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  1. Chmona

    Freeze and unfreezing ingame

    Same since update 15
  2. Placebo. Performance is getting better as they are adjusting the servers to the new patch just like any patch.
  3. Some peeps hate change. Both maps are awesome. Random means random. Loot and map selection are random...
  4. I was number 1 in solo and top 100 in duo...i dont give a fuck about stats. looking forward to doing it up again. Calm down op.
  5. I use the razer controller. Cheaper and very useful.
  6. Its a small step forward. In solos it was deffinetly a smidge smoother after patch. Duos and squads didnt see much of a change.
  7. Chmona

    What's your rank?

    Where is rank 1?
  8. No noticable diff? Mission accomplished! After patches 8 and 12 you could notice the bad right away.
  9. Chmona

    Note for Patch 13

    Idk. Maybe a reinstall will fix it. I didnt have any issues tho.
  10. Chmona

    Note for Patch 13

    Eh wasnt condescending. U mad bro?
  11. Chmona

    Note for Patch 13

    You tried to help someone that has no soul!
  12. Chmona

    Note for Patch 13

    Ping isnt everything. as long as your under 80 your cool. Now having a shady isp or playing on wifi will deffinetly mess you up. Bufferbloat is also bad thing for those with small amounts of bandwidth ( like <10mbs)
  13. Chmona

    Note for Patch 13

    Did u put pts on the ssd? My ssd on og never had issues rendering on pts is why i wonder.