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  1. Subz3r0

    Car engine keeps running

    i experienced the same, buggy idling forever and no way to stop it, i'll try the touch hint
  2. Subz3r0

    Teaming and Cheating

    let's build a 99 people team and play against pajama dad 😎
  3. Check monitor manual, in some monitors freesync only works with displayport
  4. Subz3r0

    Controller NEEDS PATCH PC

    well, my 2 cent: I used controller on PC because i started playing pubg on xbox and i was more confident with gamepad and press f to open doors press c to crouch, q, e, wasd, r, 1234567890 c v z x, shift to run seemed a bit too complicated.at start and i was killed while i was looking at the keyboard Then the last fps I played on PC was Quake but now i'm slowly Learning mnk I didn't even notice this vertical recoil slider (wtf!?)
  5. it would be great to have a server ping indicator, just minutes before i was playing and NA server was a lot better than EU server, please explain this
  6. Subz3r0


    yes, and extreme lag when works, there's another thread also 😑😡
  7. Subz3r0

    Servers busy

    and super lag issues when working😡
  8. Subz3r0


    what happens? 😒
  9. Subz3r0

    Headset help

    i use this for pubg
  10. I invested €13 for a discounted PUBG steam code and I'm in the future
  11. Subz3r0

    RENDERING xbox one original

    anyway is not only xbox fault, i had some issues like your vid in some matches and in other ones didn't, so it's also a server issue, like when is overloaded
  12. Subz3r0

    RENDERING xbox one original

    not bad performance for internal, I never tried internal because for transportability I installed all on external, but now I would like to see Xbox one elite ( 1 tb SSHD) performance comparison