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  1. Babublexter

    Miramar bug

  2. Babublexter

    Give us unlimited time on test server

    Is because "this company" wont do anything right. You should just keep playing happily this greatest game ever and dont come here to cry about whining babies
  3. Babublexter

    Welcome to pubg where you can...

    Well he got M16A4 in his hand and didnt even aim at me.
  4. Almost kill yourself whit shotgun? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/tynnyrinkansi/video/48206090
  5. Babublexter

    Bike fly away

  6. Babublexter

    Grenade Radius is too big

    What if the nade explode same time when it hit the ground or in air?
  7. Babublexter

    Bad news for the complainers!!

    Good joke
  8. Babublexter

    Seems the new strategy.

    His formula is driving. He got more then half of his kills by roadkills
  9. Babublexter

    Seems the new strategy.

    Everyone tries to get top10 because that way you get points for win rating leaderboards. Example there is a guy at rank 3 @ eu tpp win rating leaderboards with only 0,56 k/d 😂
  10. Its funny how some ppl only likes to drive in this game. There is one guy in eu tpp leaderboards who got 761 road kills 🏁... And one day i killed a driver in final circles and looted him (he only got like one weapon and lvl 1 vest)... Keep on driving 🏁
  11. Babublexter

    laaaaa aaaaaa aaag

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Tynnyrinkansi/video/46468503 Gotta love it
  12. Babublexter

    Worst patch I’ve experienced

    I am starting to believe that they cant fix this game.
  13. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Tynnyrinkansi/video/45882431