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  1. A good progression system and proper rewards never hurt a game you know. This whole rhetoric that you just should enjoy the game was proven wrong so many times, even the ultimate king of "enjoying the gameplay" namely Counter strike at some point decided that actually progression is the only thing it lacks. People point towards boredom that one of the main reasons for current massive decline, well a proper progression system can postpone that even for years when done right. PUBG has a horrible progression system and people mistake it for some hipster game design choice while its just that, a very badly designed system. There really is nothing wrong with well done progression, look at warframe, it blown out of the water destiny 2 because the later once again decided to indulge itself in the loot crate fuckery.
  2. Radix


    Takarii, will you take off me the 80 locked crates that clog my inventory? Im not buying a single key so at this point its like a mail spam to me
  3. Only kar users have a problem with it
  4. Radix

    UMP9 Op?

    hahaha this if fucking rich isnt that exactly what we were saying will happen? whats the point of nerfing guns? another one will pop into its place, it was M416 now you lot cry about UMP, they nerf UMP and you will cry about AKM, this shit is beyond redundant and ridiculous........
  5. Radix

    Legit? I SRSLY Don't Get It!

    Perhaps, most likely, I guess, maybe, I think.............. death cams create more problems than they solve, at this point game would be better off without it. People are just tired of guessing if its a cheat, a lag, clipping, bad death cam and gods know what else.
  6. Yeah like many said before, the only devs that implement are those who have something to boast about, I guess BH has more to hide than to boast
  7. Radix

    All headshots, all the time?

    Last time I played before I took a break I was racing 130 km/h on the road and some guy leaned out of a window and snap shoot a headshot with winchester, and I wasnt even driving towards him.... I was passing by him. I didnt see that kind of shit even on ESL. Im not playing since then.
  8. NMS man, I think nothing can beat that one
  9. I like how I have shit ton of locked crates and a shit ton of shitty t shirts great rewarding system
  10. Anyone who uses 3rd party sound enhancement is a sound whore. IF you make it that you only hear steps loud and clear and everything else is muffed then I dont see you any different form a common hacker and you are petty.
  11. Radix

    Patch #14 Feedback

    Just throwing this out here, the constant weapon changing wouldn't be so much of a problem if we had a shooting range.... just saying.....
  12. I dont agree. The vast majority of players left the game behind once they discovered that they cant really do anything with their pokemons and that its actually just a game about collecting rather than pokemon game like everyone knows them. I know that communities around me and friends I know dropped the game for that exact reason, forums were pretty clear about that too. Sure the fewer always decreases, but this game straight up died a very sudden and brutal death and that was the reason, it was just a shell of a pokemon game that got abandoned as soon as players realised that.
  13. It is indeed similar, its just that Pokemon GO community was crystal clear and unanimous about what they want and whats wrong while PUBG community in turn is very divided so thats why I am yet hesitant to point in any particular direction regarding the decline, I need to observe it a little more before I make up my mind
  14. Didnt say that anywhere. I dont have an opinion on PUBG's decline yet. I commented on pokemon GO death not being just a passing fever but rather a mishandling.
  15. Pokemon go is not a good example though. It died like it did because it was handled by bunch of absolutely clueless suits that didn't know anything about pokemon universe thus they ignored the duelling part big time. If they made it properly and made a good duelling system like gameboy has then it could be one of the biggest phenomenon in gaming industry. They dropped the ball big time, one of the worst screw ups honestly, they had a multimillion idea and they didnt execute it properly. So actually Pokemon GO is a proof of how even the biggest following can be killed with misunderstanding of the player base needs