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  1. Darth Ioannis

    Servers still down!

    Going well guys!
  2. Darth Ioannis

    Servers still down!

    I am now connecting to a game!!! Let’s see...
  3. Darth Ioannis

    Servers still down!

    This is hilarious. I just opened my Xbox but when I saw that it was not connected I laughed. Some people might cry but they were testing it 3 weeks and now they cannot get it to play right.
  4. Darth Ioannis

    Is the update up, I cant see it?

    Thanks. If anyone knows please let us know
  5. Darth Ioannis

    Is the update up, I cant see it?

    Ok but the update is the last patch? Correct?
  6. Darth Ioannis

    Is the update up, I cant see it?

    So the update is the one we are waiting for or should we download it at 7 am pdt?
  7. Higher fire rate equals a faster kill. And this stands for most weapons in the game.
  8. I totally agree with you!
  9. 60 FPS? very, very optimistic
  10. So you did 8 kills with it and ask the developers to change the characteristics that actually helped you to make such a good game? wow that’s again an original post! When the game came out I used to drive a car around and it helped get chicken dinners but it never passed my mind to ask developers to make cars blow up easier.
  11. That’s a first one! A very clever way to ask them to nerf the weapon that’s just killed them... nice move!
  12. So it had better stayed as a preview. Now we are screwed!
  13. Darth Ioannis

    Update time is here

    The online mode will open a few days/weeks later. Until then we will have minimum 60+ hours of campaign to enjoy. I can't wait to play a proper game!!!
  14. Darth Ioannis

    Update time is here

    Not gonna happen. Every serious gamer I know will be playing RDR2 on Friday and after that they will jump to BF V for some serious multiplayer experience.
  15. Darth Ioannis


    The update will come at 25 so we will have all day long to play pubg properly (if the update is not a mess with desync and other issues) and the day after everyone will be playing more serious games like RDR2.