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  1. Chmona

    Update timeline

    Next update: Soon, Nexter update: soon after that, for updates after that please see next update.
  2. Can't wait to kill all of these "highly coordinated" noobs on live servers. CQC should be interesting. Unless they are moukeys which won't change much.
  3. Nah nah nah nah. Nah nah nah nah. Hey hey hey
  4. Chmona

    Character moving on its own?

    Left stick is messed up in the pts.
  5. Nobody is a god with a Mnk unless they know what they are doing. You are proof that it gives an advantage.
  6. Chmona

    Shooting out driving enemies?

    Shoot them or the tires. Both work. Using the right range and rate of fire to maximize the chances. This video had some good examples.
  7. Chmona

    Are people using X-ray on FPP?

    Obviously not a thing. T-ray is alive and well however. That is the ability to see noobs and tbag them.
  8. Chmona

    Elite Controller setups?

    Oh yea left stick small right stick tall
  9. Chmona

    Elite Controller setups?

    I use this setup to get top 10 NA: Top Left: LB Top Right: B Bottom Left: Lean left Bottom Right: Lean Right Ls: Sidearms Rs: Grenades Lb: Change Weapon Fire Ls Instant Curve, No Radial Calc, Slider all the way to Right Rs Delayed Curve, No Radial Calc, Slider all the way to the left. This setup lets you scope and not have to ever move off the sticks. Its also amazing coupled with Type B because soft aim and breath on the upper left.
  10. Chmona

    ADS = lag?

    Which xbox?
  11. Chmona

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    That is interesting. Ping quality for solos is better than duos and sqauds and this variable shows it.
  12. Well you obviously know nothing about MnK. You must be one the Xim users that say it doesn't give you an advantage.