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  1. Team killers

    Ya it was stupid worst thing is they invited me on there party chat.
  2. Team killers

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Joshua144/video/45808186# if anyone knows these guys let them know they are idiots. And I won’t be giving up my weapon to them lol
  3. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    I have the Astro a40s. Good headset I think anyways.
  4. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    Can’t wait to try it out.
  5. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    I just started using a headset thought it was messed up. There was always a almost static noise like wind possibly in the background. Glad it wasn’t just me heating that.
  6. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    Sounds good can’t wait.
  7. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    @PUBG_RoboDanjal how do we go about getting on test servers once they are active.
  8. Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Ya a40s is what I got. Would like a50s since they are wireless but can’t pass up a good deal.
  9. First video

    Thanks. Have my ups and downs. Mostly downs lol.
  10. Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Think gen 3. Came with the pro amp
  11. First video

    Ya lol. Was a good match.
  12. Post-a-Clip

  13. First video

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Joshua144/video/45436653 first upload. Must be an easy way to do this.
  14. Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Want to hook them up to my computer see what that’s all about.
  15. Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Ya really like them. Got them for 85 on eBay.