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  1. EU servers not filling up

    I just dont play EU from like 12/10AM as it takes forever. Just switch to NA from then. FFP btw, TTP is different because more people play it
  2. Xbox One duo partner (Europe/EU)

    Why dont you just use xbox's built in LFG?
  3. Final release date

    Soon.... but definitely not that soon
  4. Can't believe you can just openly boast about K&M on this forum and its acceptable. Maybe this guy cant use a K&M but he couldnt use a controller either, put it in the hands of experienced users who arnt full blown potatoes and it smokes controller everytime
  5. Mirror damage

    Amen. Said this exact same shit like 20 times yet people refuse to use the LFG beecause "its easier" using in game. Cant be that easy as they on here 24/7 moaning about TK, making stupid suggestions about overhauling the friendly fire mechanic. Ive never been TK'd in 20 days of game time
  6. Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    Rozhok is trash thats why, theres like 10 buildings 😆 Again, stop relying on finding everything in one spot and go get your M4 from someone who has one
  7. Final circles and unskilled players

    He means that you cant stay outside the blue moving for longer than a few seconds, you can still heal but it will kill you quicker than you can pop a med kit or first aid
  8. If you leave during mid-game?

    Why dont you just jump in a solo, check your deaths before entering, the leave and wait 30/40 mins till the game is done and check? I know any kills you get are recorded in the xbox stat section, not sure about LB or if it counts as a death
  9. PUBG Xbox VS PUBG Mobile

    Yes we all know fortnite runs at 60. Basically the same reason pubg mobile runs better than xbox. Its because fortnite is a dumbed down version of pubg and a game thats been in development for years (built from the ground up) and has a team of close to 300 people working on it constantly. PUBG has a smaller development team and its only been around a year. Circumstances the majority of people seem to forget. Enjoy fortnite
  10. PUBG Xbox VS PUBG Mobile

    Nailed it, its a dumbed down version of pc/xbox. Its no great mystery
  11. Why PUBG should not be early Access

    I'm just happy I get a chance to experience it without having to wait till next year (ala PS4), bugs and all. I mean, without sounding too blunt, you don't have to play it you know.
  12. For clarification, I was here and shooting people at the red marker on the hill. Maybe not quite a 1000m but close enough.
  13. 400m? Your mad, my longest kill is 403m with an AUG and an 8x. I could see him snaking about just fine. Hell I was popping shots at people with a MK14 as they were coming down the giant hill behind School apartments, I was easily a 1000m away and could see them running about in the distance. OG Xbox
  14. Nico.... WHY?

    Over the top? HAH. Its pretty much EXACTLY on point.
  15. I'm surprised there are actually some good players on here, mostly just seems to be trashy players who spend more time on here bitching than they do playing the game. I would say I'm probably in the same boat as you. My KD was 3+ with 20% win ratio but that took a nose dive last week when I made the switch to FPP full time and stupidly decided to use my tryhard acvount to play with my buds trashy friends.😢 Between getting rinsed in solo and playing with a bunch of people who seem to have their thumbs mixed up im down at 2+ now and my ratio is below 10%😢😢 Feel like I'm finding my groove in FPP now so if you want someone to improve with hit me up.