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  1. trufflepigg

    What happened to this game?

    At least make your story believable..."looting for 20 minutes and only got a pistol"....riiiiiggghhhhht, that's the games fault I'm sure
  2. True...but Halo Reach wasn't an abomination to me that Halo 4 was, plus it was like a spin off title. Halo was amazing, much like PUBG...nothing lasts forever though and poor management and greed will make the best games turn to shit
  3. meh...Halo isn't something anybody cares about anymore, in fact 343i completely tarnished the Halo name to a point that I'd feel embarrassed promoting such a shit franchise now. And I was a crazy Halo fan back in the day, I'm so salty still
  4. trufflepigg

    This game... sometimes...

    Thanks for describing a common game session in PUBG! LOL
  5. trufflepigg

    Horizontal movement post update 2

    I can't walk in a straight line any more.....wtf? Is this intentional?
  6. trufflepigg

    When was the last big update.

    Did you fix lost connection to host yet? Me and my squad stopped playing because of this bug
  7. Yeah, I'm out as well. Lost Connection to Host just makes me smdh every night I can't believe it's still ongoing
  8. trufflepigg


    why bother reporting it? It happens to every single player all the time, wtih no rhyme or reason, friends, randoms, duo's, squads, solo squad's, fresh reboot, does not matter. This single error along makes me quit the game, and makes my friends quit too. When you try for 15 minutes to get a sqauds game and quitting re-starting over and over it's just a joke, and the joke is on the devs cuz we all leaving over this bug. Really pathetic, I have no words to express my discontent with this one single bug that has been ignored. It should be all hands on deck this bug breaks your game PUBG, it makes us hate everything about this game, on top of everything else. /rannnnnnt
  9. they still haven't fixed lost connection to host, this problem alone has plagued every damn game for like 4-5 months. What a joke, they deserve to get slaughtered by COD honestly. I hope they do, every single squads game in PUBG we have a 50% chance of someone getting lost connection to host, if not, then a chance of black screen crash to dashboard before the game even loads. What. A. Joke.
  10. trufflepigg

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    PUBG is a better BR game but the bugs and crashes make me prefer hopping on COD, i suspect many people will also feel this way. PUBG Corp doesn't care or doesn't have proper management to get their stuff up to par I dunno and I don't care anymore they had 1 year to get it right and they failed, end of story.
  11. trufflepigg

    Combine bullet loops.

    I think they need to buff the winchester damage, and the crossbow reload time should be cut in half
  12. trufflepigg

    Something I'm excited for

    I think overall pubg is much better than blackout, but I'll be playing BO this weekend for sure. Make this thread next week lol
  13. trufflepigg

    What are the devs doing?!

    I agree with you 100%, I hate this game so much, and love it at the same time. Last night I wanted to throw my controller at my TV and I never rage at video games. De-Sync, black screen, lost connection to host, absolutely atrocious UI and menu bugs galore Get it together PUBG, you're a joke
  14. trufflepigg

    Another Successful Night

    I disagree, game is absolute trash for me. Yesterday I got disconnected from host 3 times in a row and on the 3rd time I said to my squad just play without me, I feel bad making you guys all keep backing out. Also black screened to dashboard last night Also had desync so bad last night I was running up to a guy laying prone in the grass facing away from me, and he killed me while no even looking at me. I was in full rage mode by the end of the night I honestly don't know why I play this abomination of a game. It's absoultely terrible and you should feel terrible for making a thread saying how good it's running? It's by far the worst optimized game I've ever paid money for.,
  15. trufflepigg


    It's a strategy, you ever tried carrying 8+ grenades in prep for the final circle? It means having very little meds and only one primary becuase you can't hold all the ammo for both. It's a legit strategy and you have to plan for it