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  1. Well what about streamers opting for low res because it make player model stand out more? high res makes far away objects blend in easier in all that smooth texture. And still thats beside the point, any advantage big screen can give you is minor thus acceptable in comparison to what software can do
  2. Old argument. Hardware will only get you so far in terms of visual enhancement, software can do wonders
  3. So basically that whole wall of text can be reduced to "I THINK it doesnt have to do with anything thus can be removed ". Sure no waiting time is better than one minute, but if its a necessary one minute ( and it is, I dont know where you get the idea that it is there for shits and giggles) then complaining about it is really just kind of pathetic. Difference between 10 minutes and 1 minute is huge progress, between 1 minute and 30 seconds not so much, thus I wouldn't put it as a top priority so people like you dont get a tantrum because you cant keep still for a minute. And If someone plays 25-30 games a day he should be worried about something else than one minute waiting time I think. Besides I dont really think there are other online games that do the loading under 1 minute? most seem to be in that area if not longer. All in all its just such a fucking first world problem, 1 damn minute, a huge fucking issue, the huge problem of today's kids, I bet that the fact coffee maker that makes your coffee in 30 seconds instead of 5 also drives you into madness, and what about wiping? damn that takes so much time, how are you surviving that pointless and time consuming activity? Dont you HATE how elevators sometimes take MINUTES to get down from the top floors? dont get me started on boiling water, this shit takes eternity Just find some fucking other issues to rant about, there is plenty, but the 1 minute bullshit is just pathetic 1
  4. BR are about surviving more than anything else, if you wanna be be a gunman and go in blazing, sure thats cool but dont expect that to be any more rewarded than the guy keeping it stealthy, good stealth also requires skill and well since the goal is to survive as long as possible its a viable tactic.
  5. What do you think? being able to pick up a dog tag of killed players with their ranking, name etc on it? Considering that kills dont come in hundreds in this game it would give additional weight to each tag. Then if you would be able to pimp your tag in some ways (golden tags, crusted tags etc) and leave a custom message on it such as good ol "f** you" . Just a little fun addition and potential collectable following
  6. nothing, I have dozen of desperado crates laying around and a whole sweatshops of dirty t-shirts. While its a nice concept to make money of a game, it will tear pubg apart due to the cheating problem
  7. inb4 pros who got 4 chicken dinners in their first 10 games telling you to git gud
  8. oh noes 10 minutes of waiting in span of 10 games, let me take out the smallest violin in the world and play it for your, snif snif, such tragedy, such suffering.
  9. Nerf SKS

    Snipers in overal need buff it feels like, bullet traveling time and bullet drop for example, so they feel like actual snipers
  10. Holy shit people, its a damn minute, grow some damn patience, does it really kill you to wait a *GASP* whole minute to start a match? yet you would gladly waste 45 minutes to take a shit while looking at memes twice a day. Im not that old honestly but the generation gap is already so annoying to me, ONE MINUTE is throwing you off?? I suppose you are the kind of people that need to be taken everywhere by car, have a ready meal this instant in front of your nose and basically require whole world to cater to your needs, and all obviously well under 1 minute of waiting, because anything more than that is pure suffering to your delicate groomed soul. Go fucking..... grab your GFs ass in the meantime, or go make a tea, read some news, pet your dog, one fucking minute wont god damn kill you trust me Good god I wish all of you were teleported back to Amiga times where game was on 8 floppy discs and required you to change them every 10 minutes and wait for it to read the disc 5 minutes each time. Somehow it didnt ever throw me into a tantrum but apparently that would literally kill you lot considering this post. Rant over.
  11. Car trampling

    patience is a virtue, just wait until it full stops and your problem is solved

    Tarkov, right Well yes, thats a bit disappointing, though I hope they will expand in the direction of bigger BR

    I cant stand the loony toons feel of fortnite, and the building aspect isnt appealing to me at all, its just too much.Escape form Tarkov on the other hand... I will have an eye on that one
  14. Quit bitching at the devs!

    Sorry but I personally dont count emotes and eye bleeding skins a depth. I like the "blandness", its little bit more down to earth, the flashy trend is already tired out in gaming industry. And Actually I am not against weapon skins for the record, but I want them well implemented, meaning that they fit the game's tone, we have a semi realistic BR here, I would hate to have a pink orange KAR in it, but a dirty, camouflaged KAR with maybe a cross or a tag hanging out of it would be completely fine with me. Talking about tags, I would love to be able to collect tags of people, considering that kills dont come in hundreds like in other games it would actually have a palce here eve though it has been done before.
  15. Fix This FFS

    Nah, people with very powerful sets have reported the issue. I might not have the most powerful set up out there but I am getting stable FPS and overal smooth gameplay yet once in a blue moon this will happen to me too