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  1. Just delete the game and come back

    Providing constructive criticism does NOT require crying. It requires patience and understanding. I am positive I can provide numerous pieces of constructive criticism to the devs and not once threaten to delete the game or leave... or beat up one of the devs grandma because they haven’t fixed it yet. I believe it is those people the OP is referring to. He would prefer as would i that these folks GTFO. This is going to be a good game, just as the PC version is, but it’s not a 3 month thing.
  2. M416...too dominating???

    I’ll fight ya for it!!! Love that gun.
  3. Fix 15x scope

    I’d just like to see the 15x once. Being playing seeing week two of release, have gotten numerous crates, yet to get to try one out. But if it’s broke, hopefully they fix it. Have you all changed the settings for it?
  4. How is less loot more balanced?

    ^^agreed. If every house had “insert your choices” of loot, then it’s just a battle to the end circle, run, hide & avoid others because you got everything you need to win. Less loot forces some folks out quick because their location choice for jumping wasn’t the best, or their ability to use some of the “lesser” weapons showed it’s true colors. You gotta be willing to go find it, and fight for it. This games IS all about tactics to a certain degree. There is some dumb luck involved, but for the most part it’s all about the choices you make.
  5. Clothing & Cosmetic items (poll)

    I like finding other items of clothing to change into, but I think one set of clothing items or just one item per house/building would drastically cut down on the clutter and still allow for people to have some options. I think the glasses, baseball hats and etc could go all together. I only pick up items that may actually help me along the way.
  6. Bullet Damage?

    That may be true, but that doesn’t discount the hit detection. Shots that previously would not have registered or registered improperly (you observe a headshot, but game recognizes a leg shot) does account for the difference. I’m not saying this is the answer, but it can’t be discounted. When properly registered, the bullet would technically do more damage. Just my .02
  7. Bullet Damage?

    I would agree this is a direct result of having fixed a couple issues. Fixed may be a strong word, but improved FPS and hit detection will/should both render this perceived result. I say perceived because while you think it’s only one bullet causing more damage than before, the improvements will allow more rounds to land on target as they should thus resulting in more damage dealt, but still perceived as one round. We struggled with bad hit detection and FPS to the point we are used to the result...I agree everyone isn’t a “Shroud” but there are a lot of great players out there. Regardless, even potatoes get lucky sometimes.
  8. XBOX LIVE servers down

    Yep, my goes to the screen where you would select play, but no information comes up.