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  1. xBeastlySnipax

    What do we do now?

    Touch your Willy and don't be a Silly
  2. xBeastlySnipax


    Ah nvm we killed a guy stuck in stairs! This game though 😂😂😂 sorry bout that luck tho!
  3. xBeastlySnipax


    Were you the one in the stairs?
  4. xBeastlySnipax


    Me and my friend were the one to kill you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. xBeastlySnipax

    To all the immature whinner trolls..

    THANK YOU! I posted a much calmer version of what you posted and literally everyone turned on me! legit all I said was, stop posting the same issue, because it will be harder to find bugs that they really need to see in these forums! Pubg players are starting to disappoint me. No patience. Just babies.
  6. xBeastlySnipax


    Location Main menu Play section Evidence With friends and I'll provide screenshot in future! Replication If you press play after inviting friends, the options appearing duo and squad do not appear if you invite cite your friend after going into play menu, it appears Console Xbox one X
  7. lieing sack of shit.
  8. xBeastlySnipax


    Oh your right, F ME
  9. xBeastlySnipax

    Where are the servers from South America?

    No jokes here? what is South America? thas probably why they don't have servers for it.. it isn't like a real location yk?
  10. xBeastlySnipax


    That was blunt but least your honest guess I should have included a "don't give a shit" poll answer
  11. xBeastlySnipax

    My Bad...

    M16 wins every time your a noob if you need the m416 to get a chicken and let's get it going again(;
  12. xBeastlySnipax


    Funny how the stability updates are the most anticipated 😂
  13. xBeastlySnipax


    Yea I would be frustrated as well so definitly get you man! Enjoy your game with the Mrs!! me and my girlfriend play together sometimes and it's a lot of fun lol
  14. xBeastlySnipax


    Please feel free to post what you are excited or not excited about freely Such as I can't wait to explore the Easter eggs to find out the secrets Miramar holds just the same as Erangel did!
  15. xBeastlySnipax


    The TTS are not for a sneak peak to what is to come, they are looking to improve the game for all consumers it does suck for Europe players but in the end it will be about the overall performance of the game