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  1. Gamble909

    Should team killing be punished?

    So by punish you simply mean reported with no actual punishment in return?
  2. Always finish if no other threat arises. I don’t play to simply wound people that may kill me later, Seems counter productive.
  3. Gamble909

    Should team killing be punished?

    1& 2. If a squad gets paired with a rando who isn’t following the “plan”, as long as the rando isn’t attempting to sabotage the team, simply leave them behind, let them get taken down by an enemy and don’t attempt to revive or protect them. Simple as that, no need to TK them. I do consider conflicting game play to be a part of the game, but intentional TK’s should be handled directly by the players involved. Hence accidental TK’s would not be punished, but intentional only needs a 50% + vote that gets you kicked, but there has to be a TK associated with it as opposed to just voting someone out because you don’t want them on your team. I think you mistake “it’s an in the game option” for “it is an unaccounted for portion of the game.” TK should not be acceptable for anyone other than joking around or accidental, and with the revival system, should’ve a minimal issue at best, but Neither of which should be punished. However, There lots of folks that do it strictly to disrupt the gameplay of others, and that isn’t ok. I don’t EVER play with randoms just for this reason. If an enemy kills me so be it, but a team mate... nope. No team damage as a resolve would be terrible, and to me is a much more important aspect of game play for PUBG. If you take away team damage you open the door for a team to encounter a single person or more in a building, 2 teammates grenade the daylights out of him/them while the other two rush in, not having to worry about grenade damage and ensure he/they DED.... how freakin fair is that... Make it a vote, and make it so after so many times of being voted out, you’re sent to the next level of punishment to which the devs would see fit, prolly a ban for X amount of time, and progressively worse each report thereafter until the user is banned permanently. You can can never make the system perfect but I feel this would be the best option.
  4. Gamble909

    SSD is great!

    I’m glad it made a big difference for you. Which SSD did you purchase? I’ve been on the fence about getting one & I know I’m not going to spend the dough for an X anytime soon, maybe an SSD is the way to go.
  5. Gamble909

    Amazing grenade throw

    That’s pretty funny... sucked for you guys but funny all the same.
  6. Gamble909

    How to get green blood

    You do it from the lobby. Settings. Language, 2nd one to right, Exit game, come back. Reset language to English and you’re done.
  7. Gamble909

    Driving is way too unsafe

    That was one crazy, uncalled for explosion. Mine did not even show a cause of death. Looks like you were enjoying a pretty decent round too.
  8. Gamble909

    Driving is way too unsafe

    Lol. It’s strange the way you can drive through bushes, small trees but run over a flat pallet, or sometimes hit an air pocket maybe... ded but in a very illustrious way I suppose.
  9. Gamble909

    Driving is way too unsafe

    Wow, you guys are oblivious. I just posted a video of not actually hitting anything and dying. Didn’t die from the blue, didn’t get shot out of the buggy, had just used a 1st aid kit prior to hopping in the buggy so 3/4 health as it’s just the first circle. Minimal damage accrued in that short distance. It’s an issue. Maybe not a huge issue all the time, but super frustrating just like the game crashing. It needs some work.
  10. Gamble909

    Driving is way too unsafe

    I don’t do a lot of recording clips but this is exactly what he is referring to for those that may not have experienced it. I just happened to think to capture this one. I hit absolutely nothing. Just ded... 88C5127D-107F-4C6A-93F2-A67ED4A66AC3.MOV
  11. Gamble909

    Directional indicators

  12. Gamble909

    Tips with the circles

    I’m not in complete disagreement, I usually have one gun single, one gun auto.... use as needed, but to say run to the center of the circle, never crouch or laydown.... and always use single fire.....picked apart... maybe a part could be used as useful to him... as a whole, seems sarcastic. If he hadn’t lead out with run to the center of the circle...you run faster if you put your guns away....come on BOOM
  13. Gamble909

    Tips with the circles

    To each his own, but sarcasm is the only way I read it. There is no part of that advice which is even remotely good.... all quite opposite of what he actually needs to do, thus ironic. Which I believe is a part of sarcasm by definition....
  14. Gamble909

    Tips with the circles

    Here... it was here.
  15. Gamble909

    Tips with the circles

    First you need to locate a dictionary and look up sarcasm. After that, it’s a toss up. What I would recommend most is simply taking a step back after every match and looking at what you did right or wrong in the end. You should pick up some things that you can incorporate into every match. Every single match is different and no two dinners seem to end the same. I wish I could say I’m some kind of great player and these words are gospel, but in reality they are just the same ones I tell myself while trying to get better. good luck.