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  1. Ran over by my own vehicle

    Its a broken system. My friend was inside a buggy, almost completely stopped. I ran into the wheel and barely touched it. It 1 shotted me.
  2. Not in Cover, But Can’t Hit

    Was he leaning? Because if he was and he was aiming perfectly to the head, he has/had to compensate for the leaning.
  3. They fixed that on one of the last test server patches. Should come to the live servers soon™️
  4. Weird FPS drop after update?

    Performance is pure shit after the patch. Got 15-20 fps less, with persistent drops up to 60 fps that cause irritating small stutters. Occasional lag opening doors/ pickingg loot. Pure shit.
  5. New Emote System

    This isnt being added due to demand. Not being added because its needed. It's simply being added because FN has it. Waste of resources that could be used on better things.
  6. We really want stupid emotes?

    We dont need it. We dont really want it. Yet they feel the need to implement it because for one fortnite has it and its no secret that the game is doing well and also to catter more childish players I guess..
  7. Predictions for Tomorrow's Roadmap

    I'd like to see more weapons entering the game. Specially more variety in sniper rifles that arent drop only...
  8. Reusable crossbow bolts?

    The crossbow needs something appealing. It's not that easy to land an HS with it and the reload time is long.
  9. Reusable crossbow bolts?

    A bolt to the head is always a 1 shot. No matter your helmet level.
  10. If there is damage reduction after penetration. It should be 21 dmg + a percentage of the normal damage to the chest. If there isnt then it should be 65dmg. But there is most probably.
  11. The enemy rage quitter

    No grenades, no extra players around, nothing at all. Just a plain vanishing player on my case.
  12. The enemy rage quitter

    I would have guessed that too, but there was no1 and nothing there. When you are DC'd your character keeps on running. But what if you leave on purpose?
  13. Here I was running through the desert. I look to my right and I see someone else running in the middle of nowhere at around 150-200m away. All he had for cover was a little dune. No math to be done, I unleashed my fury towards him, got 2-3 hits, he prones and heals. Get's back up, couple of hits more and he prones again. Get's back up, takes 1 shot, prones and leaves the game. The poor fellow didn't even shot back, I don't even think he knew where I was. Yes, Im pretty sure he left since in that location there was no way for him to manouver around without being seen/shot at. I changed my position to see behind that dune he was at, while ALWAYS looking at the spot, and he wasn't there. Nothing at all, not even a loot box from being potentially killed by someone else or even by the blue area we were at. This made me wonder how many of those players that seemed to do an impossible escape from me did actually escape and not leave the game out of rage and spite. Anyone else had a similiar experience?
  14. 8x scope

    Quick idea for future projects. Being able to change your type of reticle for the 8x (some option within the menu). There are plenty of reticles out there and each player as a certain preference. As long as "non-standard" reticles give more advantage than the current one (which is not that easy since the current reticle already has you all you need to hit the target perfectly at different ranges), it should only improve the game for each player. Beeing able to change the brightness of red dot/holos was already a neat idea so why not the reticle. This is obsiously not something important.
  15. What they are implementing is limb penetration, not damage increase/cripple like the OP wants. Basicly the bullets will now penetrate the limbs and hit what's behind (with reduced damage normally, we'll have to see). It was long overdue, getting tired of losing fights with people above you just because you hitted his hands multiple times that were infront of the head, resulting in stupid low damage.