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  1. Onequick68

    Ranking system

    Is this ever going to be implemented or not? Every time they reset leaderboards its god awful for me for months
  2. Onequick68

    Whats next?

    I would like to see them implement some sort of ranking system
  3. Onequick68

    Here’s a idea

    They shouldn't have rushed it. There is no reason we keep having the same issues. It should be a smooth running game by now. That's the entire point of the "full game"
  4. This really needs to be addressed. It's really not fun when all you do is get wrecked in this game. There has to be a better way to match similar skills and some better players instead of complete opposite sides of the spectrum. I am in the top 1% with a .3 k/d ratio. Which means I suck and shouldn't be there. I'm not saying I want it to be easy, just a bit more fair. Yes I know this is comming and no I don't need to hear or care about the "git gud" comments. They are not helpful and quite frankly is just a stupid thing to say.
  5. Onequick68

    Just my luck

    Would only matter for a very short time. if the difference is that quick then they would surpass them just as quick
  6. Onequick68

    Just my luck

    There are definitely other ways to do the matching. Even if you based it off of kills then everyone would be playing the same skill sets / play styles. Even if you played with a bunch of campers the blue would push you in. With the final circles you could have a big chaotic massacre which could be fun. Where you finish has too much influence in matching. You can get top ten with nothing if you want. Really not that hard to do.
  7. Onequick68


    Didn't say I wasn't happy, I would have just done it differently. A ton of people wanted a trenchcoat, now that everyone has one it's just not worth trying for one in crates anymore. It takes away from the rarity
  8. Onequick68


    They could have done it differently though. I would have also been happy with a choice. If everyone was able to pick just one item they wanted then at least not everyone would have the same stuff
  9. I get it but people are complaining on the odds, either way you don't get to keep them
  10. I get the crate system is still bad. But what does it matter? You cant keep anything from the test server anyway
  11. Onequick68

    Not Playable

    There has been a lot more lag and crashes this last week for me
  12. Onequick68

    1.0 Release

    I hate to say it but it's not ready anyways. It will be the same problems we face now
  13. Onequick68

    New crate system

    Not like it really matters but does anyone know if our clothes transfer over to 1.0? I have a few rare items that I would like to keep
  14. Onequick68

    Erangel 24/7

    I get miramar most, hate it
  15. Onequick68

    Miramar over Erangal??

    Mine is always 90% miramar, as like you I rather dislike that map