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  1. Saved!! It's a rock!

    When your getting shot with no cover and then you spot it.. SpongeBob SquarePants: We're saved!! It's not just a boulder. It's a rock. [Crying] A rock! A rock! A great, big, beautiful rock!
  2. I hit 56 at one time in solo TPP NA but I haven't played that hard in months
  3. Do you.....

    But hey I have also stayed and waited for them to get back and gave them loot when they had little, so I'm not a complete monster!
  4. Do you.....

    I have shamefully killed some yes
  5. It is time to address kbm....

    This has been addressed. Over and over again.
  6. Player movement

    It's been tested and it's because it is brought over from PC, and your player is moving as if you are using WASD so on joysticks it feels sluggish and you tend to run past where your trying to turn or etc.. I am sure this will be fixed in the next couple months
  7. Quick fix.. don't set waypoint then
  8. first kar kill!

    moments later, another guy post "first time killed by kar"
  9. Inventory crash then...

    That guy just has to deal with it... lol get it @Thatguy111
  10. Guns

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just shit myself I laughed so hard
  11. Kills

    Aim for center mass and head shots you can sometimes hit there hands especially when they are running which does little damage to them
  12. Favorite Assault Rifle

    M16 you just can't beat!!
  13. Xbox Game Proximity Chat (Let's get it going community.)

    I understand that, so you can just turn it off.. deal?
  14. The UAZ is a helluva machine

    My reaction.. "Whaaaaaaaat da fuq was that hahahaahhaha!"
  15. More Reward for Chicken Dinner

    Yea it can be, in which everything and anything can be used as strategy which is why I love pubg!!(: but I am more talking about the people who don't even try and make it to the final circles and just catch people running in and then they die from zone after they get kills