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  1. meliodas0801


    want to play game at 5 fps ?
  2. meliodas0801

    Possible FOV slider for FPP?

    it will make your fps lower so keep dreaming
  3. meliodas0801

    Crossplay with PC ....

    just because your xbox is weak so DEV have to hold power of pc on par with xbox ? deal with it or get a pc
  4. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CZGK4q i didn't know you need i5 8400 and 16 gb ram 1070 to play game these day
  5. so playing game on xbox don't need TV or monitor ? if you have earphone from your smartphone just plug into your pc you don't need headset and you don't need 100$ M&K https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Yxj3xr https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HBz27W you "only" need 1000$ PC when you want to play game at 4k 60 fps ultra settings this 1050 overkill for pubg morever if you want to play this game at same settings OG xbox you just need GT 1030 (40-50 fps )same settings OG xbox even GT 1030 pubg pc can't get 15-25 fps like OG xbox i don't know what GPU on pc can play this game at 15-25 fps LOL
  6. meliodas0801

    How dare you compare Mobile to Xbox

    i want to know the drug you smoke today ,i want one
  7. meliodas0801

    Only 30fps?!

    forget about 60 fps,how the **** pubg runs solid 30 fps ? tell me a secret
  8. meliodas0801

    Maps/game mod

    it's not a BR anymore it's a normal FPS
  9. meliodas0801

    I miss the old PUBG

    pc version still there,if you are playing on xbox version deal with it and stop complaining.
  10. OG and S run the game in very low settings not low
  11. meliodas0801

    Janky movement, FPS and a PC experiment

    your CPU relly weak in this time right now that why it's can't react 60 fps,your cpu weaker than G4560,this CPU is lowest in PC market right now and you GPU on par with gtx 750
  12. meliodas0801

    Shroud says....

    hey hey hey i only have 15-25 fps how can you get solid 30 fps i don't need 60 fps? LMAO yeah stable 30 fps pubg xbox version is too much for bluehole
  13. meliodas0801

    Fov slider PLEASE

    this is about CPUs xbox not your high-end CPU clock at 4.0-4.8 ghz,try to find a CPU on PC has 2.3 ghz(1X) or 1.75 ghz(OGX-S) nowaday just try,even pentium has at least 3.5 ghz LOL.