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  1. Fuck sake. Are they really going to start bringing animated cosmetics now...
  2. I find myself proning more in Sanhok than any other map. It's still a rare ocasion and if I do it's for a short time but to me it feels like it actually helps now. On the other maps I dont feel like it helps me hiding at all so I just crouch. Its probably because the grass in Sanhok is taller and actually feels like grass. Not like that Erangel BS.
  3. PotatoAimV2

    No one wants to be a zombie

    I've seen a video of Shroud playing it a long time ago and even tho he was having tons of fun, all I could think about was how boring being a zombie would be. Specially when he was camping a roof with the only access being a jump from a balcony... Those people were definetely there for the streamer and not for the game mode.
  4. I'd assume this would take longer than implementing the bullet pen system. Looking at how much time that is taking already, by the time they come out with the game "refactored", it might be too late.
  5. PotatoAimV2


    We cant be mad at them for making tons of cash on stupid micro transactions, it's normal for a company. What we can and should be mad at is how the utilise that revenue to improve and fix the game. Part of the issue lays within the community tho, if people keep paying for their slack, they'll keep slacking.
  6. It's not going to work like that... The game is going to detect whether or not there's a body part behind the arms/hands, if there is, it will check how much damage it would have done to that body part and then it will choose the higher damage to go with. The result will never be arm + torso, it would be only torso in this case. You think making the damage equal would be better? People already rage agaisnt snipers, so if their HP dropped 80% from a shot to the fingernail do you think they'd be happy? It's also not fair to say the least. And what about armor? They'd just make so the chest vest protect the whole body? Pff. Check the "On Limb Penetration" part.
  7. PotatoAimV2

    Useleess Event Modes

    Not sure why they never bothered on implementing some sort of random weekly event system.
  8. Requeue after 30sec-1min. It bugs sometimes.
  9. PotatoAimV2

    PUBG - Rules of Conduct mistake

    For what purpose if I may ask?
  10. It's up to each one to be affected/influenced or not by streamers or content creators in general. Streaming gave a huge boost on making the game popular, if streamers start to play some other game, many will follow or simply stop playing the game. And the reality is that there are a lot of players who follow streamers and get influenced, and sadly, it's not only kids. If BH doesnt step up their game, regardless of being influenced by streamers or not, many will quit. You join all the BR games that will be released and the future of PUBG is definetely not looking good at all. Numbers don't lie.
  11. PotatoAimV2

    server busy??

    Why do you think they sell extra levels?
  12. Streamers helped a lot on making the game huge in the first place so it wouldn't surprise me if they helped on killing it either.
  13. PotatoAimV2

    Goldeneye 64 has bullet pen?

    Doubt bullet pen will ever be a thing. They have been "working" on limb penetration for months now... And this will only work on arms. Imagine how long they'd take to implement bullet pen on all aspects.
  14. Im guessing it would have worked if you haven't killed the last guy. If the game only saves/sends the mission info when it ends, if it sent the 3 kills as if you reached top 3 with them, since it exceeded the 2 or less, it didnt count, even tho you have actually done the mission criteria. If the last kill was #2 it would have worked aswell. Its just a poor system overall, full of bugs, possibly untested, made for the money only.