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  1. Onequick68

    Ranking system

    I am ranked in the top 3% I know I'm not that good. My k/d is .32 so that says enough. I'm tired of getting matched with players who are 10x better than I am. It just takes the fun out of it. I'm not concerned on the stats it just need to be a more even skill set of players that you play against.
  2. Onequick68

    Ranking system

    Are they ever going to come up with an adequate ranking system? Whatever they call this now it is simply trash
  3. Onequick68

    I'm tired of playing Miramar...

    15 damn mirimar in a row. So freaking annoyed with this awful map
  4. Onequick68

    I'm tired of playing Miramar...

    8 in a row. Total bs. Such a stupid horrible map
  5. Onequick68

    Ranking system

    Are they ever going to make a good ranking system? Im in the top 1.25% which is total bs. I know I suck and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of being matched with people way better than me. I mean come on my k/d ratio is .32. Just wish they would make this game a bit more fair to those of us that don't have the time to play or skills as those we are always matched against.
  6. Onequick68

    Miramar chosen more than Erangel?

    I hate Miramar but I have to play it most of the time, i probably get it 4 out of 5 matches
  7. Onequick68

    Ranking system XP

    Ranking should be done more based on kills and then win ratio. Anyone can hide until the end for a top ten finish with no kills if they wanted. Ranking by kills would bring a more even playing field.
  8. Onequick68

    Game Crashes While Driving

    Just had one where there was only 3 left and it kicked me to the main menu. So frustrating
  9. Onequick68


    This latest update is terrible, the crashing has been 10x worse, hit detection is terrible, reload button doesn't work sometimes, it's laggy. Not sure if the armor even works anymore. The sensitivity shouldn't have been changed. Still issues being able to ready up after games. Also not being able to hear people run up on you, or cars. Along with all of the invisible walls I keep driving into.
  10. Onequick68


    Did they forget to put the armor back on? Its happened multiple times where I get hit once and it takes most of my health, when I check my armor nothing is damaged.
  11. Is there a way to take the controls off of the side of the screen?
  12. Onequick68

    Don't even want to play

    I agree, there is too much broken right now. It's not even fun to play anymore with the amount of things going wrong
  13. Onequick68

    Sound effects

    Yea not sure how that happened
  14. Onequick68

    Sound effects

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in the ability to hear footsteps or cars. Happens all the time now where I can't hear anything and bam they are right next to me