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  1. Nope sometimes its Tuesday other times its Wednesday and they throw curve balls sometimes at its Thursday. Its not always at the same time either. But it is always at a crappy time. This is great cause there are like 2 days left of the event so they are screwing some people. But they never think anything all the way to the end so thats not surprise. Like in the past, why would they take down closed server and then update? why not let everyone keep playing closed while updating? There is a such thing as rolling updates. Fornite clearly doesn't have these issues. So PUBG needs to think first before doing.
  2. You are wrong. It is. Everything starts here. Everyone wants to be here.
  3. Come on bluehole. Get your act together. It is NOT that hard. Fornite does. You force stupid updates at horrible times and random days. At least make them worth while.
  4. HalfwayHero


    This desync is unacceptable. I have really good internet and an amazing computer so I know its not on my end. Just watch the J9 shroud tournement desync. Watch the death cam. Its rarely what you see happening. Its the stupidest most frustrating thing here, besides hackers (who bluehole loves).
  5. Something so easy yet PUBG cant let us get into even mode in FFP.
  6. Also they cant even keep the forums from being spammed with Chinese randomness
  7. Wonder why the active users have been cut in half since January? Cause of crap like this. Random days during the week whenever they feel like it, they take the servers down. And of course it happens to be the 4th of July in America, where literally everyone has the day off. These people are the most incompetent team ever assembled.
  8. Welcome to bluehole where they don't know what they are doing and don't care if they mess up
  9. HalfwayHero

    Your client version 3.6.14. Please exit the game

    done everything, verified, reinstalled everything. Love the perfectly timed update and flawless execution of it, and they still have yet to respond about this huge issue.
  10. HalfwayHero

    Your client version 3.6.14. Please exit the game

    Same. Its kind of embarrassing for them. Another ill timed flawless patch.