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  1. Gamble909

    Has sound decreased even further?

    Just in case you weren’t aware. You can adjust your game volume and your teammates volume in the settings of your console. Helped me out a lot.
  2. Gamble909

    Inconsistent weapon damage

    I would agree with the above. I have had to go back and look at my own videos and run them in slow motion to see if I truly hit someone where I believed I did... only to prove myself wrong. With that being said, hit registers isn’t perfect either. I hope you get it lined out.
  3. Gamble909

    Worst Desync/BS I Have Seen

    I deal with desync a lot too, but that I believe is truly the worst I’ve seen.
  4. Gamble909

    For all the old school gamers...

    SOCOM for the chicken dinner!!!!!
  5. Gamble909


    I have been trying for 30 min to play one round. After canceling matchmaking numerous times, I decided just to let it run and see how long till it goes. I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t be playing at all this morning. No problems though, everything is fine, nothing to see here.