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  1. I find myself proning more in Sanhok than any other map. It's still a rare ocasion and if I do it's for a short time but to me it feels like it actually helps now. On the other maps I dont feel like it helps me hiding at all so I just crouch. Its probably because the grass in Sanhok is taller and actually feels like grass. Not like that Erangel BS.
  2. PotatoAimV2

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    I doubt that will ever be bannable. How would you prove they are indeed selling or promoting something. Would Bluehole start to record voice chat and review it on report? Pff. Accumulation of reports? That will lead to false bans. The best solution here would be something the community already asked and it's being able to mute a specific player. Punishing someone for leaving a lot of matches would also help. But nothing would change the fact that you still have to play with 3 players, and if you leave, you are as toxic as the player you are complaining about.
  3. PotatoAimV2

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    If they leave as soon the match starts, un-mute. But hey, if you fell like leaving the match just because you are missing 1 guy, go for it...
  4. PotatoAimV2

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    Why leave when you can simply mute the voice chat?
  5. "majority on it". Refering to the people on the thread, not general players. Maybe next time read it better before pulling shit out of your ass.
  6. @The ROOK you come to a 5 month thread to contradict what the majority on it agreed on for what? Were you expecting to change their minds all off a sudden? Then you cant accept that you are not right and start to shit talk, saying people are crying... Good players got good by playing the game, sure, but wouldnt they become good faster if they had better tools to do it? It's not only for bad players, it's something for everyone. It's a tool for content creators and it's a boost for pro players on gun changes. You don't like it, you dont need to use it. It hardly affects you by any means since it doesnt change live gameplay. The only thing that it can change is the player base skill. Maybe that's what's troubling you, getting owned by more people.