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  1. Lol sure 150 GB. Is that right next to your time machine?
  2. Haha better luck next time :((((((
  3. Ya at that distance you will have higher ping times. The ping times to the NA servers are really bad even if your in the U.S. I get around 60-80 to PUBG servers. Where as xbox servers is always 30. If I go to EU servers my Ping goes up to 110-130 which is understandable.
  4. Ya NA! I guess I should say I live in the Midwest U.S. and have a 1 gig wired connection. All of this shiz started about 1.5 weeks ago and is a constant wave of "sigh".
  5. Live. All these clips are from the last week.
  6. Also xbox live is down...
  7. I feel like this is what is causing some major issues for me. Whenever a car rolls by the fps drops. If you get a bunch around you gl shooting anything.
  8. Chmona


    I only rage when the servers let me down...I rage a lot!
  9. They say they see a 15% increase in performance! That's only 85% shit!
  10. Momma always said salty is what salty....
  11. Chmona

    This Game is Too Fun!

    It is! Chmona!