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  1. Death grenade bug , clip in post . Please fix

    Actually I re-listened to it and it's more like 5-6 clicks we can hear them my mic is picking them up lol kinda overkill but pretty sure it's still not supposed to be working like this ? Also what was tanking my shots there i'm really curious because I had clear line of sight there no ? You can only see the bullet impact from like one of the bullets right next to the tree in the background and one on the tree the rest seems to be stopped by something
  2. Ok so here's the clip of what i'm talking about (don't mind the language) : https://clips.twitch.tv/CourageousObedientKeyboardPastaThat This happened to me twice since EA with a frag grenade and not a smoke which caused me to die . The grenade apparently gets triggered and then stays in your clothing/inventory w/e and sticks to you wherever you go and then after the timer finishes , it explodes on top of you . Unfortunatly for some reason my obs wasn't picking up the ingame sound so we can't hear the grenade unpinning but right there I clicked a few times ( 2-3 at most ) to make sure I'd throw the grenade , but then after I threw I guess one of my clicks still registered for the next grenade even tho I didn't even have it in my hand we can clearly see in the clip that I even switched to a smoke and I had stopped clicking a while before the kind of cooldown or w/e to throw grenades came back . This is a pretty lame thing that caused me to die twice in this fashion and I swear the grenade sticks to you one of those times I actually heard the 2nd grenade unpin and switched to my weapon because someone was rushing me so I ran away from where I unpinned my grenade thinking it would have dropped on the floor but no it went off on top of me like 5 meters away from where I unpinned it ... So basicly if that happens , you die . No matter what . Which as you can obviously guess , sucks ! Thank you
  3. Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    I think the armors are fine in their current state except 1 thing , level 3 armor should NOT make you survive 2 m24 chest shot like are you serious ? You wouldn't survive one irl even with high grade military vests . Even if the bullet doesn't pierce by some miracle you will die from the blunt force of the impact ....

    But it isn't realistic that's my point . It had it's place in socom because it was more an arcade TPS shooter , but BG is alot more towards tactical TPS and prone leaning doesn't have a place in that type of game . Try leaning while your prone in real life and then try fire a weapon accurately after that , just leaning while being prone makes no sense

    I totally disagree socom is a super old arcade game and is in no way comparable to BG and this is coming from a guy with probably over a thousand hours of socom so yea ...
  6. Suggestion about kill rating

    That's interesting because most players in top 10 should be higher ranked people so I'd get a little more rewarded for those kills but still , I would really like it if they took into account the number of remaining players for kills
  7. Suggestion about kill rating

    Hey guys sorry if it's already the way it works already but it doesn't look that way so i'll ask because I was wondering about it while looking at leaderboards . Shouldn't the kills that you get later in the game give you some kind of higher rating than the one early in the games ? Because they are alot harder to get to begin with and by definition if it's harder it should be more rewarding . Here's an example Right now I just won a game with 4 kills , but the 4 kills that I got were in top 7 or even top 6 . I killed the 6th or 7th guy , then proceeded to kill the last remaining 4-3-2 and win . But since I prefer playing the stealth way rather than going all in on kills , even with alot of wins my kill ratio is holding me back on the overall leaderboards which is somewhat frustating because why would you reward someone just randomly dropping at some place with alot of people and grabbing a gun first and just shooting unarmed people over rewarding the guy that gets only 4 kills but all in top 10 . People that get to top 10 are usually better players and they'll be well geared too so wouldn't it make sense that kills later into the game are more rewarding ? I don't know if anyone else agrees with this but i'd like to hear thoughts about this , for or against it .
  8. Because since I play more stealth and less for kills until the end , my kill ratio is hurting my overall rating even tho those kills are alot harder to get than dropping and getting a shotgun or any gun and rushing unarmed players like I got the last 3 by myself and my 4th kill was like on the 6th or 7th Because since I play more stealth and less for kills until the end , my kill ratio is hurting my overall rating even tho those kills are alot harder to get than dropping and getting a shotgun or any gun and rushing unarmed players
  9. Character View Bug from Parachute

    Here's a video recording I made to show the bug , I forgot to include in the video that I also cannot get into cars but yea there it is the link I am uploading it as i'm doing this post shouldn't be long https://streamable.com/7u9wn PS : I made it to 15 lol got killed by circle ... no cars , no meds and horrible circles D:
  10. Default Fire mode

    At first I thought the same as kurius , the rifles should be on automatic ( burst for m16 ) to begin with but as I played more and more I realised that I was barely ever using auto anyway most players will single fire tap for better accuracy and still decent firing speed so I agree that maybe for smg's it could be automatic to start with but honestly it's just a matter of getting used to switching it as you pick it up
  11. I've seen someone say on the forums that if you hold left click as you fire you will stay scoped in and somewhat able to see where your shot landed a little better althought I haven't tested myself maybe try that out see how that works but in any case it is something that is kind of annoying from time to time
  12. Crouch Spamming?

    Crouch/prone spamming has always been an issue in many tps games in BG prone spamming isnt a problem altho the unprone+jump move is a little weird and defeats the purpose of getting up slowly but w/e . The crouching on the other hand there should definetly be some kind of small cooldown like similar to CS:GO makes you able to spam it a few times but then there's a slower animation/cooldown kind of thing so people dont infinitly spam but they should not in any way make it so crouching is slower all the time . Besides in real life crouching is fast and easy to do but try doing it over and over with 50 pounds of gear on you lol hehehe
  13. AFK Killers/Parachute Auto Deploy

    Honestly this is kind of an awkward post but I have to agree with Bushel in a way . I don't know how the AFK/crashed players spot works do they all get launched at the end and he lands somewhere and kills them can he actually get back into the BR doing so and potentially win ? Because like bushel said the "kill rating" is being taken into account for the overall rating along with the win/top10 rating unless they are just showing both for fun ? So it would be an easy way to abuse the leaderboards and climb above people who played fair and square to get there . Oh and even if he couldnt get back wouldn't he be able to just live as long as possible wherever he is with his 5-6 kills and die from gas I dont know in the top50 or whatever so it doesn't hurt his win/top10 rating too much and still boost his overall kill rating ? Then play normal games for his actual win/top10 rating and still end up with an higher ranking than he should . Can't believe I'm writing such a long post for something that will probably never happen or maybe by a very few people that won't end up being able to get high rankings anyway but meh oh well that's my 2cent
  14. Dying from running over oneself in a land vehicle

    Don't be like that guys lol he's still right that you take a decent chunk of damage even at low speed when you get out , it could probably be tuned down a little
  15. [Suggestion] Ability to preload the map

    The problem with pre-loading is that the map itself is huge and even with the best possible computer when you drop with your parachute you still have a maximum distance that the buildings load in simply because it would require too much from the computer , I am not an expert but i'm assuming it's because of the maximum memory capacity of your GPU/ram ? Whatever it is thought appart from when you are parachuting you don't need to have nearly as far of a load-in distance when you're on the ground , the things actually loaded in are set to X distance from you and the rest loads as it enters your set distance while you are moving which is fine because even if they load slowly , you won't get there fast enough to notice . But while we're parachutting we're just loading in too much at once I think which is probably what causes the fps drops and freezing and I say we because even with a 1060 and decent comp sometimes when I reach the ground the buildings are still half loaded and I can't get in , I have to sit there and wait 10-15 seconds for them to fully load-in . It's frustating when it happens yes but once they start optimizing the game for performance , those problems on non-high end comps will go away for sure