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  1. Clutch

    Thanos Snap in Pubg

    I don’t agree with this at all. Me nor any one of my friends bought the game because of influence from a streamer. Maybe some have, but definitely not the main reason the game is popular. I refuse to believe humanity is that mindless. Is GTA still popular after 5 years since release because of streamers? I don’t think so. Daily player counts will definitely be lower while COD, RDR2, and Fallout are active but I do think many people will still continue to play full time. I’ll be spending some time on other games but it’s not like ‘oh I’m playing RDR2 this month and can’t touch any other games’ I think many people will still play PUBG consistently along side whatever new game they get this winter. It will be especially nice to play RDR2 until the next PUBG updates, and then Fallout until the next update, ect. I think PUBG has a pretty solid future.
  2. Clutch

    October 12th

    It seems like all the new content or improvements that were supposed to come out are being delayed. I wonder what this means for the snow map.
  3. Clutch

    October 12th

    Who knows. The update was supposed to drop on live servers this week. On reddit, where Lumos originally said they had to delay the test server, he said the live server update was not going to be delayed.
  4. Clutch


    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Very disappointing. At least RDR2 will be out soon.
  5. I thought it was really fun. Played with a full squad, landing bootcamp or Paradise most games. Nice change of pace, care packages dropping left and right, getting cool Winchester kills, ect. Not really anything negative to say about it. It’s a fun mode. It’s not supposed to be competitive. Would love to play Winchester’s only, shotguns only, stuff like that would make great events. I can also say this event was about 10 times more fun than war mode.
  6. Clutch

    Elite Controller Question

    Never heard of that issue lol mine seem to be normal buttons
  7. Clutch


    @SLAYGROUNDS No it appears that it is a one time purchase.
  8. Clutch


    Well that’s truly fascinating. I also don’t need to justify anything to you, but I’ll do so eloquently anyways. The game cost $30 which is the price. There is something else called value. I have Personally gotten much more Value out of this game than $30. $30 that I spent over 10 months ago. I made this topic to help people get the best value for their $10. Nobody really cares if you can’t spent a dime on anything. This topic isn’t for you then. Go to sleep.
  9. Clutch


    Because I’m not poor.
  10. Clutch


    That would be ideal. I do hate having to buy an in game currency and then using that to buy stuff. I will say this is first time I’ve bought a micro transaction since probably 2015.
  11. So just for anyone thinking about buying some of the new skins. I personally want the UMP and AKM skin. Now if you spend $9.99 you can get 1100 G-Coins but you would be short 100 to get both skins. When the event pass first came out I immediately bought the pass standalone and later in the day checked the forums and was quite pissed off when I learned that you could buy the Starter Pack for the same price, get some stuff, and get 1600 G-Coins. Enough for the event pass and extras. Now I’m not so upset because I’ll be buying the starter pack today for $9.99 and getting 1600 coins, enough for both weapon skins and some coins left over. So bottom line, if you plan on spending $10 or more on G-Coins make sure you buy the starter pack for the best deal ?
  12. Clutch


    Hopefully we hear back from Andy today. He said he would ask the devs if it’s gonna be 60fps or dynamic resolution and report back to us. Hopefully he brings us good news ?
  13. Clutch


    Even a 1440p option would be great. 4K is really pointless. It looks great for movies and tv shows, but I have a hard time noticing the 4K difference in games.
  14. Clutch


    A 60fps mode would be the best possible improvement for PUBG. I have to say I’m very skeptical that we will in fact see this however. If the November performance update was going to include 60fps I think they would be advertising it heavily. I have a bad feeling it’s going to be a let down and it may just be an option to go back to the old settings or keep what we got in the ‘temporary fix.’ I am really hoping PUBG Corp proves me wrong.