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  1. Janky movement, FPS and a PC experiment

    your CPU relly weak in this time right now that why it's can't react 60 fps,your cpu weaker than G4560,this CPU is lowest in PC market right now and you GPU on par with gtx 750
  2. Shroud says....

    hey hey hey i only have 15-25 fps how can you get solid 30 fps i don't need 60 fps? LMAO yeah stable 30 fps pubg xbox version is too much for bluehole
  3. Fov slider PLEASE

    this is about CPUs xbox not your high-end CPU clock at 4.0-4.8 ghz,try to find a CPU on PC has 2.3 ghz(1X) or 1.75 ghz(OGX-S) nowaday just try,even pentium has at least 3.5 ghz LOL.
  4. New update turns off console

    try other games if it's not turn off you really need to stop playing this game i guess CPU overheat and turn off.
  5. Fov slider PLEASE

    just watch this is the simple setting on pc
  6. Fov slider PLEASE

    it is,you know nothing about PC settings.the sight you can see in high FOV wider than in low FOV that mean CPU have to load more stuff it will lower your FPS
  7. Fov slider PLEASE

    your ask will affect so many people not only you,just because of you want it that mean people have to play this game at 15-20fps again ? really ?

    calm down dude
  9. Fov slider PLEASE

    FOV decrease FPS that why they can't.this game already hard to optimize because CPU's console,only pay small money why ask so much from DEV
  10. this is downgrade how can call this is optimize when downgrade gfx ???????????????????????????
  11. News and announcements

    How about getting off the xbox version ?
  12. why they have to use money from pc for xbox huh ? they already have money from microsoft for xbox version,money revenue from pc they will invest for esport on pc or the other thing not shit version xbox,using money revenue from pc for xbox is ridiculous i have ever heard.before 1.0 where's the money for pc when it's not optimize ? from god ? use your brain ?
  13. money from pc will invest for pc not for xbox
  14. PUBG eSports @XBOX

    esport is not that big like sport not yet
  15. PUBG eSports @XBOX

    sponsor if the game want to live in esport scene they need to have sponsor.if the game has many sponsor that mean you have more tournament every week/every month so who will sponsor for esport,that is computer hardware companies PC -> intel/AMD/Nvidia/ram(kingston/g.skill/corsair/....),mouse(logitech/razer/....),keyboard(razer/logitech/consair/...),monitor(dell/acer/asus/....),laptop gaming or laptop normal(dell/asus/acer/MSI/zotac/lenovo.....) and many more i can't tell you all.that mean console esport scene so small and less tournament p/s:just like this IEM katowice 2018 powered by Intel.they sponsor for DOTA/CSGO/heartstone/PUBG/.. six invitational RB6 2018 sponsor by legion lenovo