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  1. I’m actually over playing with still so many glitches, now new ones exist when they never did. Picking up back packs then accidentally picking up a lower back pack to find the better one disappear, ammo disappearing - when you can’t pickup anymore and it lets you know but you pick it up anyway, the remaining ammo disappears. Switching out guns with other rifles, then randomly you can’t select your secondary you have to go into the menu to drop it and pick it up. Why have all these appeared? Also vehicles hitting tiny rendered rocks on the side of the road at high speed and exploding, buggies hitting on a minor forward angle and front flipping and exploding, cars flipping in small farm paddocks for no apparent reason. Slow rendering of houses start of game, causing no floors, no steps and no guns to render in. Also entering vehicles on the drivers side but getting put in the back. Markers inside the plane not moving constantly. Car are slamming into cars, driving car explodes, stationary car survives. I have put up with the minor glitches of the original game but how are the new bugs appearing? I fail to see how bringing new guns and emotes will save your crowd of followers. You want to rival fortnite, you need to pick up the game, your losing players by the day. It won’t be 5 million active players soon.
  2. Swift4y02

    Updates that have made a difference.

    I’m aware of different teams, doing different things, but why not invest the time into game stability as it pushes people away from the game. Emotes are just to level the playing field between fortnite and PUBG, only thing is it’s the one thing that sets the games apart. You want to keep PUBG unique and a stable platform so it can be truly enjoyed 100% of the time.
  3. Who all agrees texture fixes and FPS fixes are better than any current upcoming attachments and guns. I much prefer them to continue to work on rendering to make the game cleaner and smoother, optimize their servers and work on the basic start game of quicker loading.
  4. Swift4y02

    PC to Xbox

    I can’t wait for vacinity chat!
  5. Swift4y02

    Roadmap 2018 talk

    No No and No to emotes, forget them, all I want is more stable gameplay. Invest in stabilizing it before emotes please. I rather have 5 patches without content and stability in-game.
  6. I think you may need to revise the area of the explosive impact to players nearby when the car explodes on impact.
  7. So you guys fixed the stats rollover, but it’s broken again. Can we just wipe stats and start again?
  8. This has happened two nights in a row, both nights I have been mid game, solid loot, what on earth is going on? Please explain why people are getting booted from running servers?
  9. Swift4y02

    Can't Tolerate Anymore

    This is the future of gaming my friends, unfortunately, gaming has come to a stand still and it costs HUGE dollars to promote and fund a game such as PUBG, fortunately they made a massive following online with PC gamers posting funny clips and epic kills. Which got xbox gamers insanely interested in PUBG and everyone wanted a piece of the action. This in turn gave the game creators an insane amount of "gamers" to forward test the game for a fraction of the cost which soon = revenue to further develop the game on Xbox without having to pay expert testers and gamers to develop the game and minimising the cost of the game development. Everyone says, it took years to get it running half decent on PC, so its going to take just as long, but in fact, its helped shorten the time line for console gamers and soon enough PS4 will get a taste of PUBG before they know it.
  10. Swift4y02

    No BP for Team killers

    I mean your vote is the only one that counts since you are the one that died. So your vote is final, live or die.
  11. Swift4y02

    No BP for Team killers

    Team Killing is not cool, I say, votekick by the player teamkilled, so if its a mate that accidentally you can vote no, it will require honest judgement. A. This will stop looting players as they will die for TK looting. B. It will deter TK altogether.