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  1. A proper rage quitter will alt-f4 and procced to smash the keyboard on the desk. L2ragequit mate.
  2. PotatoAimV2

    War Mode - regular mode

    You are forgetting that players with ARs will drop near players with snipers on purpose because of the small range advantage, doesn't matter how far you are and how well you know the map. If someone with an AR lands near you, either that player is pure shit or you are hardly going to win the fight, specially when you only have a single pistol mag. I do it all the time, drop with an AR near a sniper, kill the guy, get his sniper and I have myself a loadout for every range.
  3. PotatoAimV2

    War Mode BP scoring system

    I did 4 games so far. 3 wins and a 2nd place. 1st game (win) gave me 1k+ and got me like "wtf?", 2nd (2nd) one gave me 80ish, 3rd (win) 900+ and 4th (win) 120... Kill counts were around the same. Either there's a serious multiplier going on or something is definetely fucked up, but this time, it's to our advantage I guess.
  4. PotatoAimV2

    Patch 13, FPS dropping big time

    War mode is not a good place to check your fps. The mode itself causes major drops. For me it's like usual, new patch » fps drops/micro stuttering. I dont expect any less now.
  5. PotatoAimV2

    New vehicle option - Horse

    I'd have fun with it a couple of times. Going around and singing: look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Give it a lick! 'Ooh, it tastes just like raisins'.
  6. PotatoAimV2

    We need to talk about downed kills.

    @K@rm@ I dont unfortunatelly. All my claims are based on my memory and to me it's 100% correct since I vivedly remember the change. I could not kill steal a knocked down player before, it would just appear the kill confirmation in white but no actual kill was awarded. Pretty much like now for team kill steals but with enemies.
  7. Shhh man dont say that... kar98 is clearly a no brainer, no skill required, OP weapon. They are complaining about it because they are tired of killing players with it... it's so easy that it gets boring
  8. PotatoAimV2

    We need to talk about downed kills.

    They might have changed it multiple times. When I started, enemies couldnt steal. It was on a patch after the game leaving EA that they could. I remember perfectly well of noticing the change, not only because people stole my kills but also because I did the same.
  9. PotatoAimV2

    We need to talk about downed kills.

    No they didnt? If a random player finished up a guy I knocked down, the kill would still be mine. And even if my memory failed on that, I remember perfectly well of finishing a knocked player and not getting the kill, because I wasnt the one who knocked him, nor were my duo/squad mates.
  10. PotatoAimV2

    We need to talk about downed kills.

    What bothers me is that in order for you to have a kill, you basicly have to kill the same guy twice. While the other random dude only does it once and on the most easy state possible. He's getting more rewards than me for doing way less work. Give the kill to both and it's fair for everyone.
  11. PotatoAimV2

    Kar98k - ruining the game.

    I wouldn't even bother, no point on picking it up if there's absolutely no advantage over a DMR. If they eventually killed the kar98, people would start with "m24/awm is too OP..." These people hate snipers in general, they suck with them and cannot play agaisnt. And shit like this pretty much proves my point.
  12. Scar recoil feels so off now. I always controlled the m4 recoil slightly better but now everytime I try to spray with the scar it seems to have a free will and wants to shoot the sun.
  13. PotatoAimV2

    Replay vs Screencapture

    You were leading a bit too short. That's all. The replay is not to be trusted to check the aim. It's far from being precise.
  14. PotatoAimV2

    Switching to SMG should go faster

    I meant in general, not only in pubg. It's not like it's a rule or anything.
  15. PotatoAimV2

    Switching to SMG should go faster

    That's assuming the game devs are not braindead