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  1. Purple mini skirt. It sayre elite or something... I don’t wear it lol
  2. Finally! Update we been waiting for

    Haha! Settle down fella. I also “gave my opinion”. Instead of getting all pissy on a forum, by all means, take it out on me when you see me in a game! Xoxo!
  3. Finally! Update we been waiting for

    You grabbed on to one thing out of 30 and decided to be mad about it... that’s the definition of “judgemental”. Sorry I called you out on it sweetheart
  4. Patch 9 notes

    I posted the thread on the update for patch 9... just figured people on this forum would like to be in the loop as well 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. Patch 9 notes

    Did you read... any of it? It’s literally all explained in the reddit thread.
  6. Patch #9 update!

    I’m hoping it’s a good, smooth update... and then I can have an excuse to buy myself an XB1X for my birthday Thursday...
  7. Patch #9 update!

    Exactly their reason for being so careful with this patch, I believe. They don’t want to be crucified by the playerbase if something were to be wrong.
  8. Patch #9 update!

    Basically, they’re doing there own testing to make sure the changes that have been made in the patch aren’t going to be game-breaking in any way.
  9. Patch #9 update!

    He said if things go well in test, expect patch notes in the next 48-72 hours
  10. Patch #9 update!

    Yessir. Posted on reddit just now.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBGXboxOne/comments/80ta6x/patch_8_quick_status_update/?st=je6lkh45&sh=495af83d Quote from Xbox Nico: “Hey folks, Just wanted to let you all know that Patch 9 is now formally in test. We are feeling pretty good about the quality of the patch and the incoming improvements to the player experience. We are very motivated to get this into hands as soon as possible, however we also want to ensure that no glaring issues made their way into code. Thanks for being patient with us, and you'll hear back from me by the end of the week on release timing.”