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  1. Movement Need's Improving!

    Agreed hope we get an official response to acknowledge this is being looked at
  2. kar98k

    then use it yourself, and record a clip for us showing how easy you are pawning noobs it's hard to score headshots, good luck
  3. Ambushing is great fun and the best pay off the game offers imo when you take down an entire squad on solo squads. You need to prepare as someone said above to DBNO every squad member. The only way you're getting out is if you've planned a quick escape after 1 kill and loot or you are fully prepared to DBNO the entire squad for 4 kills. My advice, after the first down, run to a new spot in the house with a new vantage point. Make sure the DBNO guy can't see you if you haven't killed him cuz he'll be calling you out. Finally, your ambush wasn't the greatest. I go in the rooms where the door swings open and leaves a space to squat, I place 2 med kits or something like that, everyone picks these up without thinking twice. Sometimes I jump out the window, prone in a bush or grass after the first ambush kill, and then wait for the rest of the team. So fun though, can't disagree with that.

    ya my suggestion is stop playing, this game is frustrating because it's a POS. Others will defend it, but I agree with OP. I get angry too. To me, it feels that Bluehole is wasting my time, disrespecting my time. I guess I'm getting older, I'm 32....but, when I spend 30 + minutes for a pay off of black screen / crash to dashboard while driving into the final circle, it makes me really want to not play another match. My time is valuable and I'll spend it on a game that doesn't waste it, that's as simple as it is.
  5. Vehicle damage

    Ya, it's silly. They make design decisions, then flip flop to the polar opposite without much of an explanation. Whatever, seems easier to kill people in cars now. I one shotted my Kar98k yesterday, killed 1 passenger, they turned around, killed 2nd pasenger, 3rd guy got out and he got me but the circle got them after I'm 99% sure please make vehicle damage a lot more, player damage the same, and gas 40% less in all vehicles that spawn
  6. Team killers

    I've been enjoying this game so much more since I just started playing solo squad. The social interaction side of this game can honestly be exhausting if you're constantly pairing with new random people. I can never trust anyone not to murder me, even if they are friendly. I've had super friendly guys add me to friends list, then murder me for not driving 100% perfectly and the car flipped etc. Or just annoying screaming jerks, I just am over it. Solo squads all day everyday and I do so much better in terms of finishing top 10 consistantly. You can also stealth hardcore on other squads, way more fun.
  7. This Plague Is Killing My Fun

    ok now that I've watched the clip....bro, you only hit him one time lol you weren't even soft aiming or anything, you gotta soft aim at that distance or you're just spraying praying with a shotty
  8. This Plague Is Killing My Fun

    if I'm using the S1897 or whatever it is, the pump action one, I hold it only until basically any other option but if I do get in an engagement, you always aim for the head with the shotgun it can 1 shot someone to the head I've scored a insta kill with it at like 20 meters, it's surprising actually. But I still think it's the worst weapon in the game excluding pistols
  9. 1 solo dinner but more importantly 2 solo squad dinners - the most fun game mode in PUBG and for the real champions
  10. READ: Bluehole Inc.

    and this is actually true and the world is flat what you gonna do? nobody cares we are living in this messed up of a reality
  11. You need to literally tap it in bursts to make zero sounds. This game is hardcore sound whoring if you haven't figured that out its why I keep killing you i even hear the enemy go from crouch to stand when they are room camping. You have to basically not move
  12. Black Screen All needs said

    Yup, it's a joke. I usually end my game session for the night when it crashes, screw it. They should have never launched the game if it crashes like 25% of games.
  13. Last circle timer frozen for over 3 mins

    If that's the case, teleport the last 2 teams to spawn island with 1 tick of health and a pistol each for sudden death mode
  14. Last circle timer frozen for over 3 mins

    That's hilarious ^^ I always was curious what the deal was with the very last circle, so it closes to the size of one player but never completely collapses? I also always wondered what happens when it ends in a multi level building or like you said bunker and you can still go outside. So if it goes to the size of one player head, can you have a 2nd player say on a 2nd level of a house in the zone at the very end? Or does it collapse vertically as well?
  15. Confession

    I do this all the time, good fun, gets a bit boring sometimes wondering what I'm doing with my life as 4 minutes pass and I stand still in an empty bedroom I will admit, I once did this strategy and when the guy entered the room, I emptied an entire AKM clip but all the bullets were clipped off on the corner of a dresser I was standing next to and the guy turned around, probably pissing his pants, and killed me. That was the moment I realized I am indeed wasting my life