, we are still dealing with the same issues since this game started
  9. Onequick68


    The issue is they usually fix one thing which for whatever reason creates 10 new problems. With the 1.0 release we should be past these types of issues. Pubg might be fun but a fair amount may leave just to play a smooth running game
  10. Onequick68

    This game

    Regardless whether pubg is better than bf5 or not at least bf5 will be playable. I've had nothing but problems since the 1.0 release. Pubg is nothing but problems except now they cant use the "game preview" excuse anymore
  11. Onequick68

    This season ...

    Have yet to get a win this season lol, always matched with players a ton better than me
  12. If that's the case I'm pretty much done with this game. I'm tired of being matched with players that are extremely better than I am. I've played since it came out and the game is just not fun anymore. I'm not saying I want it to be easy. But a bit more fair would even out the fun for all players.
  13. I cant wait for this, as long as your rank plays into the matchmaking. Otherwise there is no point at all to have it. I don't need to see a shitty rank to know I suck. Matching with pro players is getting quite old in a hurry.
  14. Onequick68

    Ranking system

    Is this ever going to be implemented or not? Every time they reset leaderboards its god awful for me for months
  15. Onequick68

    Whats next?

    I would like to see them implement some sort of ranking system