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  1. Erangel Police

    Who got the NICO Loot?

    i agree they cant of been advertised well i never saw them either nor did any of my friends (ive got loads of friends, more than you could ever imagine, tons of 'em) and i agree again they should be skins like on Ark, would be much better. @PUBG_RoboDanjal can you make this happen man we need this!!
  2. Erangel Police

    Who got the NICO Loot?

    dont worry about it, we all get 'em. besides, your the most polite, nicest person i've seen on this forum dont worry about it x
  3. Erangel Police

    Flare Gun - call in your own care package

    'Flare Gun is a special weapon that can be used to call in a care package to your location. Just aim it up, fire the flare and the airplane will drop a superior care package on that location. Only a limited number of Flare Guns will spawn in small single-story houses throughout the map (at this time only in Event Mode), but finding one is going to be worth your time!'
  4. for those interested and unaware, this weeks 'event' on pc looks pretty cool, should they bring it to the game? http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1652133167124495279
  5. Erangel Police

    Weekly loot crates

    got the same crap lol
  6. Erangel Police

    Weekly loot crates

    yeah they've reset now
  7. Erangel Police

    Weekly loot crates

    ah good point! forgot about the clocks
  8. Erangel Police

    Weekly loot crates

    still haven't reset mate should of reset 39 mins ago
  9. Erangel Police

    Weekly loot crates

    mine not reset either, just turned xbox off turning back on to check again. @PUBG_RoboDanjal
  10. Erangel Police

    Motion interpolation?

  11. Erangel Police

    Sell to Microsoft

    Microsoft Studio are already involved in the Xbox version of PUBG. Go moan to Nico, Executive Producer at Microsoft who is 'currently focused on PUBG'
  12. Erangel Police


    Im getting really bad lag spikes pretty much every game, why? Are they due to the game/server or me/my internet? any way I can fix it cos its really REALLY f**king annoying!
  13. Erangel Police

    Worst patch I’ve experienced

    yesterday after I uninstalled and reinstalled the game (as with every patch) It was great, but today it seems quite bad, fck knows why
  14. Erangel Police

    Patch 11 Deadzone?

  15. Erangel Police

    (A) & (X) To loot Is Nice.

    'Its simple, previously (from the inventory menu) you could use X to pick up a gun, now you can't, you must use A.' yep thats all thats changed about it right? the way ppl talking about it i thought they meant looting without doing it via inventory screen