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    Reticle question

    An important thing to keep note of is that the mobile version is made by another studio. Secondly, South Korea (and most of Asia) tends to focus on mobile gaming compared to pc/console. It takes some time to master development of a different system. So whatever you see on the mobile version may come to Xbox/ pc or it may not (you know, different dev team).
  2. To any devs who may be reading this, first and foremost thanks for making a great game. I know that this will likely fall on deaf ears but I’d like to make a suggestion on keeping the community in the loop on how development is going. A weekly post (preferable at the beginning of the week) to say what the week ahead looks like would really help keep the community calmed down (at least I hope). Just an update with: 1. Is a patch planned for the week? 2. If not, is one planned to be submitted to certification testing in the next 2 weeks? 3. What are the top 3 items being worked on (not something general like performance, but like weapon recoil tuning or a new feature)? I feel like just keeping us updated with just little bits of information will help keep those complaining quiet. As someone persuing a degree in coding and running into deep lying bugs, I know how hard it can be to get out of a hole and get moving again. Anyone complaining really doesn’t understand how hard some of this stuff can be. Hope to hear back from a dev/ community manager. Keep up the good work PUBG Corp!