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  1. hmmmm, havn't tried the Culling....looks interesting...
  2. I totally agree, they won't get it right...I agree with everything you said. I'm also diggin' this new genre BR!!
  3. I think we'll also be seeing the big boys take heed. Not sure they'll be able to create the experience, but they are noticing. Like EA\DICE, IW, etc...
  4. I played alot of GRAW and GRAW 2. GRAW 2 was amazing. Bunkers!!
  5. it was way ahead of it's time...just like NIN
  6. good stuff, yeah my son plays ESO as well, he was also on Fortnite, which was too cartoony for me. I am an old school gamer, I am kinda old...at 51, I am probably one of the older gamers out there. I always loved them since pong, Atari, and then I just kept getting the consoles, Sega Genesis (hockey game of course), N64 for Golden Eye, etc et etc...
  7. I believe they tried, last I heard, Sony bought the developer, Zipper, and then it went straight to shite....
  8. seriously, I played just last Sunday, all freaking day....it felt good, I haven't done that in a very long time. I play solo and it's so lonely, intense, paranoid. lmfao.
  9. ultraak

    TPP or FPP

    TPP for me, it's a SOCOM experience all over again.....luv it...(yeah I'm older lmfao)
  10. First of all, I have to say that this game has me literally playing for hours and hours. I feel like I'm playing SOCOM again, but better, bigger and grander. You made me want to play games again. Please keep it up, I love this game. I know there are some issues, I feel confident you will work them out. You're making a great game. And when the new map hits, it'll be even better....Thanks PUBG devs