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  1. trufflepigg

    PC Gets the Event Pass 😔

    This sounds like a rip off, big time. So they finally created a progression system based on actual in-game challenges, but you need to pay for it? If you don't pay for it, you can participate but get zero rewards but 1 "special reward", wow that is very anti consumer Bluehole. You guys should really be ashamed honestly.
  2. trufflepigg

    What makes you most frustrated?

    honestly when my squad won't shut up, all they do is talk about non PUBG related stuff with no break in the conversation and I never can hear anything like footsteps etc. I swear my squad games are all garbage but when I play solo I'm nearly always top 10
  3. trufflepigg

    How do you dodge bullets in a field?!

    the best advice is not to get in that position, moving to the circle is priority number one in the last 40 survivors. But yeah, the best strategy is always to turn and fight if you possibly can because it completely throws off the attacker and surprises them especially if you whip around and land one shot on them they will take cover and now the tables have turned. IF you have no idea where the shots are coming from, I just pray
  4. trufflepigg

    Finished Game or What?

    You guys are arguing about nonsense right now lol the game preview was rushed, end of story, it's not always the case for a game preview, but in this case, it was heavily marketed and bundled with new consoles and the game preview title can be misleading. To me and most others this is a beta test that we paid for. False advertising is to blame here
  5. trufflepigg


    quit to dashboard before every game and you'll reduce crashing by about 90%, works for me, I have no crashed in forever
  6. trufflepigg

    Loot is so over-rated!

    it's super easy to make it to top 10 with zero weapons, but it's also super unfun and boring imho although if you ever get 1st with just your fists, please record it, has it ever been done?
  7. trufflepigg

    Remove the Redzone. Now.

    Red zone is always avoidable except when you're running to the zone and it appears on you or in your path and you must keep running or the Blue will hit you. Even then, we could blame you for poor time management or not having enough meds to take cover and med through a storm though I haven't tested it, it seems if you run the shortest distance out of a red zone when it spawns on you they provide you enough time to always survive and make it to the outer edges of the red zone where bombs don't actually land. Also remember, bombs don't land in water
  8. trufflepigg

    Remove the Redzone. Now.

    I have never died to the redzone in PUBG and have over 250 hours of gameplay. You are doing it wrong op fyi for you guys unaware - the outer edges of the red zone never receive bombs, ever, so you can be in the redzone and be safe still, and most players will assume you can't possibly be outside in the red zone aimed down your scopes looking for them
  9. trufflepigg

    Keep looting or help teammate?

    I go help even if i have no weapons, if my teammates die right away I quit out and we try again. spectating is boring and people who care so much about stats are kinda silly a few days ago buddy got downed, I ran over with no weapons and somehow i killed him with one punch and he had an M16 with terrible aim (he was low health) and got the revive, it was epic, and totally worth the risk
  10. i generally don't find a reason to let them live unless you have medium range on them and they can't find cover, then bait is good. The thing is, the loot they drop is bait in itself so the revived team mate is just a risk, better to bait them with the downed loot. Plus, I'm always 1 man squad so it makes no sense to take the risk I think the real question is, when you guys come across a disconnected player, do you kill them or let them be? I one time let a guy be, then went off to my own business, and he killed me a couple minutes later lol, if only he knew
  11. Vehicles blow up too easily, please change this. Right now, if a vehicle lands on its roof in a roll there is a high chance of it blowing up (bike is insta death in this case). Please just remove this completely, it really sucks to hit a small bump and blow up, the damage when rolling is ok as that adds some randomness to when the car rolls and yeah it makes some sense. Here is my game clip I was stacked up and hit an unexpected ridge like an idiot and blew up instantly also I wish I could have recorded more of this game I had a clutch 4 man wipe here, waited for the other 2 as you'll see and grenade got them, sorry for the long video the crash is at the very end http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trufflepigg/video/53656262
  12. trufflepigg

    More loot in Squad than in Solo?

    maybe, that's why you man up and play solo squad. You have not beaten PUBG until you have a solo squad dinner and many squad wipes under your belt op
  13. trufflepigg

    Storm campers

    really never seen this, i thought your thread meant people camping in the zone waiting for late comers - which is a totally legit strategy for punishing them it makes no sense to stand outside the zone and pound meds back, rarely do you have enough meds to last you more than the first zone anyway and that area is massive, makes no sense to me op
  14. trufflepigg

    I like Miramar better

    Agreed, but i dunno if there is a solution assuming it truly is randomized. Then obviously fields will be 90% of end games, because, well...fields are 90% of the environment lol. If they made an algorithm that preferred landmarks then people would camp those areas...at the same time, that might not be a bad thing it would just create even more activity around the land marks that we seemingly never have gun fights in.
  15. trufflepigg

    I'm disappointed with PUBG's AK

    No thanks, 99% of us are more concerned with being able to identify the weapon without going into inventory