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  1. StillPan G

    Too precise, something fishy.

    Again, IRONY. Someone said this guy sucks (he does) and your hypersensitive self got all butthurt by their words and here we are....
  2. StillPan G

    Too precise, something fishy.

    Take you're own advice, irony is just lost on some people
  3. StillPan G

    Too precise, something fishy.

    Sure looks like it you're taking it serious with the 18 paragraphs you have wrote 😆
  4. I guess if you really care about your Leaderboard ranking float all around the map to your hearts content. Personally just dont have fun unless I'm dropping right into the shit and racking up the kills. Winning a CD with 3 kills is so pointless after so many wins
  5. I messaged him on xbox app after he never replied to his thread and he is totally delusional. The word elite and phrases like "I have arrived" came up often 😆 The best part about it is he quotes long jumps as some sort of skill. I Personally feel, when you can drop into the middle of School and channel your inner Shroud and kill everyone with P1911 and a crossbow, then ill call you elite. Not long jumping to Zharki and thinking top 10 is some kind of achievement😆
  6. No one has ever said that, if they did they are delusional
  7. Well, at least you're starting to finally understand 😆
  8. StillPan G

    Requirement for Partnership (Custom server)?

    This is the xbox forum but from what Ive heard they are only given out to streamers with a large audience or youtubers with the same criteria.
  9. StillPan G

    Pubg Xbox zombies mode.....

    I'm not sure how this would really work unless you're Shroud. If it was a selectable game mode, no one wants to be a zombie, run around for 30 minutes only to get killed instantly the first time you see someone.. Thats what people hate about PUBG. Im sure being a big streamer it works well but can't imagine it would very fun for the average person unless you're not a zombie
  10. Xbox game hub is easiest as Ii takes a few clicks of a button or use third party websites pubgxboxstats or pubg xbox
  11. No one asks you anything with your 27 days of play time, 41 wins and negative KD 😆This guy 😆
  12. StillPan G

    Too precise, something fishy.

    Dude this is the same guy I was telling you about a while back that thought he was routinely getting lazered by M&K players and I went checked the stats of the people who killed him and they both had like a 0.2/3 KD 😆 You can't fix garbage
  13. StillPan G

    Too precise, something fishy.

    Easily offended? From where I am you're the one who is offended. Grow a set of balls, its words on a video game forum ffs. He said the dude sucks and he does, this the second thread he created on stupid decisions that got him killed. Last time "it had to be M&K" players this time its this nonsense. I see 0 improvement from his last clips and he told us he bought a M&K
  14. StillPan G

    The US just love Miramar ...

    Hit detection was realy bad for moi, everything else (apart from rendering) was great.
  15. Or people just prefer squads? I hate solos personally and only play them if I die early or for a warm up. Definitely harder to win for sure as the margin for error is low but to think someone 300 wins is always getting carried is a bit delusional. Some people who are top of the leaderboards only have 8% win rates in solo. KD imo is a much of accurate description of skill level but everyone is entitled to their opinion