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  1. I’d just like to share 2 of my favourite moments in PUBG so far, Not only a pretty good kill count game, But a pretty fun win too Victory HEART ATTACK Decent Kill Count
  2. Aerored

    Hit Registration

    I think the one thing that isn’t getting mentioned here is that it wasn’t in a server native to where the player lived, Same with the guy who was using the UMP most likely.
  3. I’ve noticed playing on my friends Xbox one S is incredibly choppy compared to my Day 1 lowest GB Xbox One, I dunno if this is the way it’s meant to be but I feel like if I were to do anything, I’d put the S on the same graphical settings as the OG Xbox One IF it isn’t already, Maybe it’s just me but I did the restart Xbox, Disconnect the power to reset the ram or whatever it does, And my OG Xbox still felt all round better to play on.
  4. About the last part of what you said, thats the fun and also very unbalanced part about a RNG based game, It doesn’t matter that sometimes your fights are unbalanced, It’s a test of who plays better and/or can use ones gear to their best advantages
  5. Again as we can see here, Yet another person either exploiting or not knowing they’re stuck in the ground on others screens. Click here for Video
  6. Aerored

    Aiming all over the place

    Set it to 10, 10 is the number you need for no aim acceleration at all.
  7. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KoNz X MoZZa/video/46301820 in this video, I seem to be killed by the grenade pushing me along the ground which I think is completely unfair. My nade pushes him along the ground and he’s right next to it, But doesn’t die, His one lands about the same distance away and kills me by making me slide along the ground... Seems a bit unbalanced and random, I didn’t think the grenades damage in this game was RNG based aswell.
  8. Aerored

    Raging over loot problems

    Why not? Have you ever played any other RNG Based looter game? Let’s use Borderlands 2 as an example, Let’s say a boss has a 1 in 100 chance to drop a legendary of some sort... You could do it 200 times and still not get one, That’s how the looting in this game goes, Military level 3 vests can spawn on top of each other because it’s a loot pile, They could have a 1 in 50 chance to spawn in a city, You search 20 houses and find 2, That’s just the way the game is, RNG Based, As far as I know the only thing they’ve ever changed was the spawn rate of Level 3 gear near when the game released
  9. Aerored

    Raging over loot problems

    I can't say I've seen a change in loot, I'm used to getting pretty terrible guns and being out geared, But that's the fun of it for me
  10. That's alright, I'll get 15 more haha
  11. Aerored

    Raging over loot problems

    See dude that's the point of RNG, It's not meant to have a thing where it's like there WILL be a drop of a gun in every house, That'd make it boring, The fun in the game is when you have nothing and manage to kill a dude fully equipped, Who cares about the loot when your enemies are your loot
  12. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KoNz X MoZZa/video/45819387 Clip says it all, I get out of my car to do some more killing and I get stuck, I also could not get back into the car, What else is there to say.
  13. I'm missing about 15 chicken dinners so your not the only people missing out, If you want a real count on your chicken dinners press Xbox button, Go down to PUBG, Press start, Go game hub and then to stats
  14. Aerored

    Raging over loot problems

    There's one solution for this, And I don't know how else to say this without sounding like an ass. Either loot for longer, Or go kill someone, It's pretty simple really... You know the whole point of the game is kill or be killed right? You got a shotgun! Good go kill someone who has an AR, It is now your AR. Sorry my dude, But there is nothing wrong with the looting system, Understand that everyone gets unlucky sometimes, Some more then others but not everyone gets their loot just by going into a building and picking up everything under the sun
  15. I have 2 seperate videos to share here, I can add a third if need be. One showing some guy in the floor and the other showing "Ghost foot steps" except these ones are a little different then what I've experienced around the game elsewhere, I saw some floating guns and then heard footsteps, But it's like me and whoever the footsteps belonged to were almost listening to each other's footsteps and trying to figure out where each other were... Weird for sure The video with the guy in the floor, If you watch until the end, Just before he finished me off you can see him laying inside the hill shooting out at me, Yet on my screen all I saw was a helmet for a second http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KoNz X MoZZa/video/45546160 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KoNz X MoZZa/video/45546446