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  1. nik1703

    How did he get up there

    It's definitely the same dude you were fighting outside. He has exactly the same outfit and helmet. It's pretty obvious, you were healing/diddlydaddling for like 20 seconds between when you last saw him and when you left the room, he had plenty of time to go in and go upstairs. You got bamboozled
  2. nik1703

    Inconsistent weapon damage

    The only thing u missin is ur shots brah
  3. nik1703

    Custom Games: What We Want and Need

    ^^ This I'll add a bit/modify based on what i think is realistic: 1. Ability to spawn with whatever items the creator selected (Ex: Being able to select if you have a weapon & armor when you parachute down & select what it is) 2. Ability to restrict any item 3. Ability to Change Item Drop % 4. Ability to Change Time, Size, damage and Speed of Circle 5. Ability to enable/disable red zone 6. Ability to Increase power of weapons and resistance of armor Unnecessary, throws off the meta too much. 7. Ability to create any Sized Teams you want (Ex: 50 vs 50, 25 v 25 v 25 v 25, ect...) Remember 50 v 50 on fortnite? the sever lagged like crazy having 50 people in one city. Pubg would just explode. 8. Ability to change Rarity of Attachments 9. Ability to change how much things weigh If you have a team of 4 holding 30 grenades and 30 smokes each, you'd probably crash the sever if you started throwing them all at once 10. Ability to change Weapon Table of Care Packages Too granular 11. Ability to change Weapon Table of Houses Too granular 12. Ability to Deselect/Select Clothes spawn 13. Ability to change Amount of BP Earned R u srs? Lol 14. Ability to change More Weather Options We already have this 15. Ability to change amount of Ammo coming with a weapon 16. Vehicles enabled/disabled (and which vehicles)
  4. nik1703

    4x & 6x zeroing....

    zero starting @ 50m on the 3x & 4x would be nice. A lot of the time in a clutch situation where I might only have one useable gun, i don't have time to swap the optic off my gun for something under 100m. IRL i have a 4-12x hunting scope on my AR15 and I can adjust elevation/wind to whatever i want. It's not even a fancy expensive one, haha
  5. nik1703

    Add vault/jump separation option.

    Would be awesome
  6. nik1703

    Add loot to big maps

    How bout build your own shelter and find a toilet before your bladder-o-meter gets full? Lol. Idk, there's nothing more frustrating to me than dying because someone else has a gun and i don't, or i have a revolver and they have an AR, or whatever.
  7. nik1703


    what are you talking about? landing in a tiny circle with guns and respawn, yup - just like the normal game!
  8. nik1703

    The Mutant

    i think it's good as a single shot DMR. burst feels weird. IMO you have to have a vertical grip.
  9. nik1703

    UMP bug + lazer beryl = chicky

    I've seen choco and shroud use OTS aim. It's really just situational. OTS aiming is faster than ADS, so if you're CQC and you need to react quickly, OTS is what you want also what's the deal with laser on the beryl?
  10. nik1703

    UMP bug + lazer beryl = chicky

    pretty sure he just did that to be a troll/prove a point about the bug that won't die
  11. nik1703

    Good event mode, bad gun choice.

    I agree. I feel like the guns should be fully equipped. Or at least certain guns.
  12. nik1703

    Hardcore on all maps???

    I think OP may have the left & right sticks confused. One of those people that runs in circles while looking at the ground. RIP OP
  13. nik1703

    Hardcore on all maps???

    If you break a cookie in half, do you have more cookie?
  14. port settings have nothing to do with bandwidth priority on your network. Priority settings vary by modem type, login to your modem's admin interface and poke around for it. Though, if you don't have enough bandwidth on your network to play videogames, you should probably get a faster connection - because it doesnt take much.