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  1. 1.) Maybe you could make a way for us to put down multiple markers on the map and give the letter names like a,b,c etc... also give us the option to get rid of them. But don't go crazy with it I think three should be enough. And the player has to get rid of one to place another or two to place two somewhere else, but I think you see my point. It may get tricky with sqauds but you already use colors to players so all you have do is use colors to letters for example, Player 1 [A] [C] Player 2 [A] [C] Player 3 [A] [C] you could instantly see how this improves sqaud play. 2.) May be you could add more info to weapon pick ups... I don't know much about guns. Is the a way you could make a way to tell the player what the gun details... Automatic? Guns shooting range? Sniper, etc... etc... you could do this for all loot including, first aid, how much energy will you recover? or head gear, a number that provides a clear understanding to how well your protected. 3.) Also the guns itself. Maybe you could add a small graphic to the gun in the inventory window pointing out what kind of ammo it needs. Making it clear to the player what ammo he/she needs to get. 4.) I should've added this 1st but I like to stream using Twitch but the promblem having is the broadcast overlay covers up the info where I see my health bar and info about my player character. I'm sure your game testers may have noticed this assuming the stream using Twitch. Maybe you could give us option(s) to put player in a different spot. Or manually place it where we want it. I also reported this issue to Twitch on their end. 5.) I hate it when I press the right thumb stick while aiming my gun and my char side arms while shooting. I don't have anything against that the problem is this it's too easy to do it by accident. I mean I sometimes panic react and somehow I press down on it while aiming. Maybe you could make a way to add an addition button that needs to be pressed while pressing the right stickbutton to side arm. For example, left bumper + rs for left side arm, right bumper + rs for right side arm. 6.) Color coded controls. What I mean is make it when you tell people what button is needed to be pressed to reload a gun for example X is the button ofcourse. Make the game show a Blue (X) Button you could easily do this for all controls in this game. 7.) Also I'm not sure if this is a good idea as much as it could be use as a bonus feature. I try to aim at a player but I'm never sure I could take the shot. I was thinking maybe you could vibrate the controller slightly or make the guy being aimed it kinda flash when the player has good aim for the shot. Not that it's a garanteed hit cause not all guns have long range but it will let the player know he has a good aim at the shot. But, can only be used when the aimer has a visual of the other player. Not allowing players to randomly take aim anywhere to track other players that find good camping spots. 8.) I have a 100mb/sec connection. Sometimes game still lags and the maps sometimes lags on loading. But I'm sure you're working hard on this issue already. 9.) Jumping from the plane. Maybe you could add control info as I said earlier I notice if I press Right Trigger + Up on the left stick. I dive at a higher rate of speed. Again maybe, you could let the player know he can do this as well as all the controls that can done while taking the initial controls when diving from the plane even the controls using the parachute all the way to the landing on the ground. 10.) More maps please. But you know that already. I hope it didn't hurt to remind you. That all I have atm. I can't wait to see what this game becomes. You made a gamer that was purely against shooters a fan. Keep the updates coming! Gamertag XBox One: RobsGaming99 Twitch: robrobcornonthecob
  2. RobsGaming99

    White screen after start menu

    nvm it turns out that the problem was with xbox server.
  3. RobsGaming99

    White Screen on load

    When I start the game everything is cool until I get to loading of the lobby. The screen is white and it's stuck there.