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  1. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    so what? grow up. you are not a mod.
  2. Nico.... WHY?

    Im British, I complain, its what i do best!
  3. Nico.... WHY?

    don't get me wrong i do appreciate the communication and all that, lets see what this new patch brings, because the last one was nice imo, even the hotfixes seemed to bring improvements elsewhere
  4. Nico.... WHY?

    probably true, notice his new twitter picture.... lol
  5. Nico.... WHY?

    now your being completely over the top, chill.
  6. Nico.... WHY?

    for example, I may of expected changes such as brightness settings, which are neither bug fixes nor major content, just to clarify
  7. Nico.... WHY?

    so saying 'a few bug fixes' but secretly meaning there are alot of bug fixes including performance & optimisation is being transparent? quite the opposite mate lol
  8. Nico.... WHY?

    not at all mate, and i was not expecting any major drops, and am more than happy with bug fixes, optimisations etc - all im saying is Nico hyped it abit then played it down abit, but then maybe he did have reason to hype it in which case i say then why play it down in saying just some bug fixes not major content? but again, please dont take it as me being other the top/crying etc because thats not me
  9. Nico.... WHY?

    people like me? calm down, im sure my comments dont bother devs as much as it seems to bother you.
  10. Nico.... WHY?

    lol no worries kizy. though who did expect a major content drop? not me, but did expect something more than a few bug fixes, but you are right it could cover alot, as patch 10 did more than expected
  11. Nico.... WHY?

    So, after hyping patch 11 around 17 hours ago, microsoft executive producer Nico turns round and says its nothing more than a few bug fixes.... yeah nice one Nico you nob. https://twitter.com/nico_bihary/status/975916122867351554
  12. PSA: Reminder About Dead Zone

    @PUBG_RoboDanjal @PUBG_Tamat would you know if this a still existing issue and if so when it may be addressed? It might be my OCD but its a pain going into settings every game and adjusting deadzone up one and back again in the hope it is what i have it set as, thanks for any info.
  13. Who got the NICO Loot?

    the warrior pack, a set of clothing.
  14. Lack of community info on forums

    this still there
  15. Who got the NICO Loot?

    https://twitter.com/nico_bihary/status/975841308249022464 https://twitter.com/nico_bihary/status/975845351595810816 https://twitter.com/nico_bihary/status/975847590376873984