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  1. Welcome to bluehole where they don't know what they are doing and don't care if they mess up
  2. I am unable to tell if this update was worth while cause once I ready up it stuck on "started matchmaking", any help is appreciated.
  3. HalfwayHero

    How do I get the closed experimental?

    Thanks, he looked there and it was not where to be found
  4. HalfwayHero

    How do I get the closed experimental?

    He doesn't have it in his steam library, like PUBG said he would.
  5. I have it, I got the key a while back. My friend wants to join but we cant find the download in steam. PUBG said it was open to anyone who has PUBG via steam. How does he access it?
  6. Get rid of the stupid red zone. Brendan Greene has said a lot of dumb things and saying you suck if you die in the red zone is in the top 3. It has nothing to do with skill, when you are driving to circle and it spawns over you and there are no buildings and it hits you, its stupid frustrating. If someone shoots me, fine, they out gunned me, but dying cause some stupid bomb decided to hit you is crap. Its just as bad as hitting those small or imaginary bumps on a motorcycle and it flipping and killing you. While you're at it, stop letting shoots get caught on everything and making me hang there for 5 seconds while people grab guns. its not that hard. If you need someone to program this for you let me know.
  7. HalfwayHero

    So what's with all of the Chinese posts?

    its proof they cant control hackers
  8. HalfwayHero

    Optimization over?

    Super not optimized, dying in the blue cause i cant get a heel off cause the server is making me jump backwards and forwards, missing shots cause someone is rubber banding, a shot registering 2 seconds after I turn a corner and I am healing. Its really pathetic
  9. HalfwayHero


    The server keeps "rewinding" me. It rubber bands super bad, to the point that I can't heal cause it keeps jumping me and assuming im moving. I died outside the play zone cause everytime I tried to heal it would get a couple seconds in then rewind me and stop the heal. Ruins the experince and messes with me stats. Plus I was looted and the game decides to kill me. Like it use to do when you would get stuck in random spots on the map cause they don't know how to do their jobs.
  10. HalfwayHero

    New Announcements Feature

    They are morons. They say 1 hour, but its really 3. In addition they took down the Savage map just in time to take their main server off line, thereby making us shift even further away from pubg.
  11. Why would you take down Closed (Savage) while you do an update? Lack of fore-site I guess. Also, why tell me in game its gonna me 1 hour and then its 3? I do appreciate the warning in the UI, but earlier would be nice, and accurate would be best. 1 hour and 3 hours is a big difference.
  12. HalfwayHero

    PUBG server maintenance

    Every time there is an update I think this. They are stupid. I mean they are using blueprint for crying out loud. They could easily roll it out by region.
  13. They use to do it and not tell anyone, which pissed everyone off. Then they would at least put it on twitter, even if it was a couple hours before so we had some idea. They have not said anything anywhere as far as I can find. Its not like this is unplanned for them, they don't just take the servers down without some thought before hand. Why not tell us too? Unacceptable. Pathetic. Ridiculous.
  14. Bluehole sucks again, no announcment about servers being down? What is it for this time?
  15. Hackers took a big dip not too long ago, but now they are back in full force. Streamers complain about them too and are abandoning the game in big numbers. Why doesn't fornite have as big of an issue as PUBG does? Its a free cap, less capital, yet they are better at their jobs?