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  1. Stop proning in final circles.

    Same, more camper in third person, campers you can’t see cause of view, first person at least if there camping you can catch them looking out window, unless they are super pansy sitting in a bathroom not moving or anything just waiting lol
  2. Stop proning in final circles.

    I find it funny when I walk up to someone proning especially in a Ghillie suit and just full auto then while they try to turn around in time lol I also find it funny when shooting people from distance and they just prone, idk why people haven’t realized that the grass only renders in at a certain distance for each individual player, so proning In your screen may feel safe but on someone else screen your just laying in the open lol
  3. Your ideal loadout!

    I'm surprised soo many ppl use the vert over the angled, the angled gives better stats Also im a very mobile player/fighter, always moving and trying to find fights soo i find it better
  4. Idk why, its an optional thing, like on PC you can turn it off lol
  5. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    They have it in there mind that people like the clothing, People mainly pick up the Long Jackets (Cause they look cool) Other then that everything else is a waste, but they dont realize that, they will probably never take away clothing loot
  6. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    Customization: We will add in-game Player Customization Options, emotes and more. We want to offer a wide range of options for you to customize your character in style. This IMO is a waste of time, And i feel they should implement a Fortnite Style Shop, This isnt PC where you can sell your items on Steam, This is Xbox so the items are actually worthless, Just let us Buy BP, Win BP From Matches and Buy what we want.... I Know most people hate micro transactions i do too, but id rather be able to buy BP and just buy the items i want instead of buying keys and open a crate at a chance at getting garbage (Ive bought about 10-20 keys on PC Hoping to get something Steam Market Worthy, Got absolute Garbage) And Trust Me, If they Implement Locked Crates, and you have to Buy Keys for 1.99 a Piece, Just to get endless Common garbage, you guys will hate it lol
  7. Roadmap 2018 talk

    I play both
  8. Roadmap 2018 talk

    Go be a Forum warrior in PC Section
  9. Roadmap 2018 talk

    I coulda swore you just commented about tons of Roadmap discussions on my post, so how about you go to the PC Section and read the many roadmap discussions over there
  10. Roadmap 2018 talk

    Why is PC Road map in Xbox Section
  11. Cooking Grenades

    you cant put it back if you've started the cook, if you've only pulled and held RT you can put it back
  12. Cooking Grenades

    you cant put it back if you've started the cook, if you've only pulled and held RT you can put it back Wrong PErson
  13. Cooking Grenades

    Pointless Method, were here to play a Game you forget 1 part lol Four buttons to effectively use grenades. - D-Pad to equip/toggle nades _-RT to Get Throw Ready - LB to change throw motion (LT-Controller type B) - LT to pull the pin (cook) (LB Controller type B) - Release RT the throw
  14. Cooking Grenades

    yes you can, just press Y and it goes back
  15. Cooking Grenades

    So you cant put it away after you cooked, soo they are going for realistic, if thats the case then they should take away the red line was just testing it to see if it would work I Still think the simpler way of just Pulling and Holding and being able to put it away with Y would be Better for Console