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  1. trufflepigg

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    it's only for 20XP so who cares really
  2. trufflepigg

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    -Very difficult to ready up with friends -No weapon variety -Weapons we get have stupid attachments I stopped playing cuz I don't want to use the MK14 90% of the time, it's boring. I wish it was one primary crate weapon and then a random secondary weapon that is a normal gun but decked out (ie. UMP 14 with all attachments etc.). The weapons are just so boring it's wild, makes me realize I don't care about crate weapons anymore in the regular BR mode, they aren't as great as I believed apparently
  3. trufflepigg


    Lost Connection to host is a major problem that really pisses me off honestly. It happens about 50% of all games we play to someone in the squad, so we all have to back of the game. Look at the number of players every time the game starts, it's usually under 90 and that's exactly because of this bug. Then the rest of the squad bails out and watch 10 more people die in the ocean because they left the game for their one squad mate. It's ridiculous, if you follow the plane to the end and just land with all the AFK's you can rack up 5+ kills nearly every time, all because of this problem. It's driving us all mad, why isn't this fixed yet?
  4. Because you switched my weapon on me when I used a grenade. How many times BlueHole? Change this pleassssse. I hate it, every time I throw a grenade then need to quickly pull out my gun I'm on the wrong gun! ARGH..was just owning with a silenced UMP9 on full auto and had my single fire sniper as secondary and throwing grenade got me killed since I didn't expect to pull out a 6x sniper on the guy in front of me.
  5. trufflepigg

    I’m so damn thirsty for sanhok dinner.

    maybe 3-5 dinners on Sanhok I dunno, right now I'm trying to get a solo win for those sunglasses and it's driving me nuts. I got one solo win the first time i played the map, but then you gotta get the pass, unlock the previous requirements, then get a solo win. HELLLLPPPPPP lol
  6. trufflepigg

    1.0 performance and a thank you

    I still get unable to join host / lost connection to host / black screen all the time. Probably at least 15% off all games have these errors.
  7. trufflepigg

    The AUG is a Thing of Beauty

    The AUG has insane recoil on full auto I was really disappointed with how my aim was so shoddy trying to hit someone on full auto about 50m away. Guess I'll stick to the ump for my full auto long range engagements lol
  8. trufflepigg

    Don't be that person

    Don't be the person who says "Let Me Drive", after I went hunting for a vehicle and came and picked all your asses up right before the zone was going to hit you.
  9. trufflepigg

    How loud do you have your headset?

    I just wish I could control my individual squad mate volumes. I basically only hear obnoxious squad mates 90% of the time
  10. trufflepigg

    What game do you prefer?

    COD is fun for sure, but it doesn't have the same strategy and tactical approach to engagements. Basically it's run and gun BR. I'll be buying COD and probably it will be like a 70/30 split for my time for PUBG/COD ultimately, Bluehold should be nervous because they are going to lose a lot of players for sure. Likely a 35% drop easily in the playerbase.
  11. trufflepigg

    Winchester scope please

    I agree, nobody uses it and that's not what they are aiming for. Allow 2X may be useful, like a short range poor mans 98k
  12. trufflepigg

    PUBG/Blackout Comparison and Review

    I think they both have a place in my gaming rotation going forward, but PUBG wins out by a bit. Super intense final circles in Blackout just like PUBG i found
  13. trufflepigg

    Snow map, night mode and C4 oh my!?!

    Hope this turns out to be real and they add night vision optics for the night map, exciting!
  14. trufflepigg

    UMP OP

    I don't think it's OP, but it's my fav gun and I use it every single game with half grip + compensator + 2x and it's crazy good. That being said, the damage is lower than the rifles and the effective range is much less, so there is a trade off. I love it because it has no recoil basically and I use full auto. If I catch someone first, they usually are dead before they can turn around. If I'm engaging a sniper, I'm usually dead. That's the way it goes.
  15. trufflepigg

    Full Product Release lmao

    Can't disagree, this happens to me all the time, same with lost connection to host and black screen to dashboard. I think there is around a 25% failure rate on console for me anyways, game is garbage but addicting. The dev team should be embarrassed to call this a full release, the game does not work and does not run good.