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  1. Radix

    33 squads of 3?

    2 teams of 50 anyone?
  2. Radix

    Bows and Arrows

    Wait what? who in right mind wont pick up AWM?
  3. I have to respectfully disagree with you. Since I started playing FPS game, 'dry' shootig nd testing alwayds helped me immensly in understanding mechanics and getting proper muscle memory, the learn as you play attitude is ok when we are talking about CS that provides you with action every minute, is quick and painless to die. BR does not suit these requirements, learning curve for each gun adn set up is unnecessarily painfull and time consuming
  4. Radix

    loot in battle royal

    I would say, make a proper hot spots, full of top tier stuff, as it is now, it seems that the loot is evenly garbage across the map
  5. Radix

    New Unique Weapon Ideas

    I think hey would have a really hard time to fit the carabines in, I mean already the differences between SMG and ARs arent all that prominent other than range. I would have an idea how it could be worked in but dont have time now to make the post
  6. Also lefties are put into mirmar and right handed people into erangel
  7. Radix

    New Unique Weapon Ideas

    Famas is a good rifle though and pretty iconic
  8. It seems that MM has separated people in two MM groups, I for on have 80% of erangel and 20 of mirmar
  9. Radix

    Camping strategy

    In the same exact spot all game?
  10. Dont be silly, it will be locked in a crate with 0.2% drop chance
  11. Radix

    Camping strategy

    Comon, you are now posting examples of how it can be done, but just because it works 4 times out of 100 it doesnt automatically make it a viable tactic.... in general camping in one spot wont work almost always, period.
  12. Radix

    Camping strategy

    No one can sit entire game in one spot even if they wanted. Case closed
  13. Radix

    Hacked renamed account

    Wait, so what did they do it for? just to fuck with your nick? sounds like a waste of time and effort to me Oo
  14. Dresses all in pink, announces to the world that he is dropping ruins, streams real time, proceeds to cry about streams snipers. Sounds like 1st world problem to me
  15. Radix

    CornerShot Gun? ITS REAL

    I red up on it and I red up about these a bit, and they are apparently clunky and not very practical.