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  1. You have a brightness slider in game settings too, did you try it?
  2. Subz3r0

    Legendary weapons idea

    I would like this extremely rare weapon in airdrop
  3. Subz3r0

    Key and Crate system for Xbox

    I've got a locked aviator crate, hope you resolve
  4. Subz3r0

    Game Crash? Monitor no Signal

    i downloaded killer instinct and played 1440p max settings with no problem, please someone resolves this issue with pubg, I bought pubg because of xbox one pubg and now I bought a new video card, damn it! I should have kept the money in my pocket! 🤬🤬 and should have learnt the lesson before, stupid pc
  5. Subz3r0

    Game Crash? Monitor no Signal

    same experience, I load the game and as soon as the main menu appears with my character the monitor turns black but everything seems to be running fine, I'll try the trick win+d alt F4 enter to see if the pc shuts down.
  6. Subz3r0

    PUBG Process has crashed at the launch

    Dammn I just installed this morning the new video card and nothing is working, but it's not the card's fault 🤬🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😡
  7. Please devs make this the only controller possible in pubg
  8. Subz3r0


    no kids yet, but I have another Kinect with usb adapter on the X 😉, but eventually if I will have kids there will be Xbox Two before they are able to play 😀
  9. Subz3r0


    level3 basket
  10. Subz3r0

    I blame my XBOX 🤣

    wtf??!? 😅
  11. Subz3r0


    bring old xbox one 500gb with Kinect + 2 games and get a new xbox one S 500gb for 1€. Would you do it or not? I already have project scorpio edition
  12. Subz3r0


    very often on eu server, eu server is shit. temp solution is to switch to NA server
  13. Subz3r0

    Car engine keeps running

    i experienced the same, buggy idling forever and no way to stop it, i'll try the touch hint
  14. Subz3r0

    Teaming and Cheating

  15. Subz3r0

    Teaming and Cheating

    let's build a 99 people team and play against pajama dad 😎