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  1. Ok since when dud the sks go full auto. We have video my duo is sending me once downloaded of someone killing him with a sks on full auto. No way a human can pull their trigger that fast. I will upload video soon.
  2. Spen1969

    crates are bullsh*t

    Best way to get your point across
  3. Spen1969

    crates are bullsh*t

  4. Spen1969

    crates are bullsh*t

    Yes I total agree let's boycott the crates and tell bluehole to wake up. Worst reward system ever in any game I have ever played and that is since Atari 2600 1979.
  5. I'll help everyone out over the PC post . When you die on pubg in xbox look at the bottom left screen and hit the report button send video and you just reported teamers. I have done this twice now. So yes you can report on xbox.
  6. When you die on xbox look for the report button at bottom left. Thought I would help you out on this . So yes teaming up can be reported on XBOXXX
  7. Yea brace yourself there is nothing wrong with pubg preview lol. Be ready here they come . Cracks me up. This game is screwed yes I said it fan boys come at me.
  8. Wowwwwwww I have to see it to belive it and you are not kidding that is rediclius. This game is getting so screwed up with each patch. When the hell is Microsoft going to take over and stop letting the kids try and fix this game. Wowwww duo and squad lobby are screwed loot gone no sound with enemy close and not hit detection does not exsist. This blows my mind how horriable of development this game is after 7 months. Hey but bluehole sure does baby the PC players.
  9. Started happening to my squad since hot patch a.k.a cold patch. Happen every time we are in duo or squads . Takes for ever to get in a match and check up.
  10. Spen1969

    Excessive queue time's

    Time zone est n,a servers time june 21st 4pm till 12am Cant get in games in duo neither can duo buddy. Have not tried on ju ne 22nd
  11. Spen1969

    Excessive queue time's

    This hot patch has been renamed cold patch
  12. You do realize they have but a reporting system in the xbox version, so this is for both
  13. Well that means they have no common since and need to be band anyway. No this came from xbox . Try and see them
  14. I think that Microsoft leaves it up to developer to band from each title
  15. If they can band my DUo buddy on RB6s trust me pubg can band. My buddy got band for team kill on rbgs for 90 days.