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  1. Spen1969

    Turn this dame achiment crap off

    Thanks this cost us 3 rounds . I guess this new hotfixed did this . Shocker that a hotfixed screwed something else up . Lol
  2. 3 times In a row now with me and my duo buddies have this stupid achiment pop up on bottom of screen during a fight and freezes both our games and we get killed. How do you turn this stupid shot off. It is locking up both our gamebys and making gun fights unplayable.
  3. Spen1969

    Hotfix a joke

    Really this is what this hot fix fixed. What about host connection lost.
  4. Spen1969

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Anyone that says the one x cant handle pubg at 4k with a locked 30 fps knows nothing about console power. The one x is a freaking beast of power. What it boils down to is the developers not knowing how to wright code correctly for a console. Look what AAA company just did with a beta running 88 players last weekend at 60 fps. My one x ran smooth as hell on that beta this weekend. It was like silk. The one x can handle every thing pubg could throw at it. It is just like putting sugar a.k.a ( bad code) in the gas tank of a Ferrari. It will run like shit.
  5. Spen1969

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Should change name from hotfix to notfixed. . I must have down loaded the notfixed patch instead of the hotfix patch . My shit is still not fixed. Still get disconnect from host only now with shitty graphics on my one x with a increase of building not rendering and I have gotten stuck so many times in furniture when not drawn In players are now thinking I am the center piece on the kitchen table and dont even shoot at me. Once again one step forward two steps back. I Guess somethings never change .
  6. I thought they released a hot fix for the one x. I must have dow loaded the notfoxed patch. My shit is still not fixed. Still get disconnect now with shitty graphics.
  7. Spen1969

    Omg this is why blackout will kill pubg

    I played blackout all weekend and the one thing that it does not have is that heart pumping last circle palm wet ending that pubg has. It just doesn't have it. I like it but nothing like pubg. I went back to pubg last night and got 4 dinners and it was so much better. Totally agree and I have reframed from my topic here after playing blackout this weekend. Pubg still king
  8. Spen1969

    Omg this is why blackout will kill pubg

    Reframe from my topic. I played c0d balckout all weekend and it has issues. It plays nothing like pubg and the armour set up it screwed. You get a helment with level 3 and none with level 1 or 2. This causes a major disadvantage. They got to fix this asap . The gun fire is to much like tdm cod and less tactical feel like pubg.i won 5 rounds and never got that heart thumping feeling I yet from pubg. Nothing like a dinner. I have changed my opinion and think Pubg will not suffer at all due to this.if devs can fix the issues and keep adding new content this game will stay on top of BR I think.
  9. Ok after two days of that other new br beta that came out. I have come to a conclusion. It is not pubg by any means. The armour is so screwed. The feel for the last circles does not have that heart pumping feeling pubg does. So all you players that think it will kill pubg and I was one of them . Think again. Pubg keep the game fresh and fix the issues. It was nice to have 60 fps with little to know issues. If pubg can do those two things it will stay on top. The other is just a br of the same aim ass ect crap. Kills are not gratifying
  10. Spen1969

    Omg this is why blackout will kill pubg

    Yea I wont quit pubg love it to much but blackout will take over top spot now. Pubg been in system for 9 months.
  11. My duo buddy and I have been trying to get into a match now for 30 min. Keep getting connection host lost or drops him or me. After 9 months of this tomorrow will be move having a locked 60fps with no issues. God pubg get it together. You could have a great game. I hate cod but from what I have seen so far this is nothing like cod of old.
  12. Spen1969

    Microsoft say we lose sanhok

    If true I am done with pubg. Not a smart move when it looks like cod blackout has raised the bar so high pubg wont survive. That will send me on my way if they do that.
  13. Spen1969

    Better wake up pubg

    I hope so I love pubg but I think blackout has really raised the bar with BR. Runs better looks better with more to do. I hate cod old games. Run and guns sucks. Love tactical games. I hope pubg survives this but my gut says no. They need to push new content fastttttt
  14. Well it is not going to matter. I just played cod blackout and omg. This will kill pubg and I hate regular cod. This is a whole nother level of BR
  15. Yes we all love pubg. But if you have watched some streams of cod blackout . You are worried probly like me for pubg. This game looks and plays unreal for what I have seen. Pubg needs to reall push new content soon or this could be the death of the game. Cod blackout Looks and runs unreal and the added content and all you can do is just flat out amazing. I love pubg and hate to see it lose but this really worries me. I will play cod blackout this weekend on my one x and by Monday I will know if pubg will stay in my system like the last 9 months or might get shelved. I think the later is most likely from what I have seen. What is scary is I hate cod but this is a whole nother level of cod. Best way to sum it up cod blackout is pubg on steroids times 10with today's graphics.