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  1. Hackers took a big dip not too long ago, but now they are back in full force. Streamers complain about them too and are abandoning the game in big numbers. Why doesn't fornite have as big of an issue as PUBG does? Its a free cap, less capital, yet they are better at their jobs?
  2. Server Updates

    Another worthless update on the way! My friend knows someone who works for BlueHole and says they are freaking out over losing players to Fortnite. Well, don't do stupid stuff like this, that would help.You wanna keep hemorrhaging players? Keep giving us reasons not to come back.
  3. New Update Coming Up

    Keep giving us reasons to go play fornite
  4. Good to know thats how they their players. Its alos nice to see the other side of the curtain. We can safley assume now that when hackers are in there with a KDR of 50/1 they get banned for 24 hours. Not perma a banned. makes more sense now.
  5. miramar map everyone hates it?

    Hate the map, in part cause I get it 8 times in a row then maybe 3 of Erengale. We can't choose cause the Devs would see no one likes it so they force it on us
  6. Server Updates

    Don;t get me wrong, I want this game to succeed. But what they are doing is not working. When you see FortNite with 250k views on Twitch and PUBG at 50k (not while game has a 3 hours patch) you know something is really really really wrong.
  7. Server Updates

    And literally any company would make it work if it was important to them. My dad use to have to go in in the middle of the night when his clients weren't using the servers so he could run updates etc. So this is not a novel or unheard of concept. Its common sense that BlueHole is missing.
  8. Server Updates

    good time for EU, it would be around 6 am when the patch starts there if they did it at 11 or 12.
  9. Server Updates

    for the US it is. And I know its 8 am their time. SO this is good for them, but why not do it at say 11am or noon their time, people in asia still working, and it would be around midnight in the US.
  10. Server Updates

    It shouldn't be when it fits them, it should be when it fits us. Sure I want updates, but why not do it at a different time. They are dependent on players, and if they do this they loose players. Also, the updates would be great if I could actually tell they were doing something.
  11. Server Updates

    I mean name one successful game that does 3 hours of down time during peak time? Can they not do pieces at a time or roll it to various servers? Guess this is what we can expect form BlueHole. I don't play fortnite. But from what I hear they care about the game and work around peak hours.
  12. Server Updates

    Why does the game always update at the worst time, prime play time for 3 hours? Do they really don't care about America players? This time they gave a whole 12 hour notice but usually they just spring it on us. Can they not let everyone know in the lobby of the game say 3 days before like every other game does? Are they not organized? Can they not find a better time to do this?
  13. Your client version 3.6.14. Please exit the game

    done everything, verified, reinstalled everything. Love the perfectly timed update and flawless execution of it, and they still have yet to respond about this huge issue.
  14. Your client version 3.6.14. Please exit the game

    Same. Its kind of embarrassing for them. Another ill timed flawless patch.