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    PUBG does not start up

    Any update?
  2. ThisGameIsAids

    PUBG does not start up

    Same here
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    Dear Lord Bluecraphole

    TLDR; This game is dog ass. I just wanted to say I love what you guys are doing with the game. The new crates that cost you $2.50 to open. The new indicator showing you how many people are left in the plane. The new anti cheat updates that are making the game way better. I mean its all good, I honestly think this game could take over league some day if it hasn't already. But for fuck sakes FIX THE FKN GAME This all started happening after the 1.0 Update was released. Freezes 9/10 games after the match ends and I hit quit to lobby. Can maybe talk to my teammates during the first 2 minutes of the game. Then they will never hear my voice again because voice chat stops working. Sometimes it just doesn't work from the start. Press tab to pick up a weapon and it takes 4-5 attempts before grabbing it (Happens throughout the whole round). Before 1.0 Update, never had a problem. Don't even get me started about the glitches, I would never be able to stop. Numerous more things that I don't want to list. I'd be fine with it if A) Didn't cost me $40 to buy B) Fixed this within a couple of weeks C) Got a single reply from any dev saying that its a known problem and working on a fix. (I've made about 4 posts regarding my issues.) I don't even know if anyone else has problems like this but if they do I feel sorry for them. Tossed $40 out on the curb and got some garbage in return. Please just stop w.e the hell you are working on and focus on the problems that are making this game unplayable. Yes I am angry. I died 5 minutes ago because I COULDN'T TELL MY TEAMMATE I WAS DOWN, and to top it off, I had to restart the game right after because IT FROZE AGAIN. P.S While you at it fix the fkn loot as well. Walk into a room and there was 2 M16's 90 bullets for each, painkiller, 2 first aids, 4X Scope and SKS with 60 rounds. But I've also checked 6 houses in a row without finding a pistol. THAT'S NOT FKN BALANCED. TLDR; This game is dog ass.